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“I’m happy to be with you on your birthday this year.” Will was relaxed and gentle, “I hope that every year in the future, the one standing beside you, is me.”

“Captain Leon…” There was emotion in Sarah’s eyes.

“Do you like it?”


Sarah was telling the truth.

She liked fireworks. Although they could only last for a short moment, they would still try their best to bloom and show the most beautiful appearance.

“Look behind you.” Will gave space out and his eyes looked towards the building, “A birthday present for you.”

Sarah subconsciously turned around to look, but she couldn’t help but think, ‘Isn’t the birthday present the fireworks that are still blooming?’

All thoughts stopped when she saw the building in front of her.

It was a galactic building. From the outside, it looked like being in a vast sea of stars, and streams of light passed.

Will took her hand, and his broad palm was warm, “Go in and take a look.”

Sarah followed him in, but could not help but look at him sideways. She thought, ‘When did he get ready? Why did she not notice it at all?’



“The password was our day together.” Will said as he walked to the door.

Sarah entered password.

After pressing OK, the door was automatically opened.

Immediately afterwards a cute and cheerful mechanical voice rang out from inside and sang, “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you……”

“Miss Yeats, happy birthday ~”

“Wish you all the same.”

Sarah subconsciously looked at Will and her beautiful eyes were filled with Will, “Captain Leon…”

Will smiled, rubbed her head and gestured to her to go in and visit.

She visited the whole building.

It took more than half an hour.

All household appliances in the house were controlled by a complete set of intelligent systems. In other words, the building that looked like the galaxy at night was full of high-tech intelligent devices.

“Did it take a lot of thoughts and money?” Sarah suddenly asked this question.

Will continued to lead her towards the third floor, and said as he walked, “The other one is more invested than the two.”


“The love for you.”



Sarah was speechless.

She was not silent as usual. She looked at this technology-filled decoration and something suddenly came to her mind, “When was this built?”

In terms of time, it couldn’t have been after they dated.

Even the top international construction team and decoration team could not build it into the present appearance in just ten days or so.

“It was completed before this year.” Will did not hide it, “But the official gift was decided only last week.”

Sarah was surprised.

And a gift?

When Sarah was thinking about this, Will took her to the third floor.

The third floor was different from the first and second floors and the basement. There was no smart home here, and there were only some star maps and astronomical information.

“This is the gift.” Will walked up to the astronomical telescope and adjusted it before looking at her and said, “Come and take a look.”

Sarah walked over.

When she saw an extremely beautiful star through the astronomical telescope, she was a little surprised.

“I have bought this star and named it after you at the Astronomy Bureau.” Will said very seriously, and he had finished the formalities before, “From now on, it is yours.”



Sarah could not describe her mood. She could buy a star, but she was a person who did not like trouble.

There were too many procedures and processes to buy a star, and many of them need to be done in person, and cannot be entrusted to others. So after many considerations, she did not go to buy.

Captain Leon gave it to her.

“Captain Leon, thank you.” Sarah smiled.

There was smile in Will’s dark and clean eyes and outside the window were fireworks displays.

Starlight twinkled and fireworks set off.

They embraced each other and smiled.

That night, Will and Sarah took a change of clothes from the bedroom in the second floor. After washing, they rested there.

The next morning Sarah found that when Captain Leon said happy birthday to her, she also received wishes from her friends in WhatsApp. She replied to them one by one before getting up and going to the Office.

When she went out, she found that the building was different from what she saw at night.

At night, it was like a galaxy, now what she saw was a modern building. It was silver and boasted a sense of technology. She knew that without asking him.

This contrast was created by Captain Leon.

The two were on the way to company. When Sarah sat in the passenger side, some strange thoughts suddenly emerged in her mind. These thoughts had never occurred to her before.



“Captain Leon, can I ask you a question?” Sarah said.

Will was driving and replied, “You can say whatever you want to me.”

“Why are you so nice to me?” Sarah was really curious about this question, “Aren’t you afraid that I don’t end up with marrying you and your efforts are in vain?”

All those clothes, jewelry, bags, watches and other things in the

villa were already worth sky-high prices, and with the building and the star that was named after her, the money and thoughts that he spent can never be described in a sentence or two.

Paying so much…….

Was he really not afraid that she is not the right person for him?

“Are you stupid?” Will bursted out a sentence.

Sarah did not understand very well, so she kept silent and waited for his next words.

“Whether you marry me or not, my efforts would not be wasted.” Will said straightforward and this was also his inner thought, “I also reap the satisfaction when I am nice to you.”

“But…” Sarah still had doubts in her mind.

Will knew what she was thinking.

After weighing his words, he used an analogy relating to the field she was most familiar with, “Relationships are actually similar to investment and cooperation. When you identify a project, even if there are many people who are also competing for the project, you will go all out to get it.”

Sarah did not fully understand what he meant.

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Finally, she could only give a reply from a business point of view,

“If a project is not fifty percent sure, and also needs to spend a huge amount of money, I will not do it.”

What she would do were those she was familiar with in that area and knew enough about.

But the project what Captain Leon said was man. It would be impossible to fully understand man and there are too much uncertainty.

“You forget how your Angel International Group came to be?” Will reminded.

“It’s different, I’m familiar with it and understand it.” Sarah replied, “So I’m willing to take risks for it.”

Will’s finger tapped twice on the steering wheel.

It seemed the example given was not appropriate enough.

After thinking for a moment. He stopped at a red light intersection and inclined his eyes to Sarah and ask a very direct question, “So why were you so nice to me in the first place?”

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