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What can’t I know

He walked over with a slow pace, and because of the drunkenness he was more mundane than usual, “What can’t I know?”

Sarah’s body stiffened. She was frozen when she turned sideways and saw him. She hesitantly called out, “Captain Leon…”

She thought, ‘Isn’t he inside? Why does he come out?’

“Tell me, what can’t I know.” Will came to her and trapped her in his arms.

Sarah wanted to retreat, but at the moment of lifting her feet, she found that the back had been a wall, and she couldn’t retreat anymore.

The crowd looked at the scene and decisively slipped away.

Not long after.

There were only the two in the whole corridor.

“Hmm?” Will lowered his voice.

Sarah’s flirtatious eyes were clear and clean, and there was a little bit of apprehension, “Nothing.”

“Not tell me the truth?”

“It’s really nothing.”

“A child who is not well behaved has no candy to eat.” Will gently brushed over her red lips with a titillating sensuality.



Seeing that he was a bit drunk, Sarah casually made up a story, “I accidentally fell when I was leaving the bathroom just now, and I was afraid that you would be worried and let them keep it a secret and not tell you.”

“You are such a silly goose!” Will raised his hand and gave her a knock on the head. In his drunkness, he was a little doting and heartfelt, “Where did it hurt?”

Sarah hesitantly stretched out her arm and said, “Here, but it is just a slight fall, it doesn’t hurt.”

“Hoo hoo.”

Will blew on her arm.

Sarah paused for a moment and stood there frozen. She stared at the person in front of her who carefully cared for her.

Did Captain Leon…….believe this?

“Does it still hurt?” Will was well-behaved like a child.

Sarah shook her head, but her eyes still fell on his face with a little drunkenness.

Amazingly. She suddenly wanted to touch it.

When she raised her hand to touch his fair and smooth face, she uncontrollably pinched on his well- skinned face. She sighed in her heart, ‘It feels really good.’

Will refused that. His good-looking deep black eyes had become even more unfathomable at the moment. he closed the distance with her, and he slowly said in a low and sexy voice, “My face can only be pinched for my girlfriend.”

“lam your girlfriend.”




Listen to this word.

Sarah’s cheeks became flushed and she was a little uncomfortable.

“Captain Leon.”


“Are you drunk?” Sarah pinched again, thinking that he was really a little cute at the moment.

Will shook his head and his words were still relatively clear, “No.”

Sarah smiled.

It was clear that he was drunk. He did not admit it.

“Well, no.” Sarah echoed, but her eyes could not help but fall on his face, “I’ll take you home, okay?”

Will did not answer, just reached out and pointed to the face that she had just pinched.

Sarah was slightly puzzled, “What’s wrong?”

“You haven’t kissed here.” Will’s words were low and muffled and nice.

Sarah looked around to make sure no one was passing by and then stood on tiptoe to drop a kiss on his face.

When she was about to withdraw.

Noisy sounds rang out next to them.




“You guys go on. I didn’t see anything.”

“Lam sloppy and goes out early.”

The crowd was noisy. They stared at Sarah and Will with great curiosity.

Sarah had a thin skin and did not know how to react. She could only pretend to be calm and say, “I take Captain Leon back first. I have called a designated driver and tell me after arriving home.”

After saying that, she took Will away.

After getting into the car.

Sarah received messages from Jacob and Jim.

Before she clicked on the chat group, she guessed that they would not send any serious messages.

That was true.

Jacob said, “That’s so typical of you.”

Jacob added, “I remind you that Captain Leon was drunk, so you must be careful.”

Jacob said, “I’m not talking about your measuring, you know.”

Jacob, “To tell you the truth, I didn’t think you were the upper one.”

Jim, “Cheer up and pick Captain Leon the flower of the high mountain.”

Sarah was lost for words and replied them with ellipsis.



Sarah replied, “What are you all thinking? I just want to measure the finger circumference.”

Jacob and Jim said, “I understand.”

Sarah was silent.


Half a sentence was too much.

This was not the right time for her to appear.

After changing the subject and sending them a message to let them rest early, Sarah screened off and put the phone away.

On the way back, she kept an eye on Will and felt relieved when she saw that he did not feel sick or wanted to vomit.

After the designated driver sent them home, she helped her captain go to the second floor.

Just went inside.

Will took off his jacket and walked towards the bathroom. His steps were a bit drifting. Sarah knew he loved cleanliness, but was also clear that all his current reactions were the most real.

After thinking for a moment, she intended to help him take a bath first.

Just as she was about to help him untie his shirt, her hand was grabbed by him. She paused for a moment and raised her eyes to call him with a mixture of tentativeness and disbelief, “Captain Leon?”


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Will’s Adam’s Apple rolled for a moment. He let go of her hand, rubbed his dizzy temples, and held on to the last trace of sanity to talk to her seriously, “Do not you know that it is a very dangerous thing to take off my clothes at such a time?”

Sarah pursed her lips.

Will was attracted by everything she did, and his reason was almost washed away by drunkenness, “I can wash by myself, you help me mix a cup of honey water.”

There was nothing before, so he didn’t want to control himself.

But now it is different, in case they have a sex, it would not be fair to this guy.

“But…” Sarah was really worried about him.

What if he falls later?

Will were still dizzy, but he tried to maintain the last trace of reason, “If you’re really worried, please help me prepare the water, and then look for pajamas.”


Sarah immediately went to do it.

Looking at the little guy who was busy in the room, Will smiled. He knew that Sarah had deliberately teamed up with Robert and

Julian to get him drunk tonight, but he wasn’t going to uncover that.

It was rare that she would do something. Why didn’t he cooperate.



Sarah helped him go to the bathroom after finding his clothes and felt that the water temperature was right in the bathtub, then she went out first.

She didn’t go to make the honey water first, because she was worried that she wouldn’t hear what happened here when she went down.

In case something happens. She could be the first to notice.

Twenty minutes or so, Will came out from inside.

After taking a shower, he was a little more awake than before, but he wasn’t going to stay awake.

When he was at the restaurant, he heard Sarah’s conversation with

Robert at the door before he went out, and knew that she had drunk him to measure something. Although he did not know what she was going to measure, since she did not want to let him know, he cooperated with her. He had to give her a sense of accomplishment.

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