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Remember to bring him next time

Sarah saw that his hair was wet, so she took his towel aside and wiped it for him, and took the hair dryer to dry his hair. Will was very cooperative during the whole process.

After letting him sit on the bed first, Sarah went to mix honey water for him to drink.

During the whole process. She was a little nervous.

After all, she didn’t know if Captain Leon was completely drunk.

What if he suddenly woke up when she measured his finger circumference later on? In that case, the surprise would be gone.

While thinking about this, time passed unconsciously.

Soon after.Madam winterss fight for her children by summer wine

Ten minutes had passed.

Sarah listened to his steady breathing and called him in an extremely low voice, “Captain Leon?”

“Captain Leon…”

“Are you asleep?”

She whispered but Will did not answer.

At this moment, he was really asleep and he had no defensive mind towards Sarah. He wanted to cooperate with her to make her plan successful, so he fell asleep when he was drunk.

But Sarah did not know these.



After she went to the bodyguard to get the ring gauge, she asked the two in the chat group.

Sarah asked, “How do I know if Captain Leon is really asleep or pretends to be asleep?

Jacob said, “Flirt with him and you will know that.”

Jim replied, “That’s right.”

Sarah hesitated.


She remembered that Captain Leon had just said something about danger.

Jacob said, “You do not need to care about whether Captain Leon is asleep or not. If he wants to pretend, no one can see through, his acting skills are comparable to the best actor.”

Jim said, “If you are really worried, you can kiss him while measuring.”

Sarah was lost for words.

That required a high technology.

It was better to give up it.

After she went in with the ring gauge, she stood by the bed for a while and finally decided to measure directly.

In case Captain Leon found out, she said she was helping Jacob and

Jim to do an experiment to see if the method worked.



After deciding, she took out several rings and rubbed them hot in her hands because she was worried that the cold touch would wake Captain Leon from his sleep.

Luckily, everything was ducky after that, and after measuring both the ring finger and index finger, she went out.

A wedging ring and an engagement ring.

All had to be prepared in advance.

Will could feel something.

But because he automatically lowered his guard and for the alcohol, there was only a little vague feeling, and he did not know exactly what Sarah was doing.

This night.

Will spent the night in a deep sleep.

Sarah began to prepare for custom ring. All things would be good after the size was determined.

She was busy until two or three in the morning before going to bed.

The next morning.

When Will got up, he was completely awake and saw that the cooking aunt had already made breakfast, so he went to get Sarah up for having a breakfast.

Sarah opened the door with a bit messy hair and two dark circles under her eyes because of staying up late. She rubbed her hair. She was still sleepy.

“Didn’t wake up?” Will saw her state and knew she wasn’t very good.




“What did you do.”


She was less confident when she said this word.

Will did not have too deep impression on what happened last night, and some memories had even disappeared automatically after waking up.

“By the way, I’m not going to the office today.” Sarah suddenly remembered this matter that she forgot to tell him, “Dad and Muffin want to celebrate my birthday with me.”

She spent the last two years in Atlanta and did not have dinner with them.

This year, because of having a boyfriend, Dad took the initiative to leave the time of the 16th to them.

After all…….

The 14th and the 15th were next to each other.

He was afraid that if he let her go back on the 15th, it would disrupt their arrangements.

“Don’t take me back to meet your parents?” Will’s eyebrows lightly raised. He still remembered a little.

For example.

Those words that he accidentally overheard.

Sarah’s body frozened and her beautiful eyes fluttered twice.



Evident nervousness appeared in the depth of her pupils. She pursed her lips, pretending not to understand and said, “So quick?”

“It seems to be a little early.” Will raised his hand and rubbed on her head, without intentionally making her awkward, “Then you go wash and rinse and come down to eat breakfast, I’ll send you back.”

“No. No.”

“It is necessary.”

Sarah was decisively silent. She knew one thing very well that she would not win an argument with Captain Leon.

For things like taking her home, as long as she didn’t have a good reason to refuse him, he would send her back.

After breakfast.

Will sent Sarah home.

Sarah’s father and Rita had been waiting at home.

After hearing the sound of a car outside, Sarah’s father and Rita came out and welcomed them at the entrance of the villa.

Not long after.

The car stopped at the door.

Sarah opened the car door and walked down, and Will also got out to greet the elder.

“Sister!” Rita jumped over, hugged Sarah and then greeted Will, “Brother Gardner.”



Will nodded his head to greet her.

Naturally, he also called Sarah’s father.

Sarah’s father coughed lightly, deliberately pretending not to know the situation. He asked, “Pumpkin, who is this?”

“Will Gardner.” Sarah introduced him and admitted it generously,

“My boyfriend.”

“Oh, he is Will.” Sarah’s father addressed him amiably, and also politely said, “Come on and go inside.”

“No, there are still things waiting for me to deal with at the company. I’ll come back to visit next time.”

“It doesn’t matter when matters in the company can be dealt with.”


“What’s wrong?”

“It’s better to come back next time.” Will glanced at Sarah and that was meaningful, “Sarah said, now is not the time for me to meet her parents.”

When he finished.

After greeting them, he got in the car and left.

Sarah’s father was confused.

Rita was also confused.

Both of them were confused.



Sarah’s father wanted to say something but bit back his words. He finally could not restrain himself and asked, “Pumpkin, did you really say that?”

Sarah was lost for words. She said it.

But she just simply wanted to avoid that question.

After all, she wasn’t sure if he was really asking that question, or if he knew something from Robert and Julian.

“We’ve only been together for about half a month.” Sarah knew that she could not make it clear, so she gave a statement, “It’s a little hasty to meet parents now, and it’s better to get along for a while longer.”

“This…..” Sarah’s father suddenly did not know what to say.

He could not scold her.

She was his own baby daughter.

“Then you remember to bring him next time. I think this young man is good.” Sarah’s father was serious.

Sarah was speechless.

Sarah felt the need to remind her father, “You and he seem to have only met for the first time?”

“It doesn’t matter.” Sarah’s father said seriously, and incidentally asked a question that he was more concerned about, “Later after the noon meal, will he pick you up or will I have the driver drop you off?”

Sarah was confused.

Sarah felt she couldn’t figure out what her dad was thinking.


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When she came back before, he kept asking her to stay for two more days, but now he is thinking of her leaving even before she enters the house.

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