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Do you believe me when I say there is a reason for this?


Will was surprised.

He recalled that Wilson had come to him and he was confused whether Wilson keep his words. Did he go to see Sarah? Didn’t Wilson believe him?

This thought was denied by himself as soon as it came out.

If it was true, Sarah would have called him long ago.

“Boss, do you need us to investigate in detail?”

“No, you don’t have to care about this matter.”

He hung up the phone after he finished speaking.

These people were all his people.

They were all top notch in detection, counter-surveillance, physical skills, marksmanship.

He fondled the phone in his hand, thought for a moment and then called Wilson to have a meet.

Wilson didn’t think more. He felt that Will wanted him to help propose to Sarah.

They met at a restaurant.

It was only after the food was served that Wilson took the initiative to ask, “Is there something wrong?”

“You don’t belive me?” Will slowly said.




Wilson was confused.

He didn’t know what Will was talking about.

“Do you still suspect that I have affairs with someone else?” Will was wearing a suit, reserved and elegant.

“What do I suspect this for?” Wilson didn’t know why he asked that, “Didn’t you say that she’s a designer? Why do I suspect you?”

Will stared at him.

Wilson was even more confused.

What’s wrong with this?

“Since there is no suspicion, then why did you ask someone to quietly follow me?” Will didn’t beat around the bush when talking to the person he’s familiar with.

As Wilson was just about to retort, he remembered what Sarah said to him.

She asked him to keep an eye on Will.

He couldn’t let him meet up with P,umpkin.

“Well……” Wilson couldn’t tell him directly and stammered, “If I say that there is a reason, do you believe it?”






“I can assure you that I don’t suspect you and I believe what you told me before.” Wilson didn’t expect what he did to be discovered, “But I can’t tell you the reason.”

If he told Will, he betrayed Pumpkin.

He couldn’t.

Will just stared at him.

He smiled and said his guess in a low voice, “Related to Sarah, right?”

“You ……” Wilson suddenly stopped in a hurry and said, “How come? No.”

“Didn’t you just meet up with her that night.”


“Don’t look at me like that. I just found out about it.”

“Then you know what she’s doing here?”

“Not really, but it’s certain that she’s not here on business.” Will said in a charming voice, “She doesn’t want me to know, and I won’t look into it.”

“You’re not afraid of her cheating?” Wilson pursed his lips.

He indeed thought that you better check it out.

He kinda hoped that Will knew that Sarah was planning a marriage proposal.



But Will gave Sarah enough freedom and he wouldn’t ask more about things that Sarah didn’t want him to know.

He knew she would tell him when the time came.

“She won’t.” Will said happily. He was sweet when thinking of the person he loves, “I trust her.”

“That’s good.” Wilson said bitterly.

He felt that Will was dumb.

He even didn’t check it.

Then would Sarah propose first?

“By the way.” Wilson tried hard to let him know more, “When do you plan to propose to her? Let me know if you need help.”

“Not yet.” His answer was similar to that of Sarah, but more detailed than hers, “I will discuss with her friends after the ring is ready. We’ll set a time in advance to trick her out before proposing.”


Wilson was still happy since Will didn’t ask it at all.

He thought Will was smart……

Will looked at him and asked seriously, “You have something on your mind?”

“No.” Wilson retorted very unnaturally.

What he thought was also simple.



He had acted so heartfelt, and he thought Will had to ask him anyhow!

But he was naïve. Will wouldn’t care much about others except Sarah.

What Will thought was that he’d better not ask more since Wilson didn’t want to talk about it.

They just ate their meals.


Will was thinking when to find Sarah and whether to call her first.

But What Wilson thought was that Will was so dumb.

After the meal, they left separately.

Wilson wanted to give him a hint when he was leaving, but Will didn’t get it at all. Instead, Will just said not all things must be said.

Wilson was upset. He directly got into the car and left.

After he arrived at the hotel, he wanted to go upstairs to see Sarah and talk to her about what happened. Then he saw Will standing outside Sarah’s door ready to knock.

He hurriedly took out his phone and sent a message to her.

After sending it, he went to greet, “Will, why are you here?”

“To see Sarah.”

When he said this, Sarah just happened to open the door.

After seeing that Wilson was also there, she just let both in.

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“Finished all work?” Will had told her that he would see her, and that’s why Sarah wasn’t surprised.

“Not yet.” Sarah put on a good show and led them to sit down in the living room of the suite, “Still sorting out the information Sivan brought over. He has to go to a meeting tomorrow afternoon, and I have to help him sort this out.”

Will and Wilson both went over and looked at her.

Wilson didn’t know what was going on.

Didn’t Sarah say that she was not a business trip?

Look at documents and the things that are being dealt with! It didn’t look like she was acting.

“Sit first. Tea and drinks are over there. Help yourself.” Sarah acted well and she didn’t want will find that, “I have to take care of these first.”

Wilson subconsciously looked towards Will.

The latter knew she was putting on a show, did not say anything.

He went to get two cups of water and just sat on the sofa seeing for with her work. her dealing

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