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It hurts me so much

Wilson was even more puzzled.

What kind of surprise required such a big show? She even promised him to deal with matters in the Yeats Group.

Seeing that he was only staring at her, Sarah asked a follow-up question, “Deal or not?”

“You first tell me what surprise it is.” Wilson asked, “In case the surprise you thought would be a shock to him.”

“It won’t be a shock.”

“You talk to me first.”

Wilson was insistent.

Sarah was silent, and she looked complicated.

“I’ll see whether to help you after you talk to me.” Wilson continued.

If it were anything else, he would have agreed without hesitation.

But it was different. It wasn’t a small thing since Pumpkin even promised him that.

“I can tell you.” Sarah knew what kind of personality Wilson has, and he would find it out, “but you have to promise that after I tell you, you won’t tell anyone else. Only you and I know it.”

“OK.” Wilson agreed.

Sarah said, “I plan to propose to Will.”





Wilson was puzzled and surprised, as if what she said were very outrageous, “Propose?”




“Your’re a girl.” Wilson said straightforwardly, “This is what Will should do.”

“There is no law that says only the man can propose.” Sarah also wanted to show her fondness and care, “I want him to know that I have him in my future.”

Wilson didn’t know what to say.

What the hell??

Will was ordering a proposal ring, and Sarah wanted to propose.

They were so tacit…

“You don’t need to propose. He will feel your love and care in daily life.” Wilson tried to persuade her since in his mind, he still thought that it was the man who should propose.

The proposal meant that he wanted to be with this girl for the rest of his life.

He wanted to have a family with her.He wanted to protect her and love her.

“I’ve already made up my mind.” Sarah said straightforwardly and seriously, “You just need to help me.”





“No matter what I will say, you won’t change it?”


“Okay.” Wilson also knew her character. No one could change her mind once she made up her mind, “I will help you keep an eye on him, but you have to tell me in advance where you’re going and what you’re going to do every day.”

“Okay.” Sarah agreed.

She then told him about her itinerary for the next two days.

When Wilson learned that she had also customized a proposal ring, he was touched.

They were a little taciturn? The rings were both customized over here.

“Pumpkin.” Wilson suddenly thought of a very important issue.

Sarah sent her schedule to him and then raised her head to look at him, saying, “What’s wrong?”

“Have you ever thought of a possibility.”


“What if he also plans to propose to you?”

“There’s always one to propose first.” Sarah did not care about this.

After all, Captain Leon also talked about this matter before, “It won’t be in one day.”



“What if he also customized a ring?” Wilson asked, “Will you wear the ring you prepared or he prepared?”

“I wear the one he prepared and he wears the one I prepared.” Sarag said.


It’s OK.

“When do you plan to propose to him?” Wilson first help Will get more information from her, and when the time comes, he directly let Will first propose, “After you get the ring, or not yet set?”

“Before May.” Sarah gave a time.

Wilson nodded.

It was May 1st, Sunday. There was still a full month until the end of the month.

As long as Will got it done quickly, he could totally set the proposal in front of Sarah’s.

“Then let me know if you set the proposal date.” Wilson intended to get through to Will afterwards, “I’ll also help you prepare for it.”

“No need.” Sarah refused.

Wilson did not understand, “Why?”

“You think I don’t know what you’re thinking?” Sarah saw through him and said, “I am not going to let you go and talk to him.”

“Am I such a person?”




“It hurts me so much.”

“No.” Sarah said seriously, “You will only be awkward since I have known your plan.”

It was Pumpkin.

The guess was really accurate.

He had to continue the show, “Why not I tell him the ring you prepared directly if I am going to really talk to him about it?”

“You will not break your words once you promise.” Sarah really knew him.

Wilson might seem unreliable, but he was a man who kept his promises. He wouldn’t break his words.

“Go back early and rest.” Sarah didn’t have the intention to talk to him more, “I’m going to sleep.”

Wilson said good night to her and left.

Back in his room, he was in a dilemma whether to test Will or not.

In the end, he didn’t think about anything else and went straight to bed.

During the next two days.

Wilson helped Sarah well.

Even Will felt he was stalked by someone these days and when he returned to the hotel, he had people look into the matter.

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His trip had been approved by the organization. Few people saw his face and he shouldn’t be stalked.

The most important thing was that those dangerous people should not appear in this place. After all, it’s a romantic and pleasant city.

The third day.

He received a call and it was his man, “Boss, your intuition is correct. There is indeed someone who has been following you for the past two days.”


“Wilson from the Yeats Group.”

After hearing this, Will was surprised.


“Do we arrest the person?” The person on the other side slowly said.


“There is one more thing.”

“Go ahead.”

“Ms. Yeats is also here.” The voice on the other side was clear, and there was respect for Will in his tone, “We found that Wilson had met with Ms. Yeats three days ago.”

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