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Can they say very unreliable

Will, however, did not agree and carried her and headed inside.

Sarah’s body was stiff.

With a timid heart

“What’s with the look like I’m going to eat you.” Will flirted with her, and there was a smile between those good-looking eyebrows, “Even if you want to do something with me, you still have to ask me if I agree.”

“Sarah, “.

The words.

As if she really wanted to sleep with him.

“Get cleaned up early and go to bed.” Will didn’t tease her anymore, knowing her thin skin, “Let’s go out tomorrow.”

“I have got something tomorrow.”

“The day after tomorrow.”

“The day after tomorrow also got something.”





“Don’t you think you’re treating me a bit cold?” Will came to her, his tone low, “I came over to see you, you kicked me out, I asked you out for a night out and you didn’t have time.”

Sarah, “……

How to take this?

“Or do you want to do something behind my back?” Will’s words were scamming her and flirting, “Or maybe you have a date with someone else and don’t have time for me.”

“No.” Sarah explained, a little worried that he went to check.

If he really wanted to investigate.

Probably couldn’t hide.

Jim and Jacob were on her side, but they’d be honest under Leon’s “interrogation” about things like this that weren’t particularly important to them.

As for her trip, hiding it doesn’t seem to help much.

“I’ll work overtime tomorrow to finish things up, and let Sivano talk about the cooperation the day after tomorrow.” Sarah played her part perfectly and didn’t reveal herself, “How about I go with you for some fun?”

“That’s more like it.” Will nodded on her nose.

In recent years, he had to seek approval from the organization every time he left the country, and if it was not necessary, he did not leave the country.

This time the approval was not particularly long, and he still wanted to take Sarah to play all the fun and nice places here.



After the negotiation.

Will went out and Sarah started to wash up.

The next morning, Will went off to do his own business and Sarah handed over some of the work to Sivan and went off to follow up on the ring.

But what she didn’t expect would happen was an accident in the middle of the way.


At this time she sat in the car.

The calm state of her just looked at those people in the car and asked very lightly, “Who are you?”

“Little sister, don’t be afraid, we are just kidding with you.” The

one sitting on the passenger side was a man with a face full of stubble, a little naive when he smiled, but fierce when he was stern, “Your man is Will, right?”

Wariness rose in Sarah’s body as she heard this.

It was perhaps because the days had been so comfortable for so

long, or because she hadn’t thought about kidnapping or anything like that happening in this place, that she had been dragged to the car in a moment.

But it won’t be hard for her to leave.

It’s just that……

She suddenly didn’t want to leave now.



Who these people were, what their relationship to Leon was, and

what the purpose of kidnapping her was, she would not be able to sleep or eat until she found out.

It would be really dangerous if they were coming for Leon, his enemies, always top notch. enemies, always top notch.

“Don’t be so cold.” The stubbled man still smiled, showing his affability as much as possible, “We were really just joking with you.”

“A joke would have pistols pointed at me?” Sarah was calm.

There were two guns in the car now both pointed at herself.

As long as she moved, they may shoot at any time.

“It’s because we’re afraid you’ll spoil things for us if you run away.” The man with the stubble explained, “In order for things to go a little smoother, you may need to suffer a little now.”

As he said this, someone brought over a rope to tie her up.

Sarah did not struggle.

No surprises.

These people will take her to their base camp.

While she was thinking about this, Sarah noticed the way the group tied the knot of the rope, it was familiar, special and familiar.

“Don’t worry, we really won’t hurt you.” The stubble man added, “Just think of it as playing a real-life escape room, wake up from a nap and it’s over.”



“Who are you?”

“Can’t say yet.” “Why did you kidnap me.”

“Wanted to meet with Will.”

Sarah’s brimming peach blossom eyes were colder than ever before.

The stubble man gave a wink to the person next to him, and someone handed her a drink in front of her.

“Drink this and you will fall asleep, and when you wake up everything will be back to normal.” The stubble man explained,

“You will be fine, and so will Will.”

Sarah did not drink.

No matter who ther were, she would not drink.

Life and initiative are only safe when they are in your own hands.

The stubble man didn’t care after he saw her not drink, he’d warned what he needed to warn, he’d said what he needed to say, and even if she was scared and cried afterwards, that was none of his business.

That was it.

Sarah was taken away.

An hour or so later, they took her to a secret base.



Sarah was blindfolded and tied to a chair, during which the clicking sound of someone taking pictures was heard, and then the door to the room was closed.

Sarah sat there for a while listening to make sure there was no one else in the room and then started trying to figure out how to untie the knot.


The other side.

The man took the picture and then went to the stubble man.

“Boss, the photos are ready.”

“Email them to Will anonymously and tell him to come to this place alone.”


They immediately went to do it.

The entire room had a relaxed atmosphere, not at all like the place

where the kidnappers were.

“Boss, why are you looking so sad.” The man who had sent the

email put his phone away and looked at him with a puzzled expression, “Didn’t you kidnap her?”

“Don’t you guys feel like something’s wrong?” The man with the stubble stared deep in thought, his heart a little complicated, “Isn’t Will’s little girlfriend a little too calm? A normal soft little girl would have been crying after seeing a gun pointed at her.”

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The crowd looked at each other.

“It seems a bit odd.”

“She gives me the feeling like she has been through this kind of thing many times.”

“Could it be that she knows what Will used to do, that’s why she’s not afraid and has the courage in her heart.”

“Impossible, rely on others have courage is always false, can do this calm and easy.” The stubble man said extremely serious, “If

I guess correctly, this little sister should have seen big scenes.”

“What big scene?”

“You mean she is like Will?”

“No.” The stubble man didn’t know either and had to take a hard guess, “I heard this little sister is a golden girl and has probably been kidnapped many times since she was a child.”

The crowd, “……” This guess.

Can they say very unreliable?

“You two come with me to interrogate.” The stubble man was suddenly interested in seeing Sarah’s guts, “Let’s see if she’s toughing it out or if she really has the guts.”

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