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Chapter 456 What was the purpose of your kidnapping me

“Boss…… didn’t you say we weren’t allowed to touch a finger of that little sister?” The young follower was a little puzzled, “And said that anyone who made her cry and got her hurt would be miserable, so why do we have to go to trial now.”

If there were something happen during the trial

Will would have eaten them alive.

“It’s not a real trial, I just want to see.” The man with the stubble knew what was important, “Curious.”

The crowd hesitated, obviously hesitating.

With a firm heart, the bearded man suddenly had a stern face, “What kind of eyes are you guys giving me, talking as if I’m afraid of him.”

“You’re not afraid, you just lost in the special organization competition.”

“And lost three times in a row.”

“Will only participated three times.”

“The past champion met Will and became the runner-up, indeed not afraid.”

The two juniors said one word to the other, stiffening the stubble man’s anger.

He snorted coldly, with a stern face, “Then I’ll let you see whether I’m afraid or not!”

After saying that he went to the room where Sarah was kept.



Sarah was untying the rope and was about to succeed, but the door was suddenly opened, she could only be forced to stop the action.

The way the rope was tied was similar to Leon’s.

Difficult to untie.

The stubble man saw her sitting there very quietly, curiosity was immediately hooked up, he went over to help her to untie the blindfolded cloth and pulled a chair sat down opposite Sarah.

As for the two little brothers.

Naturally, they stood behind him.

Seeing the light again was a little uncomfortable for Sarah, and it took about a second for her to fully adjust. adapt to it.

“Tell me about your relationship with Will, and then tell me about his life, then I’ll let you go.” The man with stubble simply wanted to try.

Sarah’s eyes glanced over the three of them and finally fell back on the stubble man, “Your words, not to be trusted.”

“How could you believe me.”

“Give me back my phone.”

“Little sister, I advise you not to go too far.” The stubble man said word for word, “What is this place you should be clear, our methods, not you a little girl can endure.” Sarah did not speak.

Her hands, tied behind her back, continued to untie the knots



The stubble man thought she had an arrogant spirit and gave a wink to the little brother next to him, “Go and bring her our appetizer.”

“What appetizer?” The little brother was a bit confused.

He was afraid.

What if it wasn’t the appetizer he understood, wouldn’t he be looking for death?

The man with stubble was furious, not understanding how this tacit understanding was lost, “What appetizer? We have a second appetizer here?”

The little brother understood instantly, but was puzzled on his way to get it.

Was it simply curiosity to ask? What’s with the appetizers, that stuff wasn’t a joke. Doubt is doubt.

He still went to get it.

When brought over, the stubble man took the small thing in his hand and waved it in front of Sarah, “Don’t look at this thing small, just flick it on your leg, on your arm, and the bones in your whole leg and your whole arm will crack.”

“And then what.” Sarah remained bashful.

By this time she recognised the man too.

The leader of a special organisation in America. He was friends with Leon, and America. was also allies with her home country.

Stubble man, “??”




He can’t really flick on her.

If he did, Will would really destroy him.

“I don’t know why you tied me up here, and I don’t want to know what your purpose is.” Sarah gave them one last chance, “But if you don’t release me, I won’t be polite.”

The stubble man and the two minions both glanced over her body.

Tied up and still not polite?

How not polite?

“Then I’ll see what happens.” The stubble man was really curious, “Let’s see how you will be impolite.”

Sarah had already untied the rope at this time.

For the purpose of this group of people she still did not know, before she thought they might just want to joke with Will, but now that the interrogators took out this, it was enough to see that it wasn’t a joke.

A good ally turned out like this, she wondered if something had changed up there.

But no matter what, she could not let Leonn come straight to the risk.

The stubble man did not take the enemy lightly, outwardly looking lazy actually watching Sarah’s every move, “How come you’re still not moving?”

The moment the words left his mouth.

Sarah’s hands suddenly moved, the rope fell to the ground at once.



This thing attracted the attention of three people, even the stubble man, whose attention was also diverted by this incident.


The playing card in Sarah’s hand flew over.

The guns in the hands of the two minions were knocked away and the stubble man reached out and clamped down on the pounding king ofspades.

Sarah picked up the two pistols on the ground in this gap and pointed at the two minions and one at the stubble man.

Two minions, “!!!”


The stubble man was also surprised to the extreme.

Under normal circumstances, he was perfectly capable of picking up a gun when Sarah did, and then confronting her gun to gun.

But today he blundered.

One is that this person is Will’s girlfriend, he did not bring full vigilance and wariness, the second is that he was shocked that this girl could untie the rope he tied, but also so good.

Of course, the most important point was the playing cards in her hands.

He did not care about the gun Sarah was pointing at him, instead he rubbed the playing card in his hand and slowly said, “There is only one young girl I know who can play poker so well.”

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The words fell.

He turned the k on the poker card towards Sarah.

Thin lips slowly said, “k.”

“What is the purpose of your kidnapping me.” Sarah was on guard, not in any mood because the other had guessed who she was.

This man had been friends with Leon, and it wasn’t at all surprising to learn that he had a team member named k.

“Don’t be so angry.” The stubble man’s attitude was all different after he knew she was k. He was neither as careful to coax nor as fierce as before, “I’m friends with your captain, you should know that.”

Sarah, “……”


If she didn’t know, she would have shot and wounded someone.

“First put the gun down, let’s talk slowly.” The man with stubble said word for word.

Sarah did not reply and was not distracted away.

She knew very well what kind of person she was opposite. In the words of the captain, this person looked simple and honest, tall in size, but was actually top in all aspects.

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