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Marriage proposal plan

“It doesn’t matter whether you know or not.” Will Gardner didn’t care about this at all, “I’ve retired now.”

The two people very tacitly did not speak again.

The next few days were spent.

Sarah Yeats finished choosing the wedding ring, and then she went to all the interesting places in this city with Will Gardner.

In order to revenge, Will Gardner used Laird’s bank card the whole time.

One deduction message after another, let Laird mentality breakdown, so that when later Will Gardner asked people to return the card, Laird called to curse him.

“Let’s just watch on.” Laird began to say especially serious, “I’ll beat your successor in this special organization competition, so that you can only get a runner-up title!”

“I’ll wait.” Will Gardner replied.

After the phone hung up.

Sarah Yeats looked at him with some complexity.

Will Gardner sensed that there was a load on her mind, “What’s the matter?”

“Are you really not going?”


“Is the successor very powerful?”



“Well, the other guys with me are also very powerful.” Will Gardner said and explained all these matters to Sarah Yeats, “I should not go to the first few times originally, but a few of them pretended to be sick. The leader of the team let me go.”

The organization had a lot of talents inside, and there were many people with abilities comparable to him.

He was not worried about this competition at all.

He could be sure that he would win.

“That’s good.” Sarah Yeats also did not ask in detail because this was, after all, the organization’s business.

After she finished her things,

Sarah Yeats intended to go back.

The original plan was to wait for Will Gardner to go back together, but Will Gardner let her go back first, saying that he had a little personal business to deal with.

The communication way between them was always straight, so when he said that she could go back first, she would go back.

There was no need to wait him.

Sarah Yeats considered the matter that she had to go back to set up the proposal scene, so she agreed and went back with Wilson Yeats.

On the private plane back,



Wilson Yeats always gossiped about where she and Wilson Yeats went these days. Sarah Yeats thought that there was nothing to hide, so she told him everything.

However, this was not his real purpose.

After he asking her many questions,he mentioned about the proposal, “When do you plan to propose to Will Gardner?”

“Once I go back, I will prepare this thing.” Sarah Yeats looked at the schedule that she would be free, so she planned to propose early.

The things needed on the proposal should be prepared properly. In addition, besides all the most basic scene layout, she also intended to use a lot of drones to propose.

The drone program was simple and could be done in a moment.

But it still needed to spend some time to prepare on the design.

“So fast!” Wilson Yeats was really not expecting it. So he sweated, “Do you really not plan to wait for him to propose to you?”

“I’ll take the initiative.” Sarah Yeats said.

However, she was already thinking about how the drone should be designed to arrange the shape.

The shape of the drone should be amazing.

It also should be spectacular.

In addition, it should be known by many people.



Wilson Yeats began to think about things. As soon as they arrived, he found an excuse to separate from Sarah Yeats to have a phone call to Will Gardner.

He also did not say that Sarah Yeats wanted to propose marriage. He just wanted him to propose her quickly.

As for Sarah Yeats, after going home to watch Eve Kent and October, she went to find Jacob and a few of them.

They could share their ideas on her proposal.

She did not have enough romantic cells, so she needed their help.

Inside the living room of Jacob’s house.

Several people sat together. After listening to Sarah Yeats’s proposal plan,

Jacob was the first to speak, “This is simple. You can directly let the drones line up into the words that Will Gardner I love you.”

“It is stunning and spectacular. In addition, many people can see.” Jacob added.

Jim supported, “Yes!”

Julian White, “…”

He felt that…

This was something that only the burgeoning rich could do.

“Julian, what do you think?” Sarah Yeats felt that something was wrong, but she could not say exactly what was wrong.



“I think.” Julian White glanced at Jacob and Jim.

They didn’t wait for him to get the words out.

The two gave him a look with a dangerous look.

The real highlight of the proposal was on the captain, and it would be fine for Pumpkin to prepare casually.

For captain, he would not even need a drone. He would be happy when he knew Pumpkin for her intention to propose to him.

If he really took Pumpkin’s proposal seriously, he would do nothing to his proposal to her.

Sarah Yeats saw that he thought for a long time and did not finish the sentence. She thought he had some concerns, “Feel free to say.”

“I think this is a bit rustic.” In the midst of Jacob and Jim threatening eyes,

Julian White still put the words out, “It did not bring out the value of the drones.”

“Keep talking.” Sarah Yeats was listening carefully.

“Using drones to pose in big letters is not as good as a fireworks show.”

Julian White said very directly, “The price is not so expensive, but more beautiful.”



“It seems like it’s not impossible.” A new idea suddenly popped up in Sarah



Yeats’s mind.

But this idea required a little new technology.

She needed to modify the drone.

Jacob and Jim both breathed a sigh of relief in unison when they heard her saying.

Julian White’s face was complicated as he coughed lightly and inquired,”

Sarah, do you really think this is okay?”


“Fireworks seem a little cheesy too.”

“Fireworks are not cheesy. That’s because you’ve seen too much.” Jacob did not want Julian White here to stir things up. If he continued to raise his idea, the captain’s plan would be no more interesting. Jacob said, “Pumpkin likes fireworks even she watched another hundred or thousand times of fireworks.”

“But isn’t this a proposal to the captain?” Julian White said. Here was the key point.

It was a proposal to the captain.

Shouldn’t it be liked by the captain?

“Just fireworks.” Sarah Yeats already had a plan in mind and decided, “The proposal is temporarily postponed for a month, I’ll let someone prepare it.” Jacob, “?”

Jim, “?”

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Julian White, “?”

All three were a little surprised.

Was a fireworks proposal simple?

“During this period of time you guys help me pay attention to the captain’s situation, I’ll contact the fireworks company and the leader who is responsible for drones of Angel International Group.” Sarah Yeats wanted to surprise Will Gardner, “During this period if the captain asks me what I am doing, you guys just say you want to play with drones and let me help you modify one.”

“Okay.” They all agreed.

Sarah Yeats gathered with them for a while before leaving.

Jim had a few more doubts in his mind, “Is Pumpkin really planning to use fireworks?”

“Not only fireworks, but also drones.” Jacob also had a few more moments to think and was curious, “Is she using a drone to pose the words that Will

Gardner I love you while setting off fireworks?”

“But fireworks with drones will be very dangerous.” Jim said, “It is highly likely that a drone crash situation will occur.”

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