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There are many elite forces in America, and he is just one of them.

He believed they had no problem.

Laird, however, had a little unhappy, he still wanted to see Will, “You think your heir can kick me off?”

“Do you think so?” Will slowly said, those good-looking eyes with self- confidence, “He is super dope.”

“You really not going?”



“I’m not the only one who can compete.” Will made it very clear.

America was strong, and we wouldn’t lose.

But if country needed him to return to the battlefield, he would not hesitate to return.

“You are unable to let go of your little girlfriend, aren’t you?” Laird made a guess, his eyes glanced at Sarah, “Afraid she will be sad if you go?”

“I’m afraid you’ll cry”. Will’s reply was always just right, “I don’t know who loses and comes to me every year to dislike me”.

Laird, “……”

Was that a dislike?



It was clearly a declaration of war.

“Don’t just kidnap my people.” Will handed the information back to him with a very firm attitude, “Forget it this time, if there’s a next time, I won’t be as polite as I was this time.”

“Aren’t you a little too shameless?”


“Taking my card?”

“In our terms, it’s called moral damages.”

Laird already knew what kind of man Will was, and in this moment he was sensible enough not to dislike each other with him any more.

He knew very well that if he disliked him, then the only person who would get angry and cry would be himself.

Will held Sarah’s hand and fondle the black card that Laird gave him, “We’ll be here for a few days, and we’ll have someone sent you the card on the day we leave.”

Laird was furious, but he was the one who was in the wrong, so he could only admit it.

A short while later.

Sarah and Will left.

The person in the driver’s seat opened his mouth to Will and Sarah, “Boss,




Sarah, “?”

This is?

“He’s retired from the army like me, codenamed Wolf.” Will introduced,

“There are many more like him, all on base.”

“This……” Sarah was slightly hesitant.

There was a question.

After all, it was a bit complicated.

“The base and they are all approved and exist legally.” Will looked at her and knew what she was thinking, “I am responsible for arranging various training for them, if there is a task, they also assist the organization’s people.”

In the base, there was absolute freedom.

The reason for the existence of training was just to be able to keep in good shape.

The main reason, of course, was that his leaders were afraid that he would

be idle, so they gave him something to do.

Also asked him to help pick some people with potential.

“That’s good.” Sarah was immediately relieved.

“It’s rare to come over here once, let’s go shopping.” Will took the schedule

to her and told her about his plan, “See if there is any conflict with your



time, cross out the ones that conflict and reschedule.”

Sarah looked at the detailed schedule and her heart warmed up all of a


At this time she suddenly remembered that whenever Leon went abroad, he was required to get approved to go out, extremely inconvenient.

“No problem.” Sarah handed the schedule back to him.

For the ring, she could find time to go over and look at it.

But it’s rare to come this way once, it’s better to follow the Leon and have a

good time first.

After receiving the promise, Will gave her a day of preparation time, he knew she must have their own personal business. Since she would accompany him to play, he just left the rest of the day to her.

Sarah immediately went to do their own thing.

Although the purpose of coming here was for the ring, but Leon had an

appointment with her, she had to go.

After Will sent her back to the hotel, another person appeared in the car. This person was exactly the same sniper from before.





“Is that really K just now?” asked Loura with some curiosity, her wheat-

complexioned face in high spirits.

Wolf also gossiped a bit more.

They were not gossipy people, but if they met people and things that

interest them, then they started to gossip.

Will’s thin lips were slightly pursed and his voice was slightly provocative,


“Your girlfriend?”


“Can you let us meet up and talk with her?” Loura had something to say,

“She is my idol.”

“She’s also my idol.”

Wolf also spoke.

Will was pleasant.

His own girlfriend was so excellent, and it was difficult not to be happy.

“How do I remember that some people said their idol was me?” Will eyes crossed over the two of them one by one, his voice lazy and loose, “Come on, just change your mind?”



“In here you are idol, but for online things k is.” Loura playful, with the serious look when carrying out the task was completely different, “you just ask the people around you, everybody would worship the king of hackers.”

The online god.

Came without a shadow and went without a trace.

As long as the information was online, she could find out if she wanted to.

Most importantly, apart from being the king of hackers, she was not

physically weak, such as shooting and detection were top notch.

Besides, she was so good looking.

If she’s single, they would want to chase after her!

“Want to see her so badly?”

“Want to.”

“Go buy a pillow and sleep.” Will spoke to them with such a tone, “You can

see it in your dreams.”

Loura, “……

Wolf, “……”

Do you want to be so petty?

Not just wanting to meet his girlfriend?

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“She’s very busy, she doesn’t have time to chat with you guys.” Will opened

his mouth and slowly said, “If you guys are really looking for her for

something, I can pass on the message for you.”

The first thing that happened was that they looked at each other, and a

thought popped up in their hearts.

How busy would it be?

Out of curiosity, Loura gossiped, “Busy with what?”

“Busy loving me.” Will’s thin lips raised, low voice with a characteristic sexy.

The two people were silent.

How come they didn’t find the boss so good at showing affection before.

“Don’t bother anyway.”

The two people did not say more.

As far as the conversation just went, they had every reason to think that their boss was just waiting for them to ask the question so that they could express their love openly and honestly.

“Does captain know that you love to show your love so much?” They popped up.

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