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I hugged you when you were little

“Yes.” Sarah Yeats nodded her head.

“Then tell me about it.” Will Gardner thought she was scaring him, and his good-looking lips raised a curve, “What is my nickname?”

“Really say it?”



Sarah Yeats blurted out.

Your mother had said that the captain didn’t like that nickname, and after the age of five, he even didn’t let them call it. He even fought with Zack Snyder over it.

The nickname of Mickey did not match the appearance and temperament of him. But it seemed that the captain was not the person caring about the nickname.

Will Gardner’s always lazy and diffident face appeared a surprised expression.

Only a moment,

he was back to normal.

His eyes were as normal, but the whole person had a few more mysterious and unpredictable expression. So he asked with a strong tone, “Did my mother really tell you?”



“Yes.” Sarah Yeats nodded, guessing his mood, “Your mother said the name given to the girl is Minnie, and the name given to you is Mickey.”

Will Gardner raised his hand and pinched his brow, the corners of his lips showed a few curves that made people guess.

Mom really …

betrayed him without hesitation.

“Do you really not like this pet name?” Sarah Yeats’s brimming eyes met his.

“I didn’t like it before, but now it’s okay.” Will Gardner said the big truth, raised his hand and rubbed on her head. His tone rose, “If you call it, it’s acceptable.”

Sarah Yeats pursed her lips, a little complicated.

She thought she just joked too much.

But for her, she would not want others to say things she did not like.


“Why your expressions look like this?” Will Gardner instantly guessed what she was thinking.

“In fact, this nickname is quite good. Mickey Mouse is so cute, but it just does not match with your temperament.” Sarah Yeats organized her words. She also secretly decided in the future that no matter how the captain made fun of her, she would not take this to call him.

“You can call it if you like. It is not a forbidden word.” Will Gardner raised his hand and knocked on her head, incidentally said, “I don’t like this nickname because of Zack Snyder.”



Sarah Yeats, “?”

Was there a story between them?

She asked a follow-up question, “What happened to him?”

“After he knew my nickname was Mickey, he purposely named a dog Mickey.” Will Gardner still remembered the kind of anger he felt as a child, “At that time, his temper could not be suppressed, and the solution he could think of was to just punch.”

Sarah Yeats paused for a moment.

Now she realized.

“Then he now …” She remembered that the relationship between the two was quite good.

“Now he does not dare to do it again because he is afraid of being pitted.” Will Gardner smiled and told her about the past, “That dog has also died of old age.”

Until now he still remembered that he beat Zack Snyder many times.

Once he called his nickname, he beat him.

The two families were friends for many generations, and Zack Snyder was a man who was not afraid of being beaten up when he was a child.

When his parents knew that he called the dog Mickey, they taught him a lesson for many times. They even used feather duster to beat him once. But there was no effect. Finally he was afraid of being beaten, so he changed to call him Will Gardner.

In the world of children, they can be taught a lesson only by children.



Zack Snyder was traitorous when he was a child. He would do everything which his parents did not let him do.

“If he calls you by your nickname again, I’ll help you beat him up.” Sarah

Yeats also said, “Tonight you can have a rest and I will go to cook.”

Will Gardner pulled her back.

Sarah Yeats looked confused.

“Sit down.” Will Gardner pressed her to sit down on the sofa, “The kitchen is my territory, you are not allowed to step in.”


“Do you want to be taught a lesson?”

She knew him very well.

This lesson was not the common lesson.

“One hour will be okay.” Will Gardner rubbed her head and her very smooth hair became a little messy. “Go to take a bath, so you can rest early later.”

Sarah Yeats agreed.

In the evening, after the two of them ate, Sarah Yeats asked Will Gardner if he had photos of his childhood. Listening to his past with Zack Snyder, she was suddenly very curious about what he looked like as a child.

She wanted to know that whether he was different from the past.



“Want to see the photos?”


“Exchange.” Will Gardner was also interested in her photos, “Yours must also be shown to me.”

Sarah Yeats decisively agreed.

She went to her room and brought over one of the albums of their family of four, which contained photos of her and Muffin from childhood to adulthood and even from infancy to a few years ago.

It was just a simple matter of watching each others childhood, but Will Gardner moved his eyes when he saw Sarah Yeats’s childhood photos.

He took one of the photos and asked her, “Is this you?”

“Yes, I was about two years old at that time.” Sarah Yeats recognized at once.

Will Gardner suddenly smiled. His clear eyes swirled with pleasure.

Sarah Yeats, “?”

She took another photo.

She thought that she was not ugly.

The clothes, hairstyle and everything were also what most children look like.

“What’s wrong?”

“Atha.” Will Gardner’s lazy voice called her with his eyes full of her.



Sarah Yeats trailed up, “Hmm?”

“I hugged you when you were little.”


“Just when you were in the age in the picture.”


“This boy in the picture with you was me at the age of seven.”

Sarah Yeats stunned, then immediately took the photo from his hand, on which was two-year-old her with an older brother she didn’t know.

The memories of two years old were blurred. If this photo hadn’t been there, she wouldn’t have known there was such a moment.

“Is this you?” She pointed to the photo of the cute boy with a little shyness.

Will Gardner’s thin lips pursed slightly, “Yes.”

“You…” Sarah Yeats suddenly did not know what to say.

Although she could not remember what happened when she was two years old, she had heard her mother tell the story of this photo.

At that time, her aunt took her to a resort in the countryside for fun. Her aunt was responsible for setting up the tent, while her mother held her for fun.

Later, a couple also brought a child over. In the words of the mother, the child looked only seven or eight years old, but like a small adult. And she also said Sarah saw him, grabbed his fingers and not let


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The boy… was captain?

“I have two pictures that are similar to yours.” Will Gardner slowly said, opened his album and pulled out two photos, and then handed over, “Look.”

Sarah Yeats took the photos.

One was exactly the same as the one she just took.

The other one was a photo of her aunt, mother, captain’s parents and him.

Will Gardner’s clear eyes were full of smiles.

It was no wonder that when Atha came to the organization for training, he felt her mother looked familiar after he reviewed the information, so he had seen her when he was a child.

Although a long time has passed, he still remembered what happened that day after seeing the photo.

At that time, his parents were afraid that he would be bored at home alone and would be autistic, so they took him out to play, and that grassy resort was often visited by parents with their children.

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