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Is there some regrets

When they arrived, they pitched their tent next to Atha’s.

The two families chatted together afterwards. Atha liked him very much, and after her mother taught her to call him brother, she kept calling him very sweetly and softly.

After that, the two families chatted and he played with her.

The adults were happy to talk, and Atha kept giggling at him, like a baby.

“Did you like me when you watched my face since that time?” Will Gardner saw her still staring at the photo, and his lazy voice rang out.

Sarah Yeats, “…”

A two-year-old child would not care about appearance.

It was that she would get with the person who looked good to get along with.

“Children are not face judger.” Sarah Yeats defended herself, “It should be that you were good to get alone with, so I would play with you.”

“Then what happened to giggling at me all the time?”

“And grabbed my finger and wouldn’t let go.”

“Called me so sweetly.”

Sarah Yeats was mentally breakdown.



What kind of experience was it of having someone help you remember things that you couldn’t even remember?

No matter what he said, she had no reason to refute.

Because she didn’t know whether it was true or not.

“Why don’t you call me brother now?” Will Gardner glanced at her nicely. He was touched.

“These are all your side of the story.” The cheeks of Sarah Yeats were a little hot. Although that was something she did as a child, she felt embarrassed when these things were so bluntly said by others. “Wait for me to make a phone call to ask my aunt.”

After mom died, her aunt rarely came back.

In order to avoid marriage imposed by grandpa, she went abroad alone, and now lived outside all year round and rarely came back. Occasionally she would call Muffin when she was free.

Now thinking about her aunt…

She found that they had been out of touch for a long time.

Will Gardner’s eyebrow tipped. He let her call her aunt.

The phone did not take long to connect. Aunt has always loved Sarah Yeats and Rita Yeats.

The first thing she needed to do was to make sure that everything was fine to aunt before she got to the point of asking about the past, “Did I really like that boy at that time?”

“Other than your mother, the person you liked the most that day was him.” Aunt had an excellent temperament and looked very charming, “When we separated and I wanted to hug you, you kept pulling his hands and refused to let go.”



Sarah Yeats, “…”

“Why do you suddenly ask this.” Aunt inquired.

“When I looked at the photo I found that the little boy in the photo was my current boyfriend.” Sarah Yeats also did not hide. Aunt knew her relationship. “He said I had been giggling at him at that time, so I wanted to make a phone call to ask for confirmation.”

“He was not wrong.”

“Not only did you giggle at people, you also kept calling him brother, asking this for a while, asking that for a while and talking too much.”

“When we parted, you couldn’t let go and cried.”

“If not for that the age difference was big and that little boy was sensible, your mother would plan to ask his mother to mention the matter of the child marriage.”

What her aunt said was heard by Will Gardner.

He took out his cell phone and sent a message to his mother, ‘Why didn’t you set a child marriage with me when I were a child?’

If they had a child marriage, maybe he and Atha were childhood friends.

Elaine Gardner, ‘?’

Elaine Gardner, ‘You had a fight with Sarah?’

Will Gardner, ‘No, we are fine. We just talked about this, so I want to ask you.

Elaine Gardner, ‘I wanted to decide a child marriage to you. But you rejected.



Elaine Gardner, ‘When you were seven years old, we met a two-year-old girl on the way to play. When we parted, you were still unwilling to part. Your father and I seldom saw you liked a girl, so we decided to talk to the parents of that girl. But you stopped us.’

Looking at the words,

Will Gardner just got a little impression of this.

He seemed to…… stop them.

At that time, he did not think that the child marriage had any use. If therewas destiny that tied them together, they would meet again, and if not, there was no need to bind that cute little girl for life through child marriage.

Most importantly, he felt that they would only meet that one time.

Elaine Gardner, ‘Don’t be a playboy. Once you chose to stay with Sarah, you should care about her. She’s a good girl to cherish.

Will Gardner replied one word Okay.

Then he glanced at Sarah Yeats, who was still on the phone, and sent another message, ‘Sarah Yeats is the little girl who was two years old.’

After sending this message, he put the phone away.

If there was just a little bit of guilt before that he hadn’t confessed his feelings to her, then now it was intense regret.

If he had agreed at that time.



Atha would only meet him and would not have experienced those unhappy events with Jason Noth.

For a moment, all kinds of complicated emotions spread in Will Gardner’s minds. The emotions that were happy just now were all covered by those complications at the moment.

“What’s wrong?” Sarah Yeats hung up the phone and then noticed that his emotions were not quite right.

Will Gardner’s deep black eyes were a little deeper and he asked a unintelligible question, “Will you blame me?”


“If it wasn’t me, you wouldn’t have had that unhappy marriage in the past.”

Will Gardner was not a sentimental person.

On the contrary, he was a person who looked at everything with a very open mind.

But at this moment, after learning that he had a short time with Sarah Yeats when he was a child and they almost had a child marriage, his mental defense deviated a little.

“What’s wrong?” Sarah Yeats sensitively perceived the abnormality.

Will Gardner had a bad mood. With all kinds of complicated emotions, he handed her the phone.

Sarah Yeats finished reading the part of his chat with Elaine Gardner. After seeing that his face was full of complications, she handed the phone back to him, enlightening, “It has nothing to do with you, and it has nothing to do with blame.”

“I am a person who is more resistant to child marriage. if there really is a child marriage, maybe I would not love you anymore.” Sarah Yeats was open-minded about all this, “You have to believe that they are

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the best arrangements.”

She was two years old and he was seven years old. She had not yet started kindergarten, while he was already in elementary school.

Two or three years old children are particularly prone to play together with their little ones. They will all forget after only playing together one afternoon.

“You are right.” Will Gardner figured it out after rationalizing his thoughts for a while.

With Atha’s character, if she knew that he was her baby date when she entered the organization for training, she might become a deadly rival with him.

This guy was good at holding a grudge.

“But……” Will Gardner figured it out and then his nature returned.

Sarah Yeats had not yet noticed and was unaware of the fall into the pit, “What?”

“Is there some regrets without my companion from childhood to adulthood?” Will Gardner tone of voice slightly raised, with a few scattered.

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