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Proposing to each other

“The whole plan is written in the document, so don’t pretend that you know nothing about it.” James said in a calm tone and urged him, “Hurry up and go to work, we got no time to waste.”

Hearing this, Julian was still in a state of confusion.

He took a look at the document he handed him.

The content in it was indeed all about the plan of how Captain Leon would propose to Sarah.


Sarah also told him that she would propose to Captain Leon that day.

Pushing his glasses up his nose with his finger, Robert came up to him and whispered.”Don’t say anything about this plan to Sarah. When the time comes, Jacob and Jim will give her a surprise, so keep it a secret now.”

Julian was a bit dumbfounded.

Jacob and Jim were supposed to know that Sarah was going to propose to Captain Leon.

How come they changed their mind and decided to help Captain Leon this time?

Seeing the confusion on Julian’s face, Robert asked. “What’s wrong?”

“I remember that Sarah told me she has something important to do that day. Didn’t she tell you this?” Julian asked tentatively. “Are you sure Jacob and Jim could manage to invite her here?”

“Of course.” Robert said with certainty, “They have already come up with a great idea.”



With disbelief in his mind, Julian quickly made a phone call to Jacob.

He wanted to know why their plan had been changed.

Who was going to propose at last? Captain Leon or Sarah?

When Jacob saw Julian’s phone call, he soon knew what he was going to ask. Then he picked up the phone and said.”The plan has been changed, Don’t tell anyone else about our new plan right now.”

“What exactly is our new plan now?” Julian asked with a frown, “We were supposed to help Sarah propose to Captain Leon according to the plan, why you suddenly changed your mind to help Captain Leon instead?”

“Well, because we never expected they would propose to each other at the same time,” Jacob explained.

Julian, “What?”

So they both had the thought to propose.

What a creepy coincidence!

“Only you and me, Jim and Robert know this.” Jacob knew that Julian would feel confused so he said in advance, “We need to help both of them finish their proposal, don’t tell anyone about our plan.”

It took a while for Julian to fully understand what was going on after he heard Jacob’s words.

He didn’t know much about Captain Leon’s proposal and felt a little worried. “So who would propose first?”

“It’s Sarah that sends Captain Leon flowers first according to the plan. After Sarah’s proposal, they would soon go to the location where Captain Leon propose to her. ” Jacob said.



“Captain Leon doesn’t know anything about this, right?”

“Of course, he doesn’t know.”

“Then what Captain Leon would do if Sarah succeeds in proposing before he does?”

It was unreasonable for them to propose twice.

One time would be enough no matter who proposed first.

After all, it should be all right since they were willing to marry each other.

“I guess he would change his plan as soon as he figures out what happened.” Jacob said firmly, “Captain Leon has always been smart, even if we don’t remind him, he would soon find out that Sarah was trying to propose to him.”

According to Sarah’s proposal, she was going to send flowers to Captain Leon in a teddy bear costume without showing her face in front of him.

After that, the drones would fly in a heart-shaped formation and deliver the ring to Sarah.

Then she would propose to Captain Leon under the drones and fireworks.

Captain Leon should soon notice what was going on when he saw Zack and Susan show up.

“Even if Captain Leon couldn’t notice it in time, he still got plenty of chances to put the ring on Sarah’s finger after the proposal,” Jacob said with a kind smile on his face.

Hearing these words, Julian was slightly relieved.

Although in the deep of his heart,



He still hope Captain Leon could propose first.

Because it would surely make everyone know that Captain Leon loved Sarah so much and wanted her to be happy.

After Julian hung up the phone.

He quickly went back to his work to fulfilling their new plan.

As for Sarah, she already made up her mind to share her proposal with Susan and Zack.

Both of them were shocked when they heard that she was going to propose to Will. Zack even couldn’t believe what he heard and asked, “Are you sure that you want to propose to Will instead of waiting for Will’s proposal?”

“Yes, I’m sure.” Sarah nodded.



“Are you afraid that Will doesn’t propose to you? I guess that’s why you decide to propose to him first.”

“No.” Sarah knew that Captain Leon would surely propose to her sooner or later, but she also wanted to tell him that she liked him too, “It’s just because I want to be with him as soon as possible, so I decide to propose to him first.”

Hearing her words, Zack frowned.

Because he thought it was a man’s duty to propose to the woman he loved.

But if Will had learned that his beloved was also planning to propose to him, he would be overjoyed.



After all, this was not only romantic.

But also better than countless sweet words.

“When the time comes, please help me send him a bouquet. Jacob will tell you what to do when you met him.” Sarah came to them mainly for discussing when to propose, so she asked. “Do you have time to do it for me this weekend?”

“Yes, of course,” Susan replied without any hesitation.

“Does Will know anything about this?” Zack narrowed his eyes and asked.

In his kind of view, Will should take the initiative to propose to Sarah.

And he was sure Will had already planned to do so.

“He does not know, every part of this plan is top secret,” Sarah told him the truth.

Although Zack was talkative, he knew how to do the right thing at the right time and was as reliable as Julian.

Therefore, Sarah was sure he could keep their secret.

“Okay.” Zack finally nodded and decided to help her.

After the plan was settled.

Sarah soon left.

When Sarah disappeared from their sight, Susan looked at Zack and asked, “Are you jealous?”




“Are you jealous because Will was going to get married?”

“No, I’m not.” Zack said in a serious tone, “Don’t you know I’m also going to marry a beauty soon?”

Of course, he was not lying.

Every man in the world would feel happy when he learned that his beloved was going to propose to him because he knew she loved him and was willing to stay with him for the rest of her life.

But Zack was different, he just wanted Susan to be happy whether she was willing to marry him or not.

He also wanted to let her know.

He would try his best to make her happy if she choose to marry him.

“Who is the beauty you are referring to?” Susan asked.

“That beauty would be you, Susan.”

“Then why haven’t you proposed to me yet?”

After hearing Susan’s question.

Zack was stunned with his eyes wide open.

Suddenly, Zack stammered with his eyes full of surprise and joy, “Do…… do you want me to propose to you?”



Susan was asking him to propose to her!!!


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“It seems that you got no intention to be with me at all.” After saying so, Susan stood up and pretended to leave. “Have you ever thought about proposing to me?”

“Wait! Please don’t go. I will propose to you right here, right now!” Zack said hurriedly with his face flushed.

All the time.

He was waiting for a chance to tell Susan that he loved her. But when he looked into her eyes, he was too shy to speak it out.

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