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Madam winterss fight for her children by summer wine

Did they mix it up

“No.” Sarah Yeats replied very seriously, still fighting to win on this point, “Without your existence, I will become the child king.”

If the captain and she really had a child marriage, she still had some difficulty to imagine.

As a child, she did not like to be protected by others.

She liked deal with things independently.

She always thought that relying on others was very unreliable. Only one person was strong enough, can he or she protect themselves.

If she had been protected by the captain all the time, she would probably be a spoiled child. Such a personality was not suitable for her.

“You are something!”


“I’m quite sorry.” Will Gardner suddenly popped up a sentence out.

Sarah Yeats was slightly puzzled.

Haven’t he already figured it out? Why to regret again?

“If you and I had a child marriage, I would have a follower.” Will Gardner joked, “Every day you called me brother, I must be very happy.”

Sarah Yeats, “…”



He would keep talking this, right?

Will Gardner eyes fell on her, with some lazy, “How about fulfilling my wish, calling me brother?” request.

“Really do not call?”

“There should be many people to call your brother when you were a kid.”


“Lola.” Sarah Yeats countered with a serious talk with him, “Last time she also called you brother Will, and said that she was used to calling you since childhood.”

Will Gardner paused.

He was ill-considered.

“If you really want me to call you brother, I’ll give her a call for you.” Sarah Yeats stirred things up, “Ask her whether she still wants to call you so.”

“It is meaningless to let others call me brother.” Will Gardner said with eyes titillating and voice alluring, “I only like to hear you call.”


Will Gardner’s thin lips pursed.

This guy, still let people do not know how to take the trick.

“Not as cute as when you were a kid.” He began to be a fault-finder.



Sarah Yeats knew that he was stirring up troubles, and she was particularly serious, “Why don’t you imitate how I called as a child? I’ll imitate you.”

“No one can learn your sweet and soft sound.” Will Gardner responded extremely fast with indifferent tone, “It is okay that you do not learn how to call. You will call me when it is suitable.”

Sarah Yeats, “…”

She did not know how to reply him.

She did not fool around with him on this matter again.

After chatting, she put the album back and went to bed to lie down and sleep.

Perhaps she saw a picture of her mom, or maybe she talked to her aunt on the phone. She dreamed about her mom.

Unlike the previous time, this time mom did not go away, did not run. She hugged her and said she felt relieved that she was with Will Gardner.


Sarah Yeats murmured a word in her dream.

Will Gardner was sensitive to hear. He reached out and held her in his arms, giving her a sense of security.

This night, Sarah Yeats slept very peacefully.

After the two woke up in the morning, each of them was busy with their own business. Last night’s photos did not affect so many things, but except one thing. Both of them could not wait to propose to each other.



Sarah Yeats began to display all the proposal staffs and to make a final plan for proposal with Jacob and other people after all the things were well- prepared.

Jacob and Jim both listened to her plan and then asked only one question, “Are you sure to propose to the captain on June 12?”


“No more changes?”

“No more changes.”

After getting this answer from her, Jacob and Jim were relieved.

There was still several days before June 12, so it should still not be too late to inform the captain.

“There’s just one problem that hasn’t been solved …” Sarah Yeats watched the plan in her hand and was never 100% sure about the most important part, “I don’t know how to ask the captain out.”

“It’s a very simple thing.” Julian White blurted out.

Once Sarah asked him to come out, the captain would not refuse.

“Not simple, it’s hard.” Sarah Yeats thought about everything, “For a scene like being proposed to, the captain has to attend in full costume.”

If he needs to attend in costume, he will definitely make him suspicious.’

But there is no other ways to make him not suspicious.’

“This is simple.” Jacob and Jim would inform Sarah and Will and arranged things clearly, “Leave it to us. When the time comes, you just need to cooperate with us to tell a lie. We guarantee to ask the



captain out for you.”



Jacob and Jim both answered with certainty.

Sarah Yeats had a lot of trust in them and agreed.

After everything was planned out that day, Jacob and Jim went to find Will Gardner. They planned not to reveal the will of both sides to propose, so they would not reveal.

They had an appointment in a private room in a store. Will Gardner also held the proposal plan in his hand.

“How about you propose on the 12th?” Jacob’s lying skills were still very good. Jacob was serious that nobody could find any signs of lie, “Then I go with Jim to lie to Pumpkin and let her put on good makeup, dress exquisite and go with us.”

“Will she believe it?” Will Gardner only doubted this.

“Yes.” Jim assured, “Pumpkin is very good to us, and she knows those private matters of ours.”

The three of them were never polite to the other two. When they needed anything, they were willing to help each other.

They were true friends and could tell everything to each other.

“How much do you make sure?” Will Gardner is a little more cautious than before.



It was the proposal. Atha certainly hoped that she is beautiful to be proposed. He didn’t want to have any mistakes or accidents.

Jacob and Jim had a look at each other and gave the answer, ‘100% sure.’

It must be 100% sure.

Pumpkin was also going to propose to the captain that day.

She must have dressed up nicely!

“This is the venue and the entire process of the proposal.” Will Gardner gave them the plan, one for each of them, “It’s best to ask her out at night. The location is already marked on it. You guys are responsible for calling her out for me. Robert Shawn and the others will arrange the rest of things.”

“Good.” The two agreed.

They went through the proposal plan one by one.

After finished watching it, they sighed that they are perfect couple. Even the proposal scene and the way are almost the same.

They was suddenly a little curious that who would be better.

“You two don’t say anything in front of her.” Will Gardner admonished. He wanted that everything was fine, “Must be concealed.”


The two people agreed extremely quickly.

At the same time.

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The other side, Julian White was called over by Robert Shawn and others.

The purpose was also simple, to help Will Gardner set up the proposal venue and all other related work.

“Marriage proposal?” Julian White were amazed. There was a sense of uncertainty between the words, “Are you sure i was the captain who proposed to Sarah?”

On the 12th, wasn’t it Sarah who proposed to the captain?

Did they mix it up?

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