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Just say you love me

Susan thought Zack didn’t like her since he just treated her as his younger sister.

So she decided to treat him as her elder brother as well.

“You, are you telling me the truth?” Zack asked with disbelief.


“You liked me before?”

“Of course.”

“We liked each other since we were a child?”


Susan answered his question without any hesitation. Zack was so delighted after hearing these words.

“You wouldn’t be lying, right?” Zack pursed his lips and asked in a soft tone, “You always told me that you liked the young master of the Davis family, How can I trust you this time?”

“I lied to you because you always want me to be your sister before.” Susan pursed her lips and said.

Sometimes she wanted to be a girl like Sarah.

Because if Sarah were here, she would confess her love without thinking.

If she succeed in proposing, she would stay with the one she loved, and if she failed, she would start a new life and let the past be the past.



That night.

Zack asked Susan a lot of questions.

When he was sure that Susan liked him a long time ago, he happily hugged her and kissed her several times.

After he put her down, Susan asked.

“Do you still want to break up with me?”

“No! No! Honey, I promise I would never say it again.”

“Do you still want to propose to me?”

“Yes! Yes! Darling, I swear I will soon propose to you!”

Susan took a glance at him and then pushed him away.

But Zack soon held her in his arms again and said, “I was so worried that I might lose you when you said those harsh words to me just now.”

He would probably burst into tears if she left him alone.

But now he was relieved.

“Let go of me!” Susan pushed him away with her face flushed.

“I would never let you go unless you kiss me on the cheek.”


“What’s up? My dear!”



“If you don’t let go of me right now, I’ll slap you in the face instead of kissing you on the cheek.”

“Come on, Susan. I’m just trying to improve our relationship.” Zack held her tighter and whispered in her ear, “My heart is still aching after you said so many harsh words to me, and now you have to fix it with your kiss.”

“Well, I got the same feeling when you treat me as your sister. Now it’s time to pay the price, my big brother!” Susan replied with an evil smile.

For the past 20 years, Susan suffered a lot for secret love.

Every time she saw him laughing and drinking with other girls in the nightclubs, she couldn’t help clenching her fist…….

Although Susan could pretend that she never liked him, she couldn’t lie to herself.

All of sudden.

Susan’s face darkened and broke loose from his embrace.

Then she said in a very cold tone.

“Speaking of which, I suddenly remember that you asked me to introduce one of my female friends to you before. Did you date her?”

“My stomach!” Zack shouted.


“My stomach is aching, I need to go to the toilet.”



“You are not going anywhere before answering my questions! Do you still like her?” Susan said with a fake smile on her face.

“No, I didn’t even know her name, let alone fall in love with her.” Zack hurried to explain, “I didn’t know you liked me at that time, so I was just trying to talk with you. Because the longer I keep talking to you, the longer you would stay by my side.”

Susan, “……”

Zack, “Susan, Are you jealous?”

“Shut up.”

“Come on, give me a kiss!”

“Beat it.”


“Just leave me alone.”

“Okay!” Zack winked at her and said, “See you later, honey. Call me if you feel lonely!”

After saying that, Zack left.

He couldn’t wait to tell Will that he was about to get married.

Zack took out his cell phone and began to edit the message.

With a simile on his face.

Zack soon sent the message to Will.



At this time, Will just returned home and had dinner with Sarah. When he saw the message, he replied with a sneer, [If I were you, I would feel ashamed.]

Zack, [I know you are jealous, aren’t you?]

Will, [Why should I be jealous of a man who got no courage to confess his love?]

Zack, [Susan and I have liked each other since we were young, do you have any childhood sweethearts?]

Will rolled his eyes after reading his words.

Then he put down the phone and decided to enjoy his dinner first.

After dinner.

He went upstairs with Sarah.

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When Sarah saw him put their photos on the bed, she asked with confusion, “What are you doing with these photos?”

“I will send them to Zack.”


“He just bragged to me that Susan liked him since they were young.” Will sent the photos to Zack while talking to Sarah, “I have to tell him that you liked me so much that you wouldn’t let go of my hand at the age of two.”

Sarah, “……”



What were these two men doing?

Zack soon received Will’s message.

Zack, [Are you sure the little girl in that photo is Sarah? I wouldn’t believe it.]

After a while, Will sent him one of Sarah’s family portraits.

Zack was shocked after he knew that the two-year-old girl in the photos with Will was indeed Sarah.

So Sarah was Will’s childhood sweetheart.

[It doesn’t matter anymore, because Susan and I are going to get married.]

Zack replied. [Anyway, we are the perfect match in the world.]

[No, I think you are not worthy of her since Susan is much smarter than you.

How could you take 20 years to realize that she likes you?] Will asked.

[You can ask Susan whether you are stupid or not.]

Zack, [……]

His intuition told him.

Susan would probably say that he was the stupidest dumbass in the world.

After the small talk, Will put the photos back into the album.

In the meantime, Sarah took out her phone and began to send messages to Jacob and Jim. She wanted to make sure they had fulfilled their tasks according to her proposal.



The two of them replied to her that everything was in order.

After putting the photos back into the album, Willsoon noticed Sarah was doing something suspicious, then he asked, “What are you doing with your cellphone?”


Sarah quickly turned off her phone and put it in her pocket.

Her weird reaction attracted Will’s attention, he took a glance at her pocket and remarked casually, “Sarah, I know you are lying.”

“Well, I just talked to Jacob about our favorite movies.”



“Okay, then show me your phone,” Will stepped forward and said.

Sarah wouldn’t be so nervous if she was telling the truth.

He could tell that she was hiding something from him.

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