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Caught in the act

“The phone is my belonging.” Sarah covered her pocket with her hands and tried to reason with him, “So you can’t take it from me according to the law.”

“You are my fiancee, have you talked to any other men on the phone behind my back?” Will came up to her and asked in a serious tone.

Sarah, “……”

Sarah was already in a state of panic.

Will looked into her eyes and continued, “Yes? Or no”




Sarah lowered her head and answered in a low voice.

Will narrowed his eyes and asked, “Can you swear to God? If you lied to me, you will have to sleep with me tonight.”

Sarah, “?”

Sarah, “!”

With her eyes wide open, Sarah said, “Are you serious?”

“Of course.”



“Okay, I’m sorry, I lied.”

“Never mind.” Will said with a kind smile, “So what are you hiding from me?”

“Do you want to know?”Sarah asked.

“Yes, I’m waiting for your explanation.”

Will finished his words and waited for her answer.

Sarah hesitated.

She had planned her proposal for a long time.

And she was going to give him a surprise that he would never forget in his life.

So she didn’t want to tell him anything about her plan right now.

“I admit that we talked about you just now, but I swear I didn’t say anything bad about you.” After thinking for while, Sarah said so.

Will, “How about you show me your phone right now?”



“Sorry, Will,” Sarah said apologetically.

“If you don’t show me your phone, how do I know whether you are telling the truth or not?” Will deliberately teased her with these words.

But as soon he finished his words.



Sarah quickly stood on tiptoe and kissed him on the cheek.

With her face flushed, Sarah said in a soft tone, “Can you believe me now?”

“Well, I think one kiss is not enough.” Will looked at her delicate face and said gently.

Hearing this, Sarah kissed him again.

And this time she did it much better than before.

However, before Sarah could react.

Will suddenly held her in his arms and kissed her on the lips.

After they kissed each other for a while, Sarah stepped back and asked.

“I have done what you asked, so can you believe me now?”

Will looked at her red thin lips and said.”Okay, I believe you.”

After saying so, He finally let go of her.

“Thanks, Will. I need to go now”

Sarah was trying to leave right after she said so.

But Will grasped her arm before she could escape.

Then he brought her back into his arms and asked, “Are you ready for the punishment?”

Hearing this, Sarah was confused.

What did he want?



“You will have to sleep with me tonight because you lied to me. How about we take a shower first?” Will narrowed his eyes and asked.

Sarah’s cheeks suddenly turned red.

She lowered her head and tried to say something.

Finally, she decided to change the subject, “Let’s talk about that after we get married.”

“I’ll let you go as soon as you answer my question,” Will said with an evil smile on his face.

“Will, You’re so naughty!”



“You could say that.”

“You set me up!”


Sarah, “……”

Sarah didn’t know what to say next.

Seeing the depressed look on her face, Will burst into laughter and said, “I told you one kiss is not enough, let’s take the shower together.”

“No! I promise… I promise you I will make it up for you on the wedding night!” Sarah stamped her foot and said angrily.



After saying so, she quickly shook off his hand and dashed to the door.

But Will soon blocked her way and stopped her.

Sarah stared at Will for a few seconds and said. “Get out of my way! I hate you!”

“Okay, don’t forget your promise.”

With a kind smile on his face, Will finally stepped aside and opened the door for her.

After Sarah slipped away, Will decided to ask Eve to help him with his proposal.

The next morning.

After Sarah went to work, Will soon left the house and met Eve.

Will wanted all his friends and family members to be witnesses of his proposal.

When Eve saw him in the courtyard, she was walking with her baby. Then she came up to him and said, “Are you …… Will?”

Sarah showed her Will’s photo before.

So she soon recognized him at the first sight.

She didn’t expect that he was more handsome than in the photo.

“Yes, I’m Sarah’s boyfriend” Will stood outside the courtyard and said, “I’m sorry to intrude on you like this.”

Eve invited him into the courtyard.



She was Sarah’s best friend and they have lived here together for a long time.

Will entered the courtyard after he was invited to come in.

This was a basic courtesy.

Eve gave the baby to the maid and handed him a cup of tea. Then she asked, “Is there anything I can do to help?”

“I’m going to propose to Sarah, I hope you can come and be a witness.” Will said sincerely, “Are you free this weekend?”

“Yes, no problem,” Eve answered at first.

“Many thanks.”

“My pleasure.”

“Please don’t tell Sarah about this,” Will said in a low voice. But before he finished his words, Sarah suddenly showed up.

“Did you just call my name?” Sarah came up to him and asked, “Will, why did you come here?”


Eve, “……”

What a coincidence!

Fortunately, Sarah didn’t pay so much attention to their conversation. She was playing with the baby at that time.

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Seeing the serious look on their faces, Sarah felt something was wrong.

Then she asked with confusion.

“What’s wrong with you? Why aren’t you guys talking?”

“It’s a secret,” Eve replied with a soft smile on her face.

Will didn’t expect Sarah to be here.

“Why are you here?” He asked.

“It’s a secret,” Sarah replied.

Hearing the conversation between Sarah and Will, Eve couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

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