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Be serious

As for the rest two people, they got along well.

After Sarah Yeats left, Edgar chatted with Eve as he folded the kid’s clothes, “I bought some clothes and daily necessities for October,and I hope youcan accept them.”


“And I bought you……”

“No need.”

Eve refused directly.

It was reasonable for him to buy something for October.

But they were strangers at this moment.

Knowing that already, Edgar was still kind of sad.

But what made him pleased was that she accepted the stuff for October.

“October won’t wake soon, so you can do you business.” said Eve who didn’t want to stay with Edgar, “I’ll tell you when she wakes up.”

“It’s okay, and I’ll wait.”

It was impossible for Eve to drive him away.

Edgar wanted to have a conversation, but failed to get a proper chance all the time.



After a while.

Eve realized that.

It was hard to ignore Edgar’s eyes.

“Just tell me what do you want to say.” said Eve who didn’t want to waste time in this way.

“I heard that Will planed to propose to Sarah” said Edgar after thinking twice, “Is that true?”

Eve was stunned for a while.

She answered as she took up the clothes, “That’s none of your business.”

“Just asking.” said Edgar slowly.

Eve didn’t say anything more.

In Eve’s heart, she knew it was Jason who let Edgar to do that.

Her answer would be known by Jason at once.

“What do you think of Will?” chatted Edgar as he changed the topic, “Is he qualifed to be Sarah’s husband?”

“I don’t know.” said Eve vaguely, trying to make Edgar uncomfortable, “but he is much better than Jason.”

Eve never met Will and didn’t know how Will treated Sarah.

But she could made sure that this man could bring Sarah happiness according to the recent change of Sarah.



Atha was shy in the past.

But she began to be active recently.

More smiles were appearing on her face.

“You are right, and it was right for Sarah to divorce with Jason.” said Edgar who betraied Jason at once, “Jason marry Ahta without proposing. It is lucky for her to have Will who will do that.”

Eve didn’t continue after packed up the clothes for October.

Edgar knew that he was not welcome, but he had to do that.

Or he would lose his wife.

After that.

Eve read the script in the room while Edgar sat downstairs alone.

After looking up, Edgar texted Jason, [It might be hard for you to accept.]

Jason replied, [Just tell me.]

Pursing his lips, Edgar texted, [Will plans to propose to Atha.]

Seeing that, Jason was stunned with the phone in his hand.


Edgar added, [If he makes it, you will never have a chance.]

The process of developing love relationship was the first step.



A successful proposal meant they really loved each other.

Both of them were loyal, and no one could break them up after the marriage.

The message really made Jason so uncomfortable.

It was true that he never proposed to Atha.

Needless to say, the romantic feeling.

Overwhelmed by Various emotions, He texted slowly, [When?]

Edgar, [The 12th, but I don’t know the detail.]

Jason, [It is alright]

After doing that, Jason lied on the chait with his phone nearby, thinking what had happened between him and Sarah.

Because of that, Jason could not work well the whole day.

Finally, he asked Chris to take his place at that day.

He decided to be a witness of Sarah’s happiness.

Realizing something was wrong, Chirs was in a dilemma.

Time always flew.

It was the 10th.

Will invited all the people who were important to Sarah, including, Eric,Rita and Wilson.



Her auntie should be there too, but she just was able to attend their wedding ceremony.

As for Sarah.

She did better than him.

At first, Sarah intended to invite the parents of Will, but she didn’t do that since she realized that Will didn’t want his parents to show up there before.

As for the reason, he answered, “If they see that, I will become a gigolo all my life in their minds.”

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So she listened to him.

As for Zack.

Will didn’t care about.

“Are you planning to propose to me since you ask so many questions.” said Will who realized that she did that deliberately.

“I am just thinking.” said Sarah who didn’t want to tell the truth, “I am not sure which kind of proposal you like.”

“The simple.”


“I prefer simple proposal.”

“How simple?” said Sarah who realized her plan needed change.

In fact, her plan was kind of complicated.



She began to wonder if she could succeed.

Hugging Sarah, Will said, “for example, the sex.”

Sarah was speechless.

That was embarrassing.

“Another example, the present moment.” said Will again.

“I’m serious.” said Sarah who suddenly lost confidence in her proposal, “Be serious.”

“I’m answering your question very seriously.” said Will.

He would accept the proposal of Atha at any time.

Knowing Will was serious, Sarah said as she pursed his lips, “How could you be casual, since the one who is proposed would want something romatic always.”

“You are talking about girls.”


“Am I a girl?”

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