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You really want me to proposal to you?

“I can only think of one thing that the captain come to you and still let you keep it a secret.” Sarah Yeats was very smart.

Eve Kent asked, “What.”

Will Gardner was not calm.

He knew very well that Sarah Yeats must have guessed the thing.

“The marriage proposal.” Sarah Yeats sighted at Eve Kent, noting the changes in her expression, “Right?”

The reason why she didn’t stare at the captain was because she knew very well how good the captain’s acting skills were, and it was impossible to find flaws from his face.

Unfortunately, she forgot one thing.

Eve Kent is an actor.

And an actor with excellent performance.

Although she was surprised to hear Sarah Yeats’s words, she only squeezed a smile and said nothing.

Sarah Yeats confounded a moment because of her reaction.

Not right?

“You really want me to propose to you?” Will Gardner was relieved when Eve Kent not flubbed the thing.



Sarah Yeats, “……”

Is it really not a marriage proposal?

Her eyes looked back and forth between the two.

If it wasn’t a proposal, then what was it?

“I’ll take you to choose a ring after lunch later.”Will Gardner was so trickey that she couldn’t repond quickly, “I’ll pick a day to propose to you after the ring is chosen.”

Sarah Yeats pressed her lips, any suspicion that it was a proposal was completely dispelled at this time.

Take her to pick out a ring……

“What kind of proposal scene do you like?” Will Gardner asked her again.

“It’s not a proposal, so what were you guys just talking about?” Sarah Yeats suddenly felt confused.

Logistically speaking, the captain talked to Eve Kent aside from proposal, was discussing the marriage thing. After all, Eve Kent was her friend.

she was not pregnant or had a baby.

There is no need for him to gain experience.

There is the most important point.

If it was about the child, there was no need to keep it a secret.



Eve Kent and Will Gardner glanced at each other, the former did not speak, leaving this matter to Will Gardner to handle himself.

“You’ll know after that.” Will Gardner stood up and rubbed her head.

Sarah Yeats was still guessing.

But no matter how she thought, she couldn’t guess.

Will Gardner held her hand, his lazy low voice was charming,”Go back and

pack first, we’ll go choose a ring after lunch.”

“You go back first, I have something to talk with Eve Kent.” Sarah Yeats

intended to know something from Eve Kent, his expression was lighter than efore, wait for me unch.”

“Picking out a ring this afternoon?”

“We are not in a hurry. It’s never too late to go after that.”

After she had made a decision, Will Gardner did not say anything more.

she can’t know anything from Eve Kent no matter what she say.

After leaving space for them, he was ready to leave. But he didn’t expect to run into someone outside the door – Edgar Williams.

His eyes glanced briefly over him, and then he was gone No greeting, no conversation.

As if two strangers who do not know each other.



Edgar Williams watched him leave until his back was farther and farther away from him, then he took out his phone and sent a message out, [I just got a very bad news about you.

Jason Noth, [What.]

Edgar Williams tapped his fingers on it.

He realized how hurtful the thing was and deleted words.

The first thing he did was to meet Eve Kent and October, but he didn’t expect to know Will Gardner talking about proposing to Sarah Yeats, and he was just going to go in and listen carefully when he saw Sarah Yeats coming this way. He hid himself because he didn’t want to argue with her.

As soon as he came out, he ran into Will Gardner.

He did not return the message for a long time, and then Jason Noth sent question mark.

After knowing that Edgar Williams would contact Eve Kent today, he kept his phone in front of him waiting for messages.

No news now can be called bad news He waited some more.

Edgar Williams still didn’t return the message.

He wanted to put the phone aside and concentrate on his work.

But the mind is full of Sarah Yeats’s things. He simply can not get down to work without getting a reply from Edgar Williams, Chris saw him in this condition.

No need to guess.

He knew it must be related to Miss Yeats’s matter.



“Boss, there is a project in New York on the 12th that you need to talk about in person.” Chris was reporting the schedule, “Do you need to turn it down?”

New York is a place full of all kinds of complex emotions for the boss.

Everything good and bad has been there.

During this period of time the boss did sleep well under the theart of Serial Lance, but his appetite has been bad.

If boss went to New York and accidentally met with Miss Yeats, he was really afraid that boss’s true feelings would be exposed.

“No. Jason Noth was more nonchalant than ever, “I’ll go.”

Chris pursed his lips and gave up persuasion.

He was just there to talk about a project.

It shouldn’t be that coincidental to run into MissYeats.

Jason Noth saw that he was still standing there and did not leave, “Is there anything else?” said Jason Noth in a bored voice.


“Go ahead.”

“I know the reason why Miss Yeats moved.” Chris wanted to solve his confusion.

Jason Noth froze.



Not waiting for him to speak.

Chris said, “She moved to a villa with Will Gardner not because of you, but to make life more convenient.”

He didn’t know it until he asked Sivan.

It is pretty heart breaking for Jason Noth.

This result.

It’s better to move because she don’t want him to bother.

“Boss?” Chris noticed that his eyes were a bit off, and called out tentatively.

“Got it.” Jason Noth’s voice was low, and his face was an inscrutable look,”

do what you need to do.”

Chris nodded and then left.

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When he left the office he glanced back, his feelings was a bit complicated.

Now the boss’s mood is more unpredictable, but he is less angry than before. It’s like he’s grown up overnight so that he’s calmed down a lot.

Meanwhile, His heart was closed, too.

No one but himself can open his mind.

Jason Noth did not do anything during the morning, but had been sitting in the chair waiting for Edgar Williams to send a message.



But after much deliberation, he didn’t urge a message.

As for Edgar Williams.

He did not know how to reply to Jason Noth, then he intended to ask Eve Kent some concrete information before returning to his words.

For his appearance, Eve Kent and Sarah Yeats also did not care much.

Wait until noon.

Sarah Yeats wanted to tease October before going back, but she fell asleep while they were eating.

She didn’t stay any longer and went back to Will Gardner

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