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He didn’t hesitate to cheat his son

In adults world,there was only one meaning when someone said the word next time,maybe on another day or in the future, and the meaning was there was no next time,and that was what he said. She should understand it.

“Didn’t Auntie say you’re fine today?”Miss Jones asked as if she didn’t know what he meant,”And she said we can play as long as we want.”

Wilson expected it,but he didn’t hesitate to clear it.

“She said it’s okay because they have nothing to do with me today.”Wilson explained,

“Actually, I have some personal matters.”

“It’s okay.I’ll wait for you to finish.”Miss Jones smiled slightly.

Wilson couldn’t help but feel frustrated. He made it clear for her to understand what he wanted her to know but didn’t this young lady get it?

“By the way,Auntie said you like to watch musicals.”Miss Jones said again,obviously matching him, “I happen to have two tickets for musicals here.Let’s go see them together tomorrow.”

“Thank you for your kindness, but I have something to do tomorrow.l can’t go,sorry.”Wilson still refused.

He upheld a principle that if you didn’t give people the illusion,they wouldn’t be assumed. He thought if he kept on refusing until the end.She would understand what he meant.

“Then tell me when you are free.”Miss Jones answered naturally,took out her phone,and clicked on WhatsApp, “Let’s add a friend.”



Wilson didn’t move. His heart was tired,and it could be easy for him to scold her without hesitation if she was rude and had the worst temper,but that young lady spoke softly without forcing him.She looked gentle and beautiful.

He was so embarrassed to speak up,after all. He couldn’t help but think, what if Miss Jones didn’t understand the meaning behind his words? What if she understood the literal meaning of it?

“Wilson?”Miss Jones was still holding the phone.Wilson froze and went to get the mobile phone in his pocket in various complicated moods.

The whole process was so complicated for him. He knew after Miss Jones added him,she would contact him. She would ask him again to go to the musical show,and by that,how would he refuse? girls.

Wilson felt sorry for his conscience because he was used to rejecting

Just as he was thinking about it,a call came in from the mobile phone he had just taken out,and when he saw it was Sarah calling,his eyes burst in surprise!

Then he realized he had lost his composure and coughed lightly, “Sorry, I’ll answer the phone first.”He said.

“Okay.”Miss Jones nodded with a gentle expression on her face. There was a bit of loneliness that flashed through her beautiful almond eyes.

Wilson didn’t notice and directly slid the answer button to answer Sarah’s call.”What!Did you have a car accident?”

Sarah was very puzzled.She was standing at the restaurant’s door.She couldn’t remember that she said she was in a car accident.



“Are the police and doctors here?”Wilson really had acting talent,”Are you seriously injured?”

With just one glance, from where Sarah stood,she could see Wilson,and now she knew why he asked her to come here.

“You wait!Brother will come right away. “Wilson acted on the phone alone and sighed in his heart that his sister’s call came promptly, “Don’t be afraid,everything will be fine.”

He hung up the phone after he spoke.

Thinking of leaving, he stopped and said to Miss Jones, “I’m sorry,my sister got into a car accident suddenly.I have to rush over to see her.”

“Mr.Yeats.”Miss Jones stood up,even changing her address.

Wilson didn’t realize it yet, “What’s wrong?”He asked.

“Even if you don’t want me to be your WhatsApp friend,there’s no need to lie like this.”Miss Jones tightened her hand grip on the phone slightly.

Her tone was sincere, “I have a crush on you.I want to go further with you,but it doesn’t mean I will always rely on you.”

Miss Jones pretended not to understand the rejection at the beginning to give herself a chance,but now it seemed that was no longer necessary.

If he didn’t dislike her very much,he didn’t need to lie to her.

“I…”Wilson froze.

“I haven’t seen you for a few days,and you started cursing me?”Sarah came over and exposed his lie without hesitation, “When did I tell you that I was in a car accident?”



Wilson panicked. He wanted to explain but he couldn’t speak.

“Here’s the phone.”Sarah spread one hand towards Wilson.

Wilson obediently turned in. He was Sarah’s brother. He couldn’t refuse every time Pumpkin asked him to do something.

Sarah clicked on Wilson’s WhatsApp QR code. She handed it to Miss Jones and said a word of apology.”Sorry,my brother is not very smart because he is against the idea on blind dating.”

“It’s okay.”Miss Jones felt very comfortable.

“Let’s be mutual as well,”Sarah said proactively, and she felt she was a very good girl through what she said just now.

Miss Jones hesitated.

From a realistic point of view,she wanted to join,but in terms of self- esteem,she couldn’t add it.

He rejected her so thoroughly just now.If she added her now,wouldn’t it seem that she was cheap?

Furthermore,that was not Wilson who asked her to add.

When Miss Jones was hesitating, Sarah also realized her thoughts,threw Wilson’s mobile phone to him,took out her mobile phone,opened the

QR code,and handed it over.”Sorry,I took the wrong mobile phone.Here’s my WhatsApp number.”

There was only one reason for this.Sarah still wanted to add her brother’s WhatsApp so she could add it.If she didn’t want to,she would take out her



WhatsApp number to help her ease the embarrassment.

Wilson was puzzled.He knew his sister was not a social cow.Sarah didn’t like to make friends.

“In the future, if you encounter problems,you can come to me.”Sarah added.

Miss Jones was very gentle when she smiled,like a little princess,”Okay.”

The two became friends, and Wilson was left to dry. He realized what he did was not good.

“How about I add one too?”He said awkwardly,

Sarah and Miss Jones’eyes fell on him at the same time.

Wilson pursed his lips. He felt very uncomfortable.”I lied just now because I didn’t want to have a blind date,but…you can make friends.”

Miss Jones’hand was a bit shaky and hesitant.She didn’t know what to do for a while.

“Several people around me got engaged within two days of the blind date and married within a month.”Wilson told the truth and didn’t lie,”That’s why I said what I just said.”

“And you?”


“What do you think about getting married?”

“Fate,fit,and liking.”Wilson said, “The three are indispensable.”

If they liked each other, but the two were not suitable,they would be separated even if they were together.

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It was just a matter of how to be specific.

“What about the QR code?”Miss Jones decided to add it anyway.

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