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This damn fate

She understood his previous behavior and his resistance to blind dates.If she went on a blind date because someone forced her,she would probably be the same. She would subconsciously reject all good or bad people.

Wilson froze for a moment, “What?”

“WhatsApp QR code.”Miss Jones said slowly.

Wilson reacted immediately and handed over the unlocked phone.

With just a few scans,the two became friends.

Fearing that he was going through the motions,

“If you still feel inappropriate after getting along for a while,you can tell me directly and then delete me in your contact or you can block me.”Miss Jones said.

“Okay…”Wilson froze for a moment. He had never been good at deleting,but he agreed.

“Aren’t you going shopping?”Wilson was still a little guilty that he lied, “I’ll take you there.”He said politely.

“No need.”Miss Jones refused with gentleness.

“If possible,I still want to invite you to watch a musical with me tomorrow. Of course,if you have something to do,you don’t have to.”

“This…”Wilson was embarrassed but finally agreed, “I’m free.”



Anyway, tomorrow was the weekend and it wasn’t necessary for him to go to the company.

Miss Jones breathed a sigh of relief,nodded slightly to them and left in her driver’s car.

Wilson began to act like a brother when no one else was around.”Why did you expose me just now?I have a face to maintain.”

“As a punishment,you need to do something for me.”

“Can I calm down with just one meal?”

“Two meals.”

“Speaking as if I couldn’t please myself.”

“Monthly subscription.”

“You said it!”Wilson immediately agreed, “You can’t go back on your word.”

Sarah hummed,genuinely thinking he was childish.

A dramatist.

“In the future,if you don’t like others,you can just refuse them. There’s no need to lie to avoid them.”Sarah told him.

She feared that he would mess around like this.”You can also make it clear from the beginning if you don’t like blind dates.”

Wilson scratched his head, “Isn’t this the first blind date without experience?”



He didn’t even know what kind of fantasies his mother had,but she filled him up for these two days, all of which were blind dates!

Wilson wittily avoided one yesterday. That morning he also escaped on another one.

This one was supposed to slip away too, but his Mom called and scolded him, saying he would not be allowed to go home if he did it again,and for this reason, he could only come to the appointment.

“Why don’t you go home with me tonight and tell my parents not to force me to go on a blind date.”Wilson said tentatively,”They all believe what you say.”

The whole family,except grandpa,almost everyone likes Pumpkin,her words,and she did her best.

Sarah glanced at him.

“Don’t tell me you don’t want to.”Wilson said directly, “I’m your brother.”

“After years of being single,it’s time to find a girlfriend,”Sarah said after a moment of silence.

Wilson was angry and acted very similarly, “I’ve been single for so many years, because I helped you manage the Yeats Group.If I didn’t focus on my career,I would already be full of children and grandchildren.”

“You are amazing, “Sarah said perfunctorily.

The house would be full of children and grandchildren.

Thankfully he could tell.

“Pumpkin.”Wilson could only turn to her.

“Go and date.I’ll take care of Yeats Group.”Sarah suddenly said.



Everyone was stunned.

“Are you serious?”

“Well.”Sarah said solemnly,”In order not to delay your full children and grandchildren. We’ll let you go,be free.”

Wilson was reluctant.He admitted he didn’t want to manage because

Wilson wanted to play around before.,But that was not the case now,if Wilson resigned from the position of Yeats Group,his parents would arrange a blind date for him so he couldn’t use the company’s business as a hindrance.

“Forget it.I don’t want my sister to work hard.”Wilson said in a high- sounding voice,”You can have a good relationship with Will.Besides,l promised to help you manage it for a few more years.I don’t want to leave the company.”

Sarah knew he was making excuses, but she also hoped her brother could fall in love freely instead of one exhausting blind date after another.

“I can tell my uncle and aunt.”Sarah said, “but you have to promise me two things.”

“You say!”Wilson was suddenly happy.

“The first thing is to get along with the girl just now in a normal state,and don’t get conflicted just because you met on a blind date,”Sarah said slowly,

“No problem.”Wilson agreed very readily.

“Second,do something for me on Monday.”Sarah talked about her affairs, “This matter is between us only,no one can know this without my consent.”



“OK!”Wilson agreed again.

He knew well that nothing Pumpkin asked him to do would be worse so he would always agreed.

“Okay, I’ll call my aunt and the others later.”Sarah also fulfilled her promise, “Let them-”

“-Wait.”Wilson suddenly realized.”Did you just say Monday?”



“Night,”Sarah answered him.

“What do you want me to help you with?”Wilson asked again.

It was the 12th Next Monday.It was the same day his brother-in-law would propose to his Pumpkin.

He couldn’t help but think if Will hadn’t asked Pumpkin or if she wanted him to help because it had something to do with it.

“I was going to propose to Will that night,”Sarah told him,and he knew about it anyway.

It was supposed to be at the end of May,but fireworks and drones needed an improvement,so it was postponed.

Wilson was dumbfounded, “You also proposed that day?”

When his brother-in-law approached him about the proposal,he thought

Pumpkin had given up on it.She was talking about the end of May.

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Result!On the same day?!

“Also?”Sarah caught the keyword.

Wilson froze and then realized that Pumpkin didn’t know about this matter,and Will kept them a secret.

“A friend also proposed that night and asked me to help him.Does Will know about your proposal?”

“Have no idea.”

Damn fate.

Should he say that they really were a couple with 100%tacit understanding?

The engagement ring was custom-made outside together, and now even the proposal was chosen on the same day.

He couldn’t believe it!

“Why don’t you postpone the proposal for a day?”Wilson still hoped that his brother-in-law’s proposal would be successful.”I’ll come to help you after my friends on the 12th.”

“No.”Sarah didn’t force him, “If you’re busy,it’s all right. I’ll discuss it with Muffin.If not,I’ll look for Julian.”

Wilson wanted to say that finding Muffin was pointless, but his thin lips remained straight

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