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What I need is time

“Jason.”Serial Lance spoke suddenly.

Jason looked at him,still indifferent.

Serial Lance pursed his lips,and after much deliberation.He opened his mouth, “See a psychiatrist.If you don’t mind,I can treat you for free.” boss.

“No need.”

“Whether it is necessary or not is clear in your heart.”

“Boss,give it a try.”

Since the last time he came back from New York, he could feel being

“Hypnosis doesn’t have much effect on you now.”Serial Lance told him the problem directly, “Heart disease still needs heart medicine. Only when your heart is healthy can everything else return to normal.”

“I’m fine.”Jason was very aware of his physical condition, “No need.” Serial Lance thought this guy was the axis.To axis!

“I know you are guilty,regretful,and blaming yourself for what happened in the past,but

Sarah has completely let go,and you risk your life for your mistakes. You don’t have to blame yourself for amends.”Serial Lance said it bluntly.He tried to make him realize the problem.

“As for what happened later,caused by me.I don’t need to take it to heart.”



He never thought that things would turn him into this. He wouldn’t have used Sarah as his cue if he had known.

Jason’s emotions were very light, he seemed to have lost his anger, “What I need is not a doctor,but time.”

He was sure he was not sick.

Just some knots.

These knots may be untied or may not be for a lifetime.

“Do you want me to go to Sarah and tell her about your situation?”Serial Lance started threatening again.

He thought he could succeed in the same threat as last time,but Serial Lance miscalculated.

Jason’s tone was low, and his face was beautiful, “Will has already proposed to her successfully. You can go if you are not afraid of being beaten by him.”

Serial Lance didn’t respond.

Chris’s expression was complicated.

He sighed silently in his heart. He couldn’t do anything.

“What about your family?”Serial Lance quickly turned the corner. He was serious,”Aren’t you afraid that your parents will know your current situation?If you don’t cooperate,I will report your medical examination to your parents.”

“You’re not childish.”Jason wasn’t angry either.



“The choice is up to you.”Serial Lance knew such an approach was annoying, but he couldn’t help watching Jason like this,”You choose what to do.”

“What you’re doing will only make me feel more psychologically burdened.”Jason talked to him in a low and methodical voice, “You want me to force myself to undergo psychotherapy?You should know what the consequences are.”

Serial Lance’s mentality was about to collapse. How could this guy think of this?

“Psychotherapy voluntary will have good results.”Jason said solemnly,”Coercion will only make the situation worse.”

“Then you just smashed the can?”Serial Lance was annoyed.

“Broken jars mean that after encountering setbacks, you don’t correct them and let them develop in a worse direction.”Jason discussed with him rationally, “I work hard,care about my family,and take everything seriously.Where did I come from?”

“Don’t eat well,don’t sleep well.”

“Can you guarantee that you sleep as much as you eat every day?”

“You are making too much sense!”

“It’s you who makes things difficult for others.”

Serial Lance was angry.He couldn’t say enough about him.

Jason didn’t want to talk to him any longer,so he turned to Chris,”Terminate the contract with Dr.Shen,and don’t let him come here in the future.”

“Okay,”Chris responded.



“When the contract expires. You can’t just invite me whenever you want.”Serial Lance reminded, “Even if you come to me with hundreds of millions,I may not necessarily come.”

Two cold words from Jason,”Terminate the contract.”

Chris immediately went to prepare.

Serial Lance thought he was an ass!

He looked at the termination contract that Chris brought over. He didn’t sign it immediately but handed it over, “I’ll give you another month to think about it.If you still want to terminate the contract after one month, I will sign it.”

“No,sign now.”Jason didn’t intend to drag him any further.

Serial Lance got up and left,ignoring him completely.

Seeing this,Chris couldn’t change his mind,”Boss…”

“Take the contract and give it to him when you come next time.”


After the task finished,Serial Lance vanished.

Looking at the tired person, Chris said again, “You should listen to Dr.Shen.If you continue like this for a long time,your pretty face will probably become unattractive.”

Jason didn’t respond. Since when did he care about his face?



“Miss Yeats likes your face the most,”Chris added. Jason paused,Sarah praised him repeatedly, but his face praised him the most.

“The world is big or small.”Chris’s voice was low, with emotion, “You guys are in the same circle. You might meet at the same banquet someday,don’t you think when Miss

Yeats saw you,did she have one more reason to be glad she divorced you?”

Jason’s eyes finally changed slightly,”If you can’t speak,don’t speak.”

Sarah was not that kind of person. However, he cared a little bit. “Even if Miss Yeats has no idea, what about her friend. “Chris apologized silently to Sarah in his heart.

“I won’t attend any banquets in the future.”Jason replied, “That’s not a problem.”

“Then they must think you are dead.”Chris said, “Or disfigured and shameless.”

“Staying up late is a butcher’s knife. Do you want to be killed?”Chris threatened,

“I’m not a pig.”

“That’s not the point, the point is to have a good rest and eat well.”Chris said in an in-depth manner,really for his good, “Noth Group is so big,if one day you die due to lack of sleep,or get stomach cancer and cannot Healing,isn’t that…”

Jason squeezed the space between his brows.

He felt that Chris was looking forward to his death, and all he said had sense.

“You go down first.”


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“If you don’t go down, I’ll call your parents and ask them to arrange a blind date for you. Farewell!”Chris immediately left consciously.

He knew very well that based on the inappropriate he said just now,the boss would do what he said.

“Remember to eat the lunch prepared in the kitchen.”Chris reminded him before he walked to the door, “Even if you can’t keep up with your sleep,you have to keep up with your meals.”

Jason didn’t speak and watched him leave. After he sat there for a while, he got up and went to the kitchen.

As for the outside,Serial Lance met two people when he went out,undefined Mr. Noth and Mrs.Noth.

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