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I hate myself

If it was someone else,she could deal with it calmly,but at that moment,her heart seemed to be a mess,and she didn’t know how to deal with it.

But she didn’t think at the time because she didn’t have time. It was just cowardly,but when Captain Leon officially confessed his love to her,she couldn’t say no.

It was also clear that she had long been getting along with Captain Leon. She hadn’t fallen in love with him a little bit.

This kind of love was not love at first sight but for a long time.

“Why don’t you talk?What are you thinking?” Jasmine urged.

“It’s nothing.”Sarah’s thoughts were disturbed,and she only gave a very light answer,

“I don’t know when I fell in love, but when he confessed to me,l was sure I liked it.”

“You are not so courageous.”Jim said, “If it were me,I would have already run away.”

She used to think so too, but the truth was Captain Leon’s good that no one could refuse.

Gentleness and respect were the biggest attraction to a girl,even if she was no exception.

“That’s why Captain Leon likes Pumpkin,not you.”Jasmine teased.

The three chatted,hung up the phone, and fell asleep.

That night.Sarah had a sweetheart.It turns out that liking each other was a joyful thing. She wanted her proposal to succeed,but when Captain Leon proposed,she felt loved. Compared with the sweetness




There was a different reaction from Jason. When he returned to the hotel, he looked at the video recorded on his mobile phone, which was full of scenes when Sarah proposed to Will and a closeup of Sarah.

“Boss.”Chris came in and gossiped about things with him, “Did you read today’s trending things?”

Jason immediately turned off the video and the phone screen,”What?”

“Fireworks from a drone!In addition, there is a meteor shower.Many people were afraid to fly drones when fireworks for fear of accidental falls,”Chris said,clearly interested in the subject.

Jason felt a pain in his heart. The images that he saw with his own eyes appeared in his mind.Sarah should have made the drone-fireworks combination.

“Should we also introduce a batch of these drones?”Chris asked tentatively.

Jason was silent for a long time before slowly saying,”No need.”


“It’s not necessary.”

“Didn’t you also think about this problem before?Now that someone has researched it,it just saves effort. “Chris hadn’t noticed anything unusual yet. He thought his boss was in a bad mood, “And I heard tonight’s fireworks and Meteor shower.It seems to be a marriage proposal.”

Which two teams of rookies had such a big fight?

Jason didn’t speak, feeling a little depressed.



Chris wanted to talk again,but at this moment,he sensed something was wrong, frowned, and asked, “Do you have something on your mind?”

“It’s a marriage proposal.”Jason was so depressed that he needed to talk to someone. He blessed Sarah.Also,regret ever.

Chris paused.He thought of something and asked, “Are you there?”

“Drones and fireworks are the marriage proposal prepared by Sarah to Will.”Jason’s voice was hoarse, and his eyes were full of complex emotions that people couldn’t see,” The meteor shower is the marriage proposal of Will and Sarah.”

“What……”Chris was startled.

Jason lowered his eyes. No one could see his expression clearly,”I shouldn’t have chosen a flash marriage back then.”

At that time, he felt that Sarah had a structure,profound knowledge,understood a lot,and he could talk to her very well.

They fit well in all aspects, and his first impression of her was good,so after thinking about it for a few days at home, he decided to marry her in a flash. Most of the people in their circle were married in business.

He didn’t want to,and he didn’t want to.So choose someone you admire.Now he began to think about whether he made something wrong.

“There’s nothing wrong with this kind of thing. You both think it’s okay.Flash marriage is normal.”Chris said,and analyzed rationally,”In this society,families forced their members to go on a blind date and marry.”



There were blind dates during the Chinese New Year, and get engaged and married after the year.

Therefore,not everyone would get married because of love. They had the mentality to live a good life, and they were right.

Jason had a stone in his heart. His mind was like a ball of thread. Chris pursed his lips and said tentatively, “Boss,can I ask you a question?”

“You say.”

“Did you marry Miss Yeats partly because she looked like Jenny Smith?”Chris asked boldly.

He had asked this question before, but now, he wanted to hear the answer again.

“No.”Jason replied very simply, and it was also his thought, “I married her in a flash,just because I thought she fit me well,very suitable.”

“Then you…”Chris hesitated.

Jason understood what he meant.

He also answered the question he didn’t ask, “When she first asked,l said yes because I was entangled in her emotions and didn’t want to offend her.”

“She doesn’t look like Jenny Smith at all.”Jason talked about this matter,only feeling that he was too impulsive in the past.

Sarah was a character. Her world was one-sided,stubborn,and persistent, with a purity many people didn’t possess.


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If you had background and ability, that was an advantage, but if you didn’t,it was a disadvantage.After all,too much was easy to break.

He was lucky that Sarah belonged to the former.

Chris pursed his lips,his mood became complicated, and he didn’t ask any more questions.

Jason didn’t sleep well that night.

Dream about the past.

Dreaming of Sarah looking at her disliked eyes.

At that moment, he hated his past self,self-righteousness, self willed,own arbitrariness.

But no matter how much he hated it,it was his past.

No one could get rid of the past and start over.

After this day, Jason’s mood was more unpredictable than before, he felt less and less sleep,and his appetite became less and less.

So much later,Serial Lance’s hypnosis didn’t have much effect on him.

End of June.


Jason and Serial Lance were sitting in the living room.

Seeing him wake up so early,Serial Lance felt suspicious, “It shouldn’t be. According to the situation a few days ago,you have to sleep for five hours no matter what. Why wake up after only sleeping for two




“Die?” Jason asked only one question.


Serial Lance said promise. It was not as significant as death.

“Then don’t worry about it.”Jason didn’t care about himself at all, “You go back to New York to take care of your business,and I can handle it myself.”

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