Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 116

[Hey, are you available? Can you help me design a theater?]


Within just a few days, many people had looked for Catherine online to design their houses. However, Catherine did not accept their requests but only posted her company’s address.

Talton Design soon turned into a household name on the internet and consequently attracted an endless stream of clients.

Joseph grinned from ear to ear. He quickly gestured to Catherine and increased her salary. “Because of you, our company has received a few large projects worth over ten million dollars. It was very brilliant of you to turn things around. You’ve even become a well-known designer now. How awesome! You’re currently the most popular designer in the country.”

“Well, thank you for taking me in back then,” Catherine said with a smile.

The Jones family’s house.

At that instant, Rebecca was seething with rage.

These days, she had been receiving more than thousands of private messages with criticisms directed at her. Even Summit’s official website was filled with harsh criticisms. She was shunned by those rich ladies who used to be close to her.

If this situation persisted, no wealthy man would choose to marry her.

Sally was on tenterhooks. She thought that it would not be appropriate to tell her daughter off, so she targeted Jeffery. “Our daughter is in serious trouble all because of your awful idea.”

“Who knew there would be surveillance cameras in a villa that hasn’t been renovated?” Jeffery flew into a rage as well. If this had happened back then, he would have been slightly tolerant of Catherine. However, all he wanted to do at the moment was kill her.

As soon as Jeffery finished speaking, James rushed in. “Aunt Sally, Uncle Jeffery, something bad has happened. Lublin Hotel is on fire.”

A drastic change was visible in Jeffery’s expression. Lublin Hotel was Summit’s five-star hotel where renovation works were underway. So far, over 50 million dollars had been invested in the hotel. “What’s going on? How’s the condition now? Has the fire been put out?”

“The fire has been put out. However, three floors have been completely destroyed by the fire. The Clark family is already aware of the incident,” James stammered evasively. At last, he gnashed his teeth and kneeled on the ground straight away. “Uncle Jeffery, the Clark family will definitely assign a team to investigate the issue. I reckon… the substandard cables were the cause of the fire.”

“What did you say?” Jeffery pointed at him while trembling. “Where did you get the cables from?”

“It was President Meyer who recommended them to me. He offered me a rebate of a few million dollars back then. Do you remember that I gave you a coffee maker set worth over two million dollars? That’s the money…”

Jeffery raised his hand and slapped James on the face violently. “You’ve been earning a lot in recent years, haven’t you? Why would you think of taking bribes through the purchase of cables? You’re blinded by money, huh?”

“You need to save me, Uncle Jeffery.” James kept tugging his shirt firmly. “I did this with the intention of honoring Aunt Sally and you.”

“How can I save you? The Clark family is the second most powerful family in Melbourne after the Harrison family. Once the matter is investigated, the consequences are going to be disastrous.” Jeffery shook off his grip.

Rebecca sighed. “Why were you so careless, James? I remember that it was Cathy who took charge of the construction site earlier. Why didn’t she stop you at all?”

Struck by a thought, Sally quickly said, “I was just brooding over how to give Catherine a lesson. Now is the chance. We can shift the blame to her. We won’t be able to live peacefully until she’s sent to jail. Once this issue is made public, everyone will know that she’s the sort who’ll do anything for the sake of money. In this case, no one will criticize us regarding the recent incident.”

Jeffrey was momentarily stunned. At that instant, he was convinced by the idea. He deemed it to be a feasible solution since he did not know how to distract the public from the issue. “Alright then. The fire that broke out in the hotel has nothing to do with you. Catherine was the one in charge of it previously, and the incident happened due to her taking bribes.”

Rebecca was still worried. “Dad, I hear that Wesley has been treating Catherine quite well nowadays. He might lend her a helping hand.”

“Don’t worry, the Clark family isn’t like any other families. Once they decide to give someone a lesson, no one will be able to stop them from doing it.” Jeffery scoffed.

At night, Joseph treated his employees to a meal and a karaoke session in celebration of the company’s success.

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