Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 115

“Soon, Catherine won’t be considered my wife anymore.” An air of hostility filled Shaun’s handsome face. “I’ll get a divorce with her as soon as possible.”

Chase was astonished. “But you haven’t settled the issue regarding the old manor…”

“I’ll find a way to settle it later.” Shaun lowered his head. He took a cigarette and smoked it. “There are hardly any decent women in Melbourne. Most of them are scummy. You don’t have to tell me things about her anymore.”

Relationships were just like dramas. One minute, one could be affectionate, and the next, one could easily change his or her mind. One could even cheat on his or her partner.

At the thought of the woman, Shaun felt the urge to strangle her.

When the thought that she might be in a relationship with Wesley occurred to him, he sensed a tight feeling in his chest. The woman was f*cking filthy!

Chase felt awkward, wondering what was wrong with the women in Melbourne.

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah. Help me search for another villa right away. I don’t want to live in a place where she has lived before. Considering that Fudge has given birth to three babies, the place is too small for her as well. I need a bigger courtyard.”


Deep down, Chase was troubled by Catherine’s ignorance. Shaun was such a powerful person with a lot of women vying for him. How could she not know how to seize the chance to keep him by her side? How silly of her.

After turning around, Shaun stared out of the window. Chase was not sure what was on his mind.

Hadley noticed the cigarette in Shaun’s hands that was almost burning his fingertips. However, Shaun did not seem to realize it.

Hadley frowned, thinking that it had to be a serious issue.

In the next two days, Catherine stayed at home.

The issue related to Ethan and her had gone viral online. The comments were all criticisms directed at her.

Each time Freya read the comments, it made her blood boil. “Do you want me to get my brother to deal with this matter?”

“No need. I need more Facebook fans anyway,” Catherine answered calmly while shaking her head.

Freya was speechless. “These haters are here to criticize you.”

“Haters can turn into my fans too.” Catherine treated the matter with a lighthearted manner and gave a playful smile.

On the fourth day, she had gained over eight million fans.

She shared the full video of Ethan pulling her the other day along with a message.

[After being attacked for several days, I can’t tolerate it anymore. How dare she throw mud at me solely based on a picture of him grabbing me by the hand? First Young Lady Jones, you dumped Young Master Lowe all because he failed to become the successor of Lowe Corporation. You could’ve stated your reason clearly rather than put the blame on someone else.

[You’re also a disgrace to the people living in the countryside. Unlike you, those in the countryside are pure and kind-hearted. You match Young Master Lowe very well as both of you are equally scummy. Both of you better get back together so others won’t be harmed.]

A commotion arose again shortly after the video was shared.

Those who initially criticized her had been paid to do so. Later on, more people found out about the video.

When the truth dawned on those who stumbled on the video, each of them began attacking Rebecca on her profile.

[It was Ethan who grabbed Catherine on his own accord, and she soon broke free from his grasp. You must’ve known about it earlier. How evil you are to push the blame to your sister!]

[Look! Your sister said that you match Ethan well. Both of you better not part.]

[That’s very evil of you. What an angelic b*tch and a hypocrite. You’re the most annoying sort of person. Go and kill yourself!]


Someone shared Catherine’s excellent academic background as well as her numerous great achievements overseas.

More people began to pay attention to Catherine. Of course, the comment section was also naturally filled with compliments.

[Hey, you’re awesome. You’re definitely my idol. I admire you so much!]

[Hey! You look elegant on your Facebook profile. Also, you don’t behave coquettishly like any other rich ladies. I’m a fan of you.]

[Hey, are you available? Can you help me design my villa?]

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