Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 118

The police flatly refused Catherine and locked her up once again.

The small room was filled with seven to eight people. Each of them was assigned a wide wooden bed.

As soon as she sat down, a tall woman walked toward her and splashed a pail of water on her bed.

“What are you doing?” Catherine blurted out. A bunch of evil-looking women mobbed her right away.

“How dare you shout at me?!” The tall woman rolled up her sleeves, then said fiercely, “You know, I killed the woman who shouted at me before this.”

“Sorry… You may splash as you wish.” Catherine was not a fool. She knew full well that it was not easy to deal with the bunch of people who were locked up here, so she tried her best to tolerate them.

Nevertheless, they did not seem to plan on letting her go.

“Oh well, this won’t work on me. I hate beautiful women like you the most because my husband was snatched by a woman just like you.”

The woman ran toward her and subsequently gave her a kick.

As much as Catherine wanted to shout for help, someone covered her mouth.

Shortly afterward, she felt dizzy upon being beaten. In a daze, she seemed to hear someone say, “Go ahead and kill her. Nobody’s going to blame us for killing her anyway.”

“She deserves it since she offended someone she shouldn’t have.”


Who had she offended this time?

Rebecca? Jeffery?

Hah. She would have felt heartbroken if this had happened back then. However, she was already used to it now.

Who could rescue her this time? Her relationship with Shaun was over, whereas Freya… Freya was not a worthy opponent for the Clark family either.

As soon as Freya learned from the news that the police had arrested Catherine, she hurried to the police station.

Just as she arrived at the entrance, she bumped into Ethan who was walking out with a lawyer.

“Why are you here?” Freya began simmering with rage at the sight of the scumbag. “You came at the right time. Go and explain to the police that Catherine’s not that sort of person. Considering that she’s strapped lately, she couldn’t have taken bribes. Clearly, Summit’s trying to frame her.”

“I tried, but I don’t work under Summit. In this case, my claims are of no use. What’s more, the police have obtained evidence from Summit… The evidence all leads to Cathy.” Ethan showed a grim expression while clenching his fists.

The outsiders might not understand what was going on, but Ethan was under no illusions about it. Before this, Catherine left Summit all because James handled the project unreasonably. In this sense, how could she possibly have received bribes?

“Oh no!” Freya felt a sense of incredulity. “Cathy is his biological daughter, and he’s hoping for her to end up in jail?”

Ethan was indignant as well. Little did he expect that Jeffery would agree with Summit’s decision to shift the blame to Catherine.

Those who were unaware of the truth would assume that Jeffery acted righteously. When in fact, he sacrificed Catherine for the sake of protecting James.

Of course, Rebecca had probably interfered in the matter as well.

At that moment, Ethan deeply regretted his decisions.

If he had not been deceived by Rebecca before this, he would have been able to keep an eye on her. That way, Catherine would not have ended up in this state.

“I’m going to call my brother right now. I’ll ask him to get the best lawyer out there.”

“Don’t bother calling. I brought a lawyer here just now, and there’s nothing he could do.” Ethan stopped her. “This matter has to do with the Clark family, so no one can do anything about it.”

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