Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 124

Would this mean that Shaun inwardly viewed Catherine as a woman who cried for him every day?

Was she so madly in love with him that she just wanted to cook for him forever and be his wife?

Catherine, who was already in shock, became even more bewildered. She seriously wondered if Freya was harboring a grudge against her.

If that was not the case, why had Freya tricked her into getting together with Shaun in the first place? Now that Catherine could almost get rid of him, Freya made her out to be an infatuated woman in his eyes.

Considering that Shaun had just saved her, she could not possibly expose Freya’s lies.

In this case, would she have to embark on an arduous journey of acting again?

“Don’t blame me. I did all this for the sake of saving you. If you were to be saved anytime later, you could’ve been tortured to death there.”

Leaning on her pitifully, Freya whispered in her ear, “Don’t ever expose me in front of Shaun, or he’ll kill us. He’s a big lawyer, so we can’t afford to provoke him. What’s more, although you’ve been bailed out, it doesn’t mean that the Clark family won’t file a lawsuit against you. If you want to get off the hook, you have only Shaun to rely on.”

Catherine was about to faint upon hearing that.

At the end of the day, she still needed to ingratiate herself with Shaun?

She subconsciously did not wish to approach him with an ulterior motive.

Freya said, “Well, no one in Melbourne except Shaun will be able to help you. Without him, you’ll be sentenced to more than a few years. You’ll be fined as much as tens of millions of dollars and more than ten years. Worse still, you might even receive a sentence of 20 to 30 years. After all, you won’t want to have a poor reputation, right?”

Catherine’s spirits sank. She clenched her fist with dissatisfaction.

Indeed, she did not deserve to suffer the vilification. She felt the need to prove her innocence.

The car arrived at the hospital.

The doctor had long since been waiting at the door of the emergency room. He personally brought Catherine to the room to perform a medical check-up on her.

Soon, the result of the check-up was released. The report was in Shaun’s hand.

Catherine’s injuries were even worse than he had imagined. The person who gave her the injuries was very brutal. Her wounds might seem minor, but her bones and organs were injured to some extent.

“Mr. Hill, apart from these wounds, Miss Jones’ internal body parts are seriously injured as well. If she doesn’t start nursing her health, she might have difficulty getting pregnant later.”

Shaun was momentarily stunned. Subsequently, he understood her condition.

Catherine had suffered from severe colds twice. Any ordinary man might not be able to endure it, much less a young woman.

“You must nurse her back to health.” Shaun frowned. As his woman, how could she be infertile? She would have to…

Hang on. What was he thinking? No matter how much the woman loved him, he had not actually thought about whether to have children with her.

After the doctor left, Hadley swiftly handed him the information he had collected.

“Young Master Hill, a fire broke out in the hotel all because the nephew of Jeffery’s wife used substandard cables without Summit’s knowledge. Those in Summit are actually aware of the truth, but James has bribed them. Therefore, everyone is just turning a blind eye. In order to protect James after the incident, the Jones family made Miss Jones a scapegoat.”

Shaun could not believe it. “To them, a nephew is even more important than a biological daughter, huh?”

“Perhaps… They dislike this daughter very much. What’s more, James is good at pleasing people. He has gained quite a lot all these years and offered plenty of valuable gifts to Jeffery and his wife.”

Hadley paused for a moment and continued, “Upon learning that Miss Jones has been bailed out, the Clark family found a lawyer who’s going to file a lawsuit against her.”

“Okay, got it.”

Shaun took the documents and headed to the VIP ward.

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