Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 123

After carrying her to the backseat of the car, Shaun stretched out his hands to remove Catherine’s drenched shirt.

Catherine subconsciously stopped him, her eyes expressing embarrassment.

“Stop moving around and shut up. Let me take a look.” Shaun used one hand to press on her arm and the other hand to undo her shirt forcefully. Her originally snowy skin was filled with bruises at that point, which made her look miserable.

Shaun somehow felt a tight sensation deep down, and his face looked extremely grim.

Catherine could not be bothered about him. She only felt embarrassed about her unsightly bruises at that point.

“Are you done looking?” She struggled in shame. Upon moving slightly, she felt so much pain that her face turned pale.

“You’d better be obedient.” Shaun directly threw her drenched clothes to one side. He swiftly took off his sweater and windbreaker, then put them on for her.

The moment he touched the wounds on her body, she gasped in pain.

“Does it hurt badly?” With this tragic outcome, Shaun then added, “Remember the pain and learn your lesson.”

He warned her so that she would not leave him just like that again. He felt the need to make her understand that she would be safest only when she stayed by his side.

Nevertheless, Catherine was under the impression that Shaun wanted her to bear in mind not to get tricked anymore. She gnashed her teeth obediently and remained still while suppressing the pain.

Shaun was quite satisfied that she was listening to his advice.

He opened the car door and got out, saying to Freya, “Sit in the back of the car and take care of her. I’ll drive.”

The car traveled on a busy city street in the wee hours.

Catherine gazed at Freya in puzzlement and summoned up the strength to whisper, “Why did he come to save me?”

Freya rolled her eyes with annoyance. “Hey, do you know that you’ve offended the Clark family this time so nobody else in Melbourne could bail you out? Even Wesley and Ethan could not find a way, so I had no choice but to ask Shaun for help.”

“Is that why he asked Chase for help?” Catherine realized the situation.

“Chase won’t set himself against the Clark family because of you, okay. You’re not even his wife.” Freya felt like knocking her head.

“Do you know that you’re married to a f*cking powerful husband? Shaun’s the most powerful lawyer in Melbourne. He’s the legend numerous wealthy families and magnates have spent a fortune on to get him to dispute lawsuits. However, he’s never bothered about them. That’s how cocky and presumptuous he is.”

Catherine was at a loss for words.


After some hesitation, Catherine asked weakly, “Am I still in jail? I must be too keen on having someone save me. This is an illusion, isn’t it?”

Freya pressed lightly on her wound in an abrasive manner, which was painful enough to make Catherine come to her senses.

Apparently, everything was real. It seemed like a dream, though.

A couple of days ago, however, Catherine had firmly stated in front of him that he was merely a lawyer whose income was pretty much the same as hers.

It was no wonder he had shown a sarcastic look then.

Now that she thought about it, she was thoroughly embarrassed. How dare she make such a shameless remark?

“But why would he agree to save me?” Catherine regained her senses. Judging from his typical manner, he surely would not have come since she had seriously offended him.

Feeling guilty, Freya gave a light cough. “He didn’t plan on saving you at first. I was the one who told him how deeply you were in love with him. I also told him that you left him just because you love him very much and that you couldn’t stand his indifference…”

Freya subsequently repeated what she had said earlier.

Catherine was speechless.

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