Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 126

“That’s right. James Lennon is the one responsible for that.” Shaun threw Catherine a quick glance. “Only a dead person will keep a secret. Do you understand?”

She began shaking as her eyes burned with flames. James had surely brought out the worst of humanity. She was his cousin!

“Um… Is it possible to change the conditions?”

She asked tentatively after regaining her composure.

She really did not want to be his sitter again. Besides, there was no expiry date to the contract. It would be a long suffering.

“Sure.” A smile spread across his face. “According to the standard price, my legal service cost at least 300 million dollars per case. Your particular case is quite challenging and I risk offending the most powerful Clark family in Melbourne. Well, I’ll give you a 20% discount. That’ll be 400 million dollars.”

“400 million dollars?” Her jaw dropped. “You might as well rob the bank.”

“You really should be more grateful. Do you know how many people out there offer me more than 400 million dollars to take on their case?” He rose to his feet. “It’s your choice. But my time is precious.”

He began walking toward the door. It frustrated him greatly that the woman was not calling out for him.

What an idiot. He was giving her the chance to stay with him yet she did not know to appreciate it.

Well, he would just wait for her to come begging then.

Annoyed, he slammed the door behind him as he walked off.

Freya returned 20 minutes later.

She came to a conclusion after enquiring about what happened. “I think he’s probably interested in you too. Why else would he set up these flirty conditions and forbid you to go out with other men? He’s definitely jealous.”

Catherine felt her heart skip a beat. “I don’t think so. He probably plans to keep me around to be a free sitter and I really don’t want that again. Living with him last time wasn’t great for my mental health.”

“Okay. But I believe he’s the only person who can help you right now.”

At the same time, Catherine’s cell phone rang. Wesley was calling her.

She picked up the call. He wanted to come visit her in the hospital but she turned him down.

Ethan called after that too. She refused to answer.

Soon, she received the legal letter sent out to her by the Clark family. The trial was set for the following week.

After being discharged from the hospital, she went around the city seeking legal assistance but none of the attorneys dared to take on her case.

“Miss Jones, to be honest, anyone who accepts your case is openly declaring war with the Clark family.”

“Miss Jones, nothing’s going to change even if you beg me. I won’t be able to win the case even if I take on the challenge.”


The trial was approaching. Catherine was so anxious that she could not sleep well every night.

Finally, left with no other alternative, she called Shaun.

It was his assistant who picked up the call. “Miss Jones, Mr. Hill is not free at the moment. Can I help you?”

“Mr. Hill said he would take on my case last time and I want to tell him that I’ll sign the contract…”

Hadley replied with a smile, “Sorry, but it’s too late.”


She was at a loss for words.

“Miss Jones, Mr. Hill’s time is extremely precious. Some opportunities don’t wait forever.”

He hung up after that.

He turned around to see Shaun, who was just eavesdropping seconds ago, sipping on his coffee indifferently.

The corners of Hadley’s lips twitched before he said softly, “Young Master Hill, I’ve done as you instructed. I’m sure Miss Jones will come begging you soon.”

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