Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 127

Shaun acknowledged with a quick nod. He felt slightly pleased upon hearing that.

“How’s the preparation going for this case?”

“Everything is ready.” Hadley was speechless. The man had secretly gathered the information for the court case but was still pretending to be indifferent.

‘Boss, don’t you know that this attitude of yours isn’t going to get you a wife?’

On the other hand, Catherine, who had been hung up on, was at a loss of what to do.

She was washed over by regret.

Surely being Shaun’s sitter was better than dying in prison.

“Right, quickly put this on and go beg for his help.” Freya handed her friend a newly bought white floral dress.

Catherine took a closer look at the dress and realized it had a low-cut neckline. “You’re really making me wear this to seduce him on this cold winter day? He hates this. I’ll be drowning in his spiteful insults.”

“Judging by the conditions he put on the table, it’s obvious that he’s interested in you that way. Try it anyway. Desperate times call for desperate measures.”

She could not fathom how Shaun had transformed her best friend into such a closed-minded person. “This is the address of his workplace. I got it from Chase.”

Catherine took a deep inhale as she looked at the address.

Her fate was in her hands, and she could not throw the chance away.

Before that, she prepared Shaun’s favorite dish, packed it in a food container, and drove toward Jennings Solicitors.

This was her first time at his workplace. She walked into the building and explained her intention to the receptionist.

The latter made a phone call before getting back to her. “Mr. Hill is in a meeting with clients. Please wait.”

Half an hour passed by as she waited.

In the office above, Shaun, who was playing billiards with Chase, kept glancing at the clock every five minutes.

Chase could not take it anymore. “You might as well just get her to come up.”

“No, I’m teaching her a lesson.” Shaun walked toward the window and opened it. His face fell after feeling the cool breeze on his face. “Get someone to turn on the central heating in the lobby.”

It was freezing out there. What happened if she got too cold?

Chase twitched his lips. “Is that necessary? It’s pretty warm in the lobby. Catherine’s not going to catch a cold.”

“It’s not for her. I’m just worried about the other clients,” Shaun argued with a straight face.


This man had never cared for the clients. Did he think Chase was gullible or something?

Indeed, Catherine was shivering downstairs in the lobby.

It was mainly because she was not wearing much today. Her legs were only protected by a pair of thin tights. Fortunately, the central heating was turned on not long after she arrived.

She waited for about an hour before the receptionist led her upstairs.

Shaun’s personal office occupied the entire floor. The moment she walked in, she noticed him sitting in a chair made of real leather that was by the desk, working diligently. He was wearing a dark blue shirt today. A pair of gold-rimmed glasses sat casually on his nose bridge. The tie positioned neatly around his neck was tied in a Windsor knot.

His head was lowered as he typed on the laptop. From this angle, he looked immaculately delicate and elegant.

Catherine dared not step forward. She was even breathing softly and carefully without realizing it herself.

The man typed furiously on the keyboard. When she remained rooted to the ground, he slapped the laptop shut and said impatiently.

“How long are you going to stay standing there? My time is precious. Leave me alone if you have no business here.”

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