Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 133

Annoyed, Catherine argued, “I know this is your villa, thus you own all the beds. But since I’ve agreed to move in, you should allow me some personal space too. It’s really rude of you to barge into my bedroom without even knocking.”

Shaun looked at her up and down as his lips twitched into a mocking smile. “You’re sleeping in my bed in my bedroom yet you have the cheek to complain that I’m not giving you personal space? You’ve only been away for a short while but your self-confidence has certainly taken a boost.”

She was startled upon hearing this and finally came to the realization. “Hang on, you’re saying this is your bedroom?”

“Drop it with the pretense.” He inched forward with his tall figure, and she instinctively fell backward onto the bed. He placed both palms on either side of her ears.

A smile spread across his face as he looked at her. “You sure have some grand plans. Us living in the same house doesn’t satisfy you enough? So you want to share the same bed too, huh?”

She was stunned into silence. Did she sleep in his bedroom for the whole afternoon since arriving?

Could someone just kill her already?

“No, I had no clue. Aunty Linda led me here.”

“Well, well, well, and now you’re blaming Aunty Linda.” Shaun held Catherine by the chin before shifting his gaze downward. “Aren’t you a scheming girl? Although your loungewear isn’t sexy enough, it was a nice surprise to see this refreshing look. Your seduction tactics are pretty innovative this time around.”


She was speechless.

That was not her intention at all. She was simply wearing the loungewear she had bought from the streets for a cheap price.


“I know you really want to be with me, but look at the time. The night isn’t even dark yet.” He grabbed her by the wrists as he slowly inched closer.

Her heart was pounding loudly beneath her skin. “I swear to God that I only came in here because Aunty Linda showed me in.”

“Still trying to argue, huh?” he teased, before slowly pulling something out from his pocket. “Tell me you didn’t deliberately prepare this.”

Her cheeks reddened to the color of ripe tomatoes as she glared at that little box. Good gracious, Freya had given it to her before she left. How did he find it?

Now she really had no chance of defending her innocence.

“I like an honest woman. It’s fine to pretend once in a while but being overly pretentious is surely a turn-off.” His eyes darkened as he looked at her beautiful face. He lowered his head to place a kiss on her luscious lips.

Flustered, she pushed against his chest with all her force. “You’re right, it’s my bad that I wasn’t thoughtful enough. Let’s head downstairs for dinner first. I’ve already planned out the menu and have plenty of ideas.”

He froze in his actions. His stomach grumbled upon thinking about the food that she was going to prepare. “Alright, let’s continue this tonight.”

Gradually, he rose to his feet and threw the box at her. The corners of his lips twitched into a mocking smile. “Get rid of this, silly.”

She looked at the box blankly. When she finally understood his meaning, the embarrassment that washed over her made her want to just disappear into thin air.

After coming downstairs, Catherine darted right into the kitchen.

Aunty Linda approached to help her pick out the fresh ingredients. The latter could not help asking, “Aunty Linda, why did you show me to Shaun’s bedroom this afternoon?”

The older woman was taken aback. “Aren’t you two a married couple? I saw your marriage certificate while cleaning the house before.”

Words got stuck in Catherine’s throat. “Actually, we’re…”

“Got into an argument?” Aunty Linda interrupted, “I’ve experienced this too. Did you move out not long ago? Consider taking a step back now that you’re finally back home. A married couple shouldn’t sleep in separate rooms or the relationship will lose its passion.

“A home is not a home without its female owner. The house was eerily quiet when I first started helping out a few days ago. Mr. Hill would leave early and come back home late every night. Look, things have changed since your return. This is the first time he’s home this early.

“Quick, have a baby. I’ll happily be the babysitter.”


Helpless, Catherine kept quiet as Aunty Linda digressed even further from the topic.

Tonight, she prepared a five-course meal for Shaun.

His mood lifted instantly upon seeing all his favorite dishes spread across the table. This woman still remembered his favorites.

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