Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 136

Although Catherine had been in a relationship with Ethan before and the latter treated her well, the two of them had never shared a bed—not to mention massaging her belly gently when she was on her period.

She really did not expect the domineering Shaun to do something like this. Besides, he was extremely patient. In the end, she was the one embarrassed. “Alright, it doesn’t hurt that much anymore…”

“Keep quiet and go to sleep,” he ordered without stopping his hand.

She dared not comment further. Soon, because the pain had eased, she fell fast asleep.

The next morning at 6 a.m., he stirred in his sleep as she got out of bed to prepare breakfast.

“Where are you going?”

“Continue sleeping. I’m going to make breakfast…”

“You don’t have to do that since you’re not feeling well.” Once again, he pulled her back into his arms. He placed his palm on her stomach again out of instinct.

“It doesn’t hurt anymore.” She tried to stop him.

“Oh.” He closed his eyes again. She sneakily lifted her eyes to study his handsome features. Any woman would not be able to resist a man with his dashing looks, especially when he was being so gentle.

Something seemed to be pounding beneath her chest. Without a word, she silently lowered her head again.

The day had finally arrived.

On the day of the trial, Catherine, Shaun, and Hadley showed up at the court together.

Upon arriving at the courthouse, Shaun’s cell phone suddenly rang when they got out of the car. It was a phone call from Old Madam.

“Hadley, bring her to the courtroom. I need to take this call.” He walked to the side after saying that.

Both Catherine and Hadley got into the elevator.

A group of people was standing outside of the elevator the minute they stepped out—including the Jones couple, Rebecca, James, as well as Miles Clark and his attorney.

Miles approached Catherine, looking evidently enraged. “Catherine Jones, enjoy your last few moments. Your life will come to its end when this case closes.”

She was not offended. After all, Miles was also a victim. “Young Master Clark, believe it or not, I have nothing to do with this incident.”

“Nothing to do with you?” He scoffed. “It was you who pestered me about this project and promised you’ll design the most unique hotel for me. Everything is falling apart now. I don’t care how much you’ve benefited from this project or who else you’ve bribed, but you must take responsibility for this incident.”

He raised his voice as he talked. His father had handed over the Lublin Hotel project to him, and he had poured in a lot of capital and effort into this in order to please his father. However, the fire burned down several floors and he was severely reprimanded by his father as a result.

Jeffrey sighed before stepping forward. “Young Master Clark, it’s my fault that I’ve not taught my daughter well. I really shouldn’t have assigned such a massive project to her. Don’t worry, Summit will take full responsibility for the damage it cost you this time. I’ll compensate you and promise to use the highest quality materials this time around.”

“I hope you’ll keep to your word. I’ll hire a team of professionals to inspect the progress in the later stage. If something goes wrong again, then it’ll be you who’s sent to prison, President Jones.” Miles could not be bothered to deal with the Joneses anymore. He left with his attorney after saying that.

Jeffrey’s face changed the second Miles took to his leave. “Cathy, you’ve really disappointed me.”

“President Jones, it’s about time to get out of the character you’re playing.” Catherine almost flew off the handle at the sound of that. “James is obviously the person behind this mess. You don’t have to like me but I’m your birth daughter. Am I worth less than a nephew who isn’t even blood-related to you?”

A complicated emotion flashed across his eyes. Sally stepped in immediately. “What nonsense are you talking about? James is innocent. Not only are you ruining Summit’s reputation but you’re also trying to frame your cousin now? How can you be so cruel?”

“Mom, I’m your daughter!” Catherine shouted hysterically. She was only a human no matter how tough she pretended to be. “Do you know that James bribed the inmates inside to take my life?”

“Hey, stop it with the nonsense.” James shouted, “Slandering is a crime. Have you any proof?”

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