Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 137

“Keep quiet if you don’t have any proof.” Sally glared at Catherine. “What else do you bring to the family apart from troubles? You deserve the mess you’re in today. Take some time to reflect on yourself in prison!”

A shudder passed through Catherine. People always said that even a vicious tiger would not eat its cubs, but she felt that Sally and Jeffrey were more savage than a tiger.

“The two of you will be punished!” she shouted angrily, “It’s one thing that you treat me coldly and with contempt in the past but you shouldn’t have set me up. I promise I’ll take my time to destroy Summit!”

Rebecca laughed sarcastically. “Do you think you have much time left? The Clarks’ attorney said that you’ll be given a sentence of at least 20 years. My dear sister, take care in prison. I’ll visit when I have the time.”

“All of you seem so certain that I’ll lose.” Catherine scoffed upon seeing these faces that could not wait to throw her into prison.

James replied arrogantly, “It’s good to have hope, but maybe there’s something you don’t understand. The Clarks have hired Harry Stewart, the best attorney in the whole of Melbourne, whereas you…”

He threw a quick glance at Hadley before giving a mocking sneer. “Ha, who is this? Did you find a recent graduate from law school?”

He walked over to poke Hadley’s chest. “Hey, mate, do you know who you’re fighting against? The Clarks! Don’t step through that door and ruin your future. My advice to you is to leave as soon as you can.”

Hadley raised an eyebrow in surprise. Indeed, he had a bit of a babyface, thus others could mistake him as a recent graduate. Interesting.

Rebecca suggested kindly, “No one dares to take on Cathy’s case. You probably don’t know much as you’re still new to the working society. But we’re saying this for your own good.”

“For who?”

A voice reeked of indifference rang in the air.

Catherine knew who the voice belonged to without having to look over her shoulder. The corners of her lips twitched into a curve. All of a sudden, she was quite eager to see the look on their faces when they were confronted in the court later.

Rebecca, Jeffery, and the others shifted their gaze to the source of the voice.

A few seconds before, the doors to the elevator opened and out came a tall silhouette.

The man’s light gray suit perfectly accentuated his strong and towering build. His handsome yet intimidating face revealed no emotions. As his calm and quiet eyes scanned across the faces before him, the others could not help but tremble slightly.

It was him.

Rebecca recognized the man within seconds.

He was the man who had shown up at the restaurant with Chase last time. This was the man who had instructed the staff to throw her and her friends out of the place.

Janet had looked into him after that and found out that he was just an attorney.

Was he the attorney that took on Catherine’s case?

“I didn’t know you’re that close with these people.” Shaun’s darkened eyes turned to Hadley as he spoke flatly.

“You’re pulling my legs,” Hadley explained with a polite smile, “They mistook me for Miss Jones’ attorney and thought that I’m a fresh graduate.”

“Your face… Indeed, you look too young,” Shaun commented after taking a quick look.

Hadley smiled and shrugged helplessly.

James understood what was happening now. However, as he was used to having Jeffery’s support in Melbourne all this time, he had adopted an arrogant attitude. He did not think highly of Shaun.

“Oh, I understand now. You’re Catherine’s attorney huh? Sigh, a good-looking man like you shouldn’t have to work as an attorney. Just find a sugar mommy and I’m sure you can live a better life than this.”

A hint of astonishment flashed across Hadley’s eyes. Well, the last person who dared to speak to Young Master Hill with that tone was long dead.

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