Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 14

Cindy took off her sunglasses to throw a sarcastic glance at Catherine. “It’s not a bad thing that you bumped into me today as I’m tired of turning you down with excuses as well. Honestly, it’s your fault that you don’t know where you stand. Must you make me spell things out for you before you finally get it?”

Catherine felt like a failure as she studied this beautifully made-up face in front of her eyes.

Both Ethan and Cindy only chose to be nice to her before this because she was next in line as the heir of the Jones family.

“Cindy, are you being serious?” Freya shouted, “Did you forget how you were bullied by Janet in the past? Or how Cathy helped you with the songs…”

“Stop trying to blackmail me using the past. She and I aren’t from the same world,” Cindy cut her off nervously. “Freya, take my advice. Some people will only bring you down. It’s best to stay away from them.”

“Shut up! Friends are supposed to support each other without hoping to get something in return. Don’t you understand that?” The fury in Freya’s tone was unmistakable.

“Forget it, there’s no point arguing with them.” Catherine grabbed Freya’s arm, her face showing no emotion. “We’re here to have a meal. Let’s go.”

Freya glared murderously at the three women before being led away by Catherine.

“Cathy, has that woman lost her mind or what? You’ve been nothing but a great friend to her. Cindy wouldn’t be where she is today without your help. Has she forgotten how Janet used to bully her? I regret not realizing Cindy’s true colors before this.”

Catherine lowered her gaze to the ground. Her delicate and pretty face remained nonchalant.

“Cathy, aren’t you angry? Don’t you want to criticize her?”

“Of course I do, but what good would it do?” The corners of her lips twitched into a self-deprecating smile. There was a hint of sorrow that flashed across her eyes. “But this is the reality of things. Look, both my birth parents are completely disregarding me while Ethan, who basically grew up with me, has abandoned me. I’m jobless, homeless, and unloved. Cindy is not the only one treating me like this.”

Freya looked at her friend, feeling both sorry and angry.

“My dad said it himself. My presence in Summit Group is solely to provide assistance to Rebecca. I can leave the company if I refuse to accept fate.”

A pitiful smile spread across her face. “Obviously, I didn’t want that, so I left.”

Freya tried to cheer her up. “Stop it. You’ll definitely shine brighter elsewhere with your capabilities.”

At the same time, a server approached them.

“Excuse me, miss, do you have a reservation?”

“Yes, I spoke with Manager Lorenz over the phone earlier.” Freya gestured to the manager standing by the reception.

Manager Lorenz walked toward them. “Miss Lynch, I’ve reserved a private room for you. Allow me to show you the way.”

At the same time, Janet’s voice rang behind them.

“Manager Lorenz, I’ve brought a couple of friends with me today. Do you have any private rooms left?”

The manager seemed surprised. His eyes sparkled when he noticed Cindy among the women. “Could this possibly be the singer Cindy Turner?”

The latter smiled sweetly. “Manager Lorenz, you’re certainly great with faces. I told Cindy that the food here is amazing. Her schedule is free tonight, so here we are,” Janet said with a grin.

Manager Lorenz was overwhelmed by the situation. “Miss Turner has a wonderful voice and I’m a fan. It’s a shame that we’re fully booked tonight.”

“Didn’t you say that you reserved one for them?” Janet threw a glance at Catherine out of the corner of her eyes.

Freya was instantly filled with rage. “We reserved the room beforehand. Get yourself a booking if you want to dine here.”

Manager Lorenz was at a loss of what to do. Both of them were young ladies from the affluent families of Melbourne. It would not be wise to offend either of them.

The corners of Janet’s lips formed a faint smile as she pointed at Rebecca.

“Manager Lorenz, I don’t have to tell you who Cindy is, but you probably have no idea about this lady over here. Her name is Rebecca Jones and her father is the president of Summit Building Design Group. She’s soon to be the heir of the company. As for that friend of Miss Lynch, she’s only but an unimportant assistant to Miss Jones over here.”

This took the manager by surprise.

The Summit Group was among the top 300 successful companies within the country. It was a name that everyone in Melbourne was familiar with.

Besides, Janet also came from an affluent family. In comparison, Freya and her friend seemed to be on the weaker end.

Freya retaliated. “An unimportant assistant? That one over there is but a shameless thief who likes stealing things belonging to others.”

There was a slight change on Rebecca’s face. Janet stared at the man with a grin on her face. “Do we have a room now, Manager Lorenz?”

“Yes, absolutely.”

Manager Lorenz decided within seconds. “Miss Lynch, I just remembered that I agreed to reserve a room for Miss Campbell before you… Um, please come again next time.”

Catherine narrowed her eyes, fuming. “Manager Lorenz, do you take us as fools?”

Freya rolled up her sleeves. “Do you think you can bully me? One phone call to my elder brother right now and your restaurant will shut its door within seconds.”

“Manager Lorenz, don’t worry. We’ll take full responsibility.” Rebecca grinned.

The manager felt confident with the support. “Miss Lynch, I’m just an employee. You can’t threaten me by pulling rank. Please leave right away and stop disrupting our customers.”

“What if I don’t? If I can’t have my meal here, then no one else can too.”

She picked up a vase within her reach and smashed it to the ground.

Emotions chased across the manager’s face in quick succession. “Get them out of here,” he instructed the servers nearby.

Before Catherine could react, both she and Freya were forcefully pushed out to the entrance by several strong men.

The servers were particularly rude to her. As she was wearing high heels, she lost her balance and fell to the ground.

In spite of that, the servers pretended not to notice and continued dragging her out of the restaurant before she could get to her feet.

Catherine felt as if she was nothing more than a sack. Her arms and knees did not feel like hers anymore.

“Let her go!”

A man’s indifferent voice rang behind them.

Her heart skipped a beat.

Could it possibly be…

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