Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 15

Catherine lifted her head, but the server kicked her out of the restaurant before she could take a good look.

A tall and strong man suddenly approached with an aura of the warm sunlight. He appeared naturally elegant in his deep blue double-breasted blazer.

His facial features were unusually defined and good-looking. His dark deep-set eyes and thick long brows gave out an imposing manner.

Shaun Hill…

This took her by surprise. Little did she expect to bump into this man so soon.

Not to mention at a time when she was looking so battered and disheveled.

Oh no, he already disliked her to begin with. He would probably propose a divorce right after this.

Chase stepped forward from the back and instantly recognized Catherine.

He had seen the woman before in other banquets, not to mention she was one of the few publicly recognized beautiful women of Melbourne.

However, it was odd to see her in this distraught state.

A playful tease spread across his face. “Shaun, isn’t this your…”

Shaun threw him a warning glance.

Chase left his sentence hanging in mid-air.

“Cathy, are you alright?” Freya managed to free herself from the server grabbing her and gave her friend a hand.

“I’m fine…” Catherine stole a glance at Shaun.

Freya recognized the man too. She knew he was handsome, but looking at him from a close distance under the light made her want to scream out in fascination.

Apart from her, Janet, Rebecca, and Cindy also had their eyes locked on that man. They had not seen such an incredibly good-looking man with such unique elegance.

Who was he?

The brows on his forehead twitched into a silent frown before his dark eyes landed on the manager.

“Is this the way your restaurant treats women?”

Manager Lorenz was scared out of his wits. He had no idea who this man was, but his imposing manner was certainly intimidating. Besides, the man was accompanied by the famous Young Master Chase Harrison, whose name was known by every person living in Melbourne. The manager knew almost instinctively that he should not mess with them.

Just when he was cracking his head for a reply, Janet stepped forward with a smile.

“Young Master Harrison, this gentleman here must be a friend of yours. Well, I made a reservation with Manager Lorenz earlier to book a private room for a meal with a couple of my best friends. When we showed up, however, Miss Lynch and Miss Jones right here kept pestering the manager to give them the spot instead…”

“Janet, how shameless can you be? It was us who made the reservation. The three of you are the ones who acted irrationally,” Freya argued, “Manager Lorenz thought it was easier to pick on us because we’re outnumbered.”

The manager spoke awkwardly, “Young Master Harrison, don’t listen to them. I did my job according to the restaurant’s rules. These two women started making a scene, so I had no choice but to do so.”

Rebecca chipped in weakly, “Sis, I know you don’t like me much, but there’s no point making things difficult for Manager Lorenz. He’s only doing his job.”

A smirk flashed across Catherine’s face. “Do you ever get disgusted by your own hypocrisy?”

Chase did not know what to say after hearing the conflicting arguments from the women. He turned to look at his friend. “What do you think?”

Catherine gasped silently. The light went out from her eyes.

Shaun probably hated her to his core by now. There was no chance he would take her side.

His eyes quickly swept past Rebecca. This woman looked helpless on the surface, but the remark she made earlier was in fact criticizing Catherine for being petty, cold, and inconsiderate.

“This is the restaurant that you’ve been recommending?” His low voice did not mask the satirical look in his eyes. “The restaurant manager plays up to those in power without regard to basic hospitality rules. A person like him doesn’t deserve a managerial role.”

A streak of light sparkled in Catherine’s eyes. She lifted her head to look at Shaun in disbelief.

The latter felt slightly displeased upon noticing her reaction.

Really? Did she think of him as an irrational man?

“Young Master Harrison…” Manager Lorenz was visibly shaken now. “I’m innocent. Miss Campbell, you must help me out.”

Janet did not expect this stranger to take Catherine’s side either. “Young Master Harrison, your friend is new to town, hence he might be unfamiliar with Catherine and Freya’s true colors—”

Chase’s blossom eyes narrowed as he flashed a smile, revealing his clean white teeth.

“I don’t know much about Freya Lynch, but I’ve heard about Catherine Jones. Not only is she the young lady of the Jones family, but she also stands out among the pool of rich young ladies in the city with her beautiful appearance. She got into an elite university in America at the age of 16 and has been creating an impressive professional record in Summit Group since returning from abroad with her master’s degree last year. She’s not the same as you social butterflies who frequent parties and banquets.”

He deliberately stressed the words ‘social butterflies’ to mock those three women.

A brief moment later, Cindy forced out an unnatural smile. “Young Master Harrison, attending parties and banquets is one way to expand our social circle as future heir…”

In other words, Catherine, who was not an heir to the family business, was not required to attend such events.

Shaun narrowed his eyes. A hint of coldness flashed across them.

“Who are you to speak to me in that tone?” Chase scoffed.

Colors drained from Cindy’s face instantly.

Rebecca smiled awkwardly. “Young Master Harrison, you’re making this difficult for us.”

“You all started it first, so you can only blame yourselves.”

Chase twitched his lips into a sneer. “Putting aside the fact that Miss Campbell bribed her way through education from middle school to university, this other Miss Jones is also not highly educated and is inexperienced. Yet, she hopes to inherit a successful family business. Do you hear the irony? Is there no other candidate in the Jones family?”

Both Rebecca and Janet were red with embarrassment.

Catherine and Freya were trying really hard to resist applauding the man for his precise and straight-to-the point insults.

Finally, Janet replied grudgingly, “It seems like Young Master Harrison is determined to favor those two tonight. Cindy, Rebecca, we should leave and have our meal elsewhere.”

Rebecca did not want to stay here for a second longer. She nodded and prepared to leave the scene with Cindy.

“Hang on…” Shaun said out of the blue.

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