Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 141

“Alright, now back to the main topic.”

Indifference returned to Shaun’s handsome face within seconds.

“Your Honor, not only did James Lennon secretly replace the electrical cables of Lublin Hotel with inferior ones, but he also utilized substandard waterproof material for the construction. Naturally, similar tactics have been used in other construction projects he oversaw apart from this collaboration with the Clark family. He’s done the same in villas, museums, and clubhouses, just to name a few.”

“You’re lying. I’ve not done anything like that!” James shouted while shaking his head violently. There was no way this man could have found out about everything.

“The proprietors gave negative feedback after the renovation, citing incidents of water leaking, electrical short circuits, and other such cases. Your Honor, these are the video recordings by the proprietors themselves.”

Shaun submitted another memory stick to the judge.

“Moreover, there’s also evidence of him cutting corners in the construction projects he participated in prior to this. A few incidents had happened when tiles fell from walls and injured people at the scene. However, because of James’ wealthy and mighty support in the background, the injured parties let things go unsettled after receiving a small amount of compensation.”

When the TV screen displayed the complaint videos recorded by the proprietors, James almost fell down to the ground. All of these people had collaborated with him before.

He had carefully covered up the accidents after that, thinking that he could keep these ugly truths in the cupboard forever.

How did this man do it?!

Was he still human?!

James was completely overwhelmed by fear and desperation.

He had never felt this remorseful in his life.

In other words, he never expected Catherine to know someone like this man.

He turned to look at Catherine as if she was his last remaining lifeline. “Please, forgive me. I made a mistake. I shouldn’t have offended you. I’m your cousin and we’re like brother and sister. We’re family,” he begged instead of shouting arrogantly like before.

Catherine felt disgusted even looking at him. “Did you think of me as family when you set me up? Besides, what goes around comes around. It’s about time you get the punishment you deserve for all your previous wrongdoings.” Her tone reeked of indifference.

Then, she shifted her glance to Miles. “Young Master Clark, I’m responsible for what happened to the hotel. I shouldn’t have trusted Summit and I shouldn’t have made you sign a contract with them. In fact, the reason I resigned from my post was that I found out James was secretly gaining profits from the deal. I even brought it up with the executive of Summit but everyone turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to my complaints. They even… asked me to scram.”

She shot a sarcastic glance at Jeffery, who was now looking as pale as a ghost.

Infuriated, Miles slapped the table and sprung to his feet. “Jeffery, how dare you deceive me?! This isn’t going to end here.”

Jeffery was on the verge of passing out from fury. Little did he expect to offend even the Clark family in the end. However, the priority right now was to stay clear of this mess.

“Young Master Clark, I swear that I really had no idea what was going on. Cathy and James had always been unfriendly with each other. I thought she was just picking faults out of personal conflict.”

He glanced at James hatefully. “Is that right?”

“Yes, I did all this behind my uncle’s back.” James clenched his teeth and lowered his head. The Jones family could only get him out of this mess if they remained powerful and unwavering.

Shaun retrieved his gaze and turned toward the judge. “This is not the end of James Lennon’s crimes. Not long ago, Catherine Jones was sent to prison as a result of his accusation. During this period, he hired the inmates held in the same prison to murder her. This is the evidence.”

James looked at Shaun and could not stop trembling. It was as if he was looking at the devil himself…

He knew that this was the end of his life!

Then, Shaun said, “Your Honor, the defendant rests its case.”

In the end, the presiding judge sentenced James to life imprisonment, as well as depriving him of political rights and chances to appeal for a commuted sentence.

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