Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 142

After the trial ended, James fell sitting on the ground weakly like a lifeless man.

The police officers came in to drag him out of the courtroom.

Rebecca and her parents took the opportunity to sneak out of the courtroom before anyone could notice.

Freya ran forward excitedly to embrace Catherine. “This is such good news! And Mr. Hill, you’re awesome! I thought you might get 20 years’ imprisonment for James but he got a life sentence that can’t be commuted. That’s incredible. You’re totally my idol.”

“I agree. You’re really awesome.”

Catherine nodded along. This court case ended quicker than she expected but the results were certainly satisfactory.

Besides, Shaun had focused on attacking James all the way through. Although the Jones family managed to escape this time, she believed this signaled the end of Summit. No one would dare to collaborate with them ever again.

“Just really awesome?” Shaun raised his handsome eyebrows as he stared into her eyes.

People always praised him after he won a case but for some reason, he wanted to hear what she thought about him.

She lifted her eyes to meet his. The man’s dark eyes made her heart pound erratically. Her cheeks also blushed instantly.

Of course, she thought he was awesome, incredibly attractive, and unbelievably charming.

However, she could not bring herself to say this in public.

At the same time, Wesley approached them politely. Trailing behind him was Ethan.

“Cathy, congratulations.” After looking at her gently for a few seconds, he turned to Shaun. “Mr. Hill, I’m really grateful that you won the case against Cathy.”

The corners of his lips slowly began to twitch downward.

Ha, another man was thanking him for helping his wife?

An unmistakable indifference exuded from his entire body. Both Freya and Catherine sensed that something bad was about to happen.

However, Ethan was only worried that Wesley could win Catherine’s favor. Immediately, he stepped forward to grab Shaun’s hands. “Mr. Hill, thank you so much for today. I’d like to express my gratitude on Cathy’s behalf. Do you have time later for a meal perhaps?”


A burst of laughter growled from deep within Shaun’s throat. His eyes revealed an intense coldness.

Catherine felt a shudder pass through her upon hearing that. She quickly went forward to push Ethan’s hands away. “You should get things right. I don’t have anything to do with you anymore.”

“Cathy, I know you’re still angry but it’s okay. I can wait until the day you forgive me.”

Ethan said with regret, “Today’s trial showed me how stupid I was in the past. I didn’t think James was such a person. He used to badmouth you a lot in front of me…”

“There’s no point crying over spilled milk. No one will wait for you forever. Some chances will not appear again after you missed them. Cathy must be exhausted lately, so you shouldn’t keep reminding her of the unhappy past,” Wesley interrupted before turning to look at Catherine with expectant eyes.

“Should we celebrate together tonight? Join us, Mr. Hill. In fact, I have many legal questions that I’d like to seek your advice on.”

Shaun yanked the tie around his neck.

Well, well, well. How interesting. All these men she seduced were trying to put on a show in his presence.

No one knew him better than Catherine. She knew without a doubt that this was the calmness before the storm, hence she quickly waved her hands dismissively. “No… It’s fine. I appreciate your kindness but Mr. Hill and I will be busy.”

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