Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 148

“That b*tch ruined James. She’s heartless!”

Sally burst into tears.

“Dad, Mom, stop fighting!” Rebecca rushed up to stop the two. “Dad, have you forgotten? Now isn’t the time to despair. We still have Hudson Corporation in our hands. It’s one of the top 500 enterprises in the country. It’s much bigger than Summit!”

“But that’s… the old madam’s…” Jeffery hesitated.

“Dad, if you don’t find a way to get your hands on it, there might be a change,” Rebecca said in a low voice.

“Rebecca is right,” Sally said ruthlessly, “Those madams used to butter me up in groups of three to five, but when Summit encountered trouble, they immediately ran away. Once Summit falls, our family will have no place to stand in Melbourne anymore!”

Jeffery struggled for a while before his eyes flashed with ruthlessness. “You’re right!”

Catherine had a dream.

In the dream, she seemed to have returned to Plum Garden. When she was a child, her grandparents were there and loved her very much, so she often stayed at Plum Garden.

However, after her grandfather passed away, her grandmother said, “Cathy, Granny is tired and wants to go accompany your grandfather.”


She cried out and sat up violently.

A trace of coolness washed over her, followed by an arm reaching over to pull her back into a burning embrace.

“Don’t what?”

The man’s magnetic and dark voice rang out in her ears before he kissed her.

“I dreamt that my grandmother was gone,” Catherine avoided his kiss and murmured.

Shaun paused and saw that her eyes were still wet. He reached out to rub her head and pressed her face into his chest. “It’s just a dream. It’s okay.”

“Hmm.” It was the first time they were so close to each other. It was as if they were a couple in love. She pushed him away unnaturally. “I’ll go prepare breakfast.”

They had eaten dinner last night, but now that she mentioned it, he felt really hungry.

After eating breakfast, Catherine was ready to go to work.

Shaun suddenly reminded, “You aren’t allowed to manage the villa project at Green Mountain anymore, lest you meet with Wesley Lyons.”

Catherine frowned. “Can you keep your business out of my work?”

“Catherine Jones, you’re now my woman. All of your business is my business.” Shaun stood up, his tall body backing her to the edge of the dining table. “What I warned you yesterday wasn’t a joke.”

“I can comply with you in private life, but not at work.” Catherine refused him.

“What, you’re not listening to me anymore after winning the lawsuit?” A touch of displeasure flashed in Shaun’s eyes. “Or are you using Wesley as your backup plan?”

Catherine was speechless and a little angry, but she knew that it was useless to argue with someone like Shaun.

Taking a deep breath, she lowered her face and pulled her sleeve. “Can’t you trust me a little more? The only man I have is you, and the person I love is also you. You even saved me multiple times as if you’re an angel descending from heaven. How could I have anyone else in my heart?”

After saying that, she really wanted to pat her back in admiration.

She had gone into the wrong profession. She should have become an actress.

“You love me?” Shaun propped up her chin and looked at her.

“Yeah… I love you.” Catherine’s lips trembled. She was afraid that she would reveal herself.

Shaun’s heart seemed to explode with fireworks deep inside, but his handsome face remained expressionless.

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