Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 151

Can you please not fight about your personal affairs at Granny’s funeral?!”

Catherine interrupted them coldly and silently walked over to the coffin.

It seemed like she could not do anything for her grandmother now except kneel.

She felt horrible. Grandma and Grandpa were both powerful people in Melbourne when they were young. Without them, there would be no Jones family today.

However, when they died, they had left quickly and quietly. There were not even guests here to mourn for them.

It became dark.

Shaun drove back to the villa and found that only Aunty Linda was cooking at home.

“Where’s Catherine?”

“She isn’t back yet.” Aunty Linda had just finished speaking when she saw the handsome face suddenly turn frosty.

She secretly sighed in her heart. She had never seen Shaun so clingy before. He asked for his wife first thing after coming home.

Shaun looked at his watch that showed 6:30 p.m..

Was she stuck in traffic? He quickly called her, but no one answered.

Damn it, he was just treating her a little better but she was already pushing his limits.

Although the contract stipulated that she could come home at 9:00 p.m. at the latest, she was going overboard by not answering his calls.

“Young Master Hill, you should eat some dinner first.” Aunty Linda brought the food over.

Shaun glanced at it and paused. “Did you make this?”

“Yes, the madam asked me to learn from her.” Aunty Linda laughed. “She said that if she isn’t here one day, at least I’ll be able to cook for you. I tried tasting it and it’s the same as—”

Aunty Linda had not finished speaking yet when Shaun swept the dishes to the ground. It could be seen from his eyes that he was fuming. “It turns out that woman is still thinking about leaving me.”

That damned woman. Was she playing with him? Did she deliberately approach him just so he could take on her case for free?

Aunty Linda jumped in fright. Ever since Catherine came back, Aunty Linda felt that Shaun had become more and more temperamental. “The madam meant that she might work overtime. She didn’t say that she was leaving.”

Shaun paused, and the anger in his eyes gradually subsided.

Forget it. He would wait for now. It was not 9:00 p.m. yet.

He turned and walked upstairs. Aunty Linda called after him, “Young Master Hill, your dinner…”

“I’m not eating.”

The door to the study slammed shut with a bang.

After going upstairs, although he was looking at documents, his stomach only grew hungrier. He would look at the time every two minutes.

Even when it was 8:00 p.m., Catherine still had not called back. Thinking about how prone to accidents she was, he gave a call to Hadley. “Find out where Catherine is.”

Hadley was speechless. He should just suggest that Young Master Hill put a tracking bug on Catherine next time.

Ten minutes later, he saw the CCTV footage of the parking lot in Talton Design and fell silent.

The screen clearly showed Catherine getting into Ethan’s car.

Hadley wanted to investigate some more, but Shaun kept rushing him over the phone, so he could only give the footage to Shaun.

After sending it, he tried calling Shaun again but could not reach him.

That was when he knew.

The phone might have been smashed.

Hadley sighed and took a new phone he had prepared to go look for Shaun.

When he went into the study after knocking on the door, he saw a mobile phone broken into two halves on the ground. Shaun was half-hidden in the shadow of the floor lamp with a terrifyingly cold expression on his face.

Hearing Hadley’s footsteps coming in, Shaun asked in a cold voice, “Am I too good to her?”

“Young Master Hill, maybe there’s more to this than it seems. I’ll continue investigating. Maybe I can find out where they went…”

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