Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 152

“Find out if they went to a hotel?” Shaun got up, hostility surging in his dark pupils.

Hadley’s brows wrinkled gently. He had been by Shaun’s side for a long time and rarely saw him this angry. Maybe even Shaun himself did not realize how much Miss Jones affected his emotions.

“There’s no need to find out.” Shaun clenched his fist, his voice sounding cold and stern. “I want to see how long she’ll stay outside.”

Hadley shuddered.

In the funeral parlor.

Catherine knelt the whole night.

Jeffery, Sally, and Rebecca went back at midnight.

Only Ethan and her were left inside the large hall.

“Go back.” Catherine knew he was staying because of her, but she did not want to be appreciative.

“I’m not leaving. Granny Jones was very good to me in the past. Sending her off for the final time is something I should do.” Ethan insisted on staying by her side.

Catherine smiled coldly. Even Ethan knew to send Granny off, but what about Jeffery? Jeffery was Granny’s biological son. Granny used to treat Sally like her own daughter as well.

The cold-bloodedness of this couple really changed her perception.

In the middle of the night, the hall was chilly and eerie.

Catherine was focused on keeping vigil and did not even notice that Ethan had draped clothes over her shoulders.

At dawn, Jeffery and the others came over to send Granny Jones to be cremated.

Catherine’s eyes were red with tears. Even when she came out of the funeral home, she was still immersed in grief and muddle-headed.

Finally, the last family member who truly loved her was gone.

She was really the only one left in this world.

Ethan took her to the car and asked, “You’re in a bad mood. Shall I take you to the surrounding area to look at the scenery?”

He remembered that they used to go out on short trips in the past and suddenly missed those days.

“No need. I want to go back to the company.” Catherine refused coldly.

“But you…”

“I’m fine. Too many things have happened this year so I’ve become strong enough,” she interrupted him very firmly.

Ethan felt as if his heart was getting stabbed. She used to be very vulnerable, but now, she had to face all this by herself. It was because he had failed to fulfill his duty.

He drove her to Talton Design. After Catherine got out, he could not help but reach out and pull her. “Cathy, whether you believe me or not, I’ll always be here in the future.”

Catherine frowned and was just about to pull her hand away when the sound of a door closing suddenly sounded.

Then, she heard a dark voice as cold as frost by her ears.

“Come here.”

She shuddered and turned around to look. Shaun was standing a meter away, dressed in black pants and a black trench coat. His noble aura set off his handsome and defined features as if he was a sculpture. Dark currents seemed to surge in his dark pupils.

A bad feeling flashed in her heart as she hastily drew her hand back.

However, in Shaun’s eyes, it looked more like she was trying to hide something.

How great! She stayed out the whole night without a word while he came and waited here since 7:00 a.m.. In the end, what he saw was another man sending her to the company and her wearing Ethan Lowe’s clothes.

When she got out of the car, Ethan even grabbed her hand as if they were a couple in love who could not bear to be separated.

As soon as Shaun thought about how she might have been in Ethan’s bed last night, an inexplicable fire burned violently in his heart. The flames surged as if they wanted to melt someone.

“Mr. Hill…” Ethan was slightly startled, not understanding why Shaun was here early in the morning.

“Catherine Jones, are you deaf? Did you hear what I said?” Shaun warned fiercely once again.

Catherine hurriedly walked over to him. He forcefully yanked her into his arms and ripped the clothes off her, throwing them on the ground.

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