Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 20

A shiver ran through Catherine’s body. She seemed to have forgotten that she made the cat pudding earlier based on the recipe in the book.

“Uh… That was actually…”

“You can make anything for me as long as I find it tasty.”

Shaun reminded her with a grim expression. At that moment, he began to feel nauseous upon realizing that he had consumed cat food.

Catherine felt helpless. “Actually, I made it for Fudge, but you ate it and even commented that it was tasty. At that moment… I was too afraid to tell you the truth.”


Shaun gnashed his teeth. Having lived through 28 years of life, this was the first time he had ever wanted to kill a woman so badly.

She shrunk her neck upon being shouted at. “In fact, the ingredients… are quite nutritious.”

“Since the food’s nutritious, why don’t you eat it yourself?”

“Uh, I don’t find it tasty.”

“Well done.”

While pointing at her, Shaun recalled praising the taste of the food. He became so furious that his face darkened.

Catherine wanted to explain further, yet Shaun had already entered his study and slammed the door violently.

Oh no, he was really pissed.

Catherine was at her wits’ end.

She initially planned to please him during her stay here this time. However, she had already offended him when he only returned home for less than an hour.

Why did she have a long way to go before she could consolidate her identity as Ethan’s aunt?

Ten minutes later, she shamelessly knocked on his study’s door.

“Get lost.”

A violent voice was heard.

Catherine closed her eyes in frustration. Since he was still fuming at that point, she should just wait before she spoke to him again.

She went to take a bath first. She changed into a set of lovely pajamas, letting her long black hair fall on her shoulders.

When she looked into the mirror and winked at herself, she was attracted to her own beauty. With fair skin and large eyes, she found herself pure and attractive indeed.

She believed that her appearance would make Shaun treat her with care.

“What are you doing?”

A man’s voice suddenly rang beside her.

Catherine trembled with fear. She cocked her head and noticed that Shaun was staring mockingly at her with a cup of coffee in his right hand.

When did he come? Why did she not hear any footsteps?


‘Obviously, I’m secretly practicing how to flirt with you.’

“I got attracted to my own beauty while looking at myself in the mirror,” she replied in embarrassment after stuttering for a while.

Shaun was at a loss for words.

Indeed, her shamelessness had reached yet another new level.

Nevertheless, he had to admit that the woman’s bare face was indeed fresh and elegant. Even in Canberra, a city teeming with beautiful women, there were hardly any women who looked naturally beautiful like she did.

“All I can see is your pretense.” Once he finished his sentence with a contemptuous expression, he turned around to pour himself some water.

Catherine went after him. “Are you still pissed? What should I do to quench your anger? I’ll eat some cat pudding as well, okay?”

Shaun suddenly curled his lips and took a packet of cat food from the cabinet. “I won’t be able to quench my anger until you have a bowl of cat food.”

Catherine was shocked to find him so cruel.

“This is… different. The cat pudding I made consists of nutrients, and you even found it tasty—”

“Shut up.”

Shaun’s face darkened at the mention of the incident. “Don’t worry, you won’t die from eating cat food. Its ingredients include fish and beef that have been carefully selected. Oh, by the way, there’s also prebiotics that can improve your digestive system as well as taurine, calcium, iron, and zinc that can strengthen your body. How nutritious!”


‘If it’s nutritious, why don’t you eat the cat food with me? Ugh, what a childish man.’

She tolerated his behavior so that she could become Ethan’s aunt.

After taking the cat food, she poured a bowl of it for herself. She had a few bites straight away and found the taste indescribable.

Shaun did not expect that she would really eat it and his anger faded partially. “How’s the taste?”

“Quite tasty. Do you want to eat it with me?” Catherine said out of annoyance. The surrounding atmosphere turned cool the minute she finished speaking.

With a discreet smile, Shaun added more cat food to her bowl. “Really? Since you find it tasty, you can have more.”


Ugh, the man was doomed to be alone forever.

Ultimately, Catherine was forced to have so much cat food under his stare that night.

“Great job.” Shaun shoved his hand into his pocket and returned to his room with satisfaction. When he entered his room, he turned his head to look at Catherine who had turned around and rushed to the toilet. His dark eyes flashed with a sense of sarcasm when he heard her brushing her teeth.

Disgusted at the cat food, Catherine was unable to sleep well the whole night. When she woke up bright and early the next day, she still noticed a fishy smell in her mouth.

Unfortunately, she had to get up early to prepare breakfast for Shaun.

She swore to make the scumbag fall in love with her. Then, she would trample him underfoot and take revenge on him.

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