Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 19

Kneeling down…

Catherine was extremely aggrieved. “Why don’t you ask Rebecca what she did to me? She—”

“Your sister is kind-hearted, unlike you. All you’ve done is have a falling-out with Janet. The Campbell family is one of the wealthiest families. Your sister deliberately established a rapport with Janet to ensure that the Jones and Campbell families would get along well.

“What about you? You did so many evil things and even hurt your sister. How did I end up raising such an ill-bred daughter like you?”

“I won’t go back.” Catherine gritted her teeth.

Sally roared, “Don’t ever come back, then. I won’t treat you as my daughter anymore!”

Catherine inhaled deeply. “Have you ever been concerned about me? Before she returned, you always thought that I wasn’t as good as others no matter how hard I worked. You wouldn’t talk to me apart from telling me off. Am I really your daughter?”

After she howled in pain, her tears gushed out.

Indeed, she was overwhelmed by frustration. She did not feel like returning to that home anymore.

She then pulled herself together and headed to a pet shop to ask about matters related to soothing a cat’s stomach.

It was the first time that the owner who reared a cat heard about soothing a cat’s stomach. He eventually handed her a book entitled ‘Food Recipes for Pregnant Cats’.

“Anyway, the recipes in here incorporate all the nutrients that a pregnant cat needs. There shouldn’t be any problem if you prepare food for your cat based on this book.”

After some thought, Catherine bought the book and headed to the supermarket to buy some ingredients.

At 4 P.M., she returned to Jadeite Bay.

When Fudge noticed her return, she meowed sluggishly and snuggled in her corner without moving.

The sight made Catherine even more heartbroken. With that, she decided to go the extra mile for Fudge to make things up to her.

Considering that the cat needed to take light food, she prepared a few salmon balls and included carrots and steamed vegetables in them.

In addition, she made the cat a few puddings as a snack.

Shaun got off from work and returned home in the evening.

Through the glass door of the kitchen, he saw Catherine busy cooking vegetables. One minute she was cutting vegetables and the next minute she was cooking them.

The delicious smell of the vegetables wafted through the crack of the glass door and stimulated his stomach. He was slightly hungry all of a sudden.

As Shaun glanced sideways at the table, he noticed the puddings, which were shaped like Hello Kitty, on a white porcelain platter. With their bright colors, the puddings looked quite appetizing.

He casually took a spoon to eat some pudding. It tasted quite different from the puddings he had eaten overseas in a Western restaurant back then.

The taste was strange. It appeared that the pudding contained chicken and some unknown ingredients, yet it was not too greasy. It was probably fine to have a few more mouthfuls of the pudding.

He had long since known that Catherine was good at making breakfast. However, little did he know that she could make creative desserts as well.

“You’re back, Shaunny.”

When Catherine slid open the door to come out of the kitchen with a platter filled with freshly cooked food, she was astonished to see Shaun who had almost finished the pudding that he was holding.

Gosh, that was cat food!

Her stare made Shaun feel a little uncomfortable. He reckoned that she was inwardly elated to see him eating the dessert she made.

At this thought, he coughed lightly and cleared his throat. “The dessert you made… tastes quite great.”


Catherine quivered, seriously wondering whether he would kill himself after she told him that the dessert was meant for the cat.

After flipping between her conscience and life for some time, she eventually forced a smile. “I purposely made it for you. Good to know that you find it delicious.”

Shaun glanced at her arrogantly. “You just need to focus on Fudge.”

“I know, I know.” Catherine nodded with a loving expression. “I just can’t help myself.”

Shaun continued to stare at her icily.

Catherine could hardly maintain her loving expression. How could he be unmoved? Was he even a man?

Luckily, Shaun carried Fudge and put her in his arms before changing the subject.

“What did she eat tonight?”

“Salmon balls. She doesn’t like vegetables, so I added some carrots to the salmon balls. She has finished all six salmon balls.”

As soon as Catherine finished her sentence, she began to have suspicions regarding Fudge’s appetite. She was told that cats ate very little, yet Fudge had such a big appetite.


“I’m done preparing dinner. You can start eating.”

Catherine placed forks and spoons on the table. She had prepared Caesar salad with boiled eggs, lettuce, and butter croutons for dinner.

Looking at the salad, Shaun felt that it was comparable with the quality of food served in restaurants.

“It’s better to avoid eating meat and take lighter food at night,” Catherine explained.

Shaun was surprised. “You’re already quite health-conscious at this age.”

“My dad has gastric pain as he drank a lot for business back then, so I know a little about taking care of one’s stomach.”

At the mention of this matter, Catherine became upset in spite of herself. Unfortunately, Jeffrey had never seen her in a positive light.

Shaun, who was unbothered by matters related to the Jones family, lowered his head and continued to eat.

It was undeniable that Catherine’s cooking was wonderful. The meal that she made might seem ordinary, but it tasted much better compared to the food served at restaurants out there.

Even the ordinary boiled eggs tasted good while the lettuce and croutons were crunchy. The salad was very appetizing overall.

With a great appetite, Shaun finished the meal in several gulps.

After he was done eating, he praised her, “Great cooking.”


Catherine acted shy and felt flattered for a while.

“Since young, I’ve been determined to be wife material for the sake of my future husband. All I hope is to provide him with good food every day after he gets off work.”

She glanced in the opposite direction as soon as she finished speaking.

The man looked downward, patting the cat on his lap. His thick eyelashes that resembled a crow’s fur had obscured the emotion within his eyes.

All of a sudden, Catherine felt nervous. The man then lifted his head and opened his eyes lazily. “What are you waiting for? Do the dishes now.”


Where did this stubborn man actually come from? He was such a wet blanket.

After bringing the dishes to the kitchen, Catherine kept badmouthing him with gritted teeth. At that moment, she even began to seriously doubt her beauty.

When Shaun stood up and got ready to head to the study, he suddenly caught sight of a book entitled ‘Food Recipes for Pregnant Cats’ on the living room’s couch.

He frowned, wondering if Catherine had found out that Fudge was pregnant.

Coincidentally, Catherine came out of the kitchen after doing the dishes. When she saw him holding the book, she explained, “I went to the pet shop today. The owner told me that the recipes for soothing a cat’s stomach are actually similar to the ones for pregnant cats, so I bought this book.”

Shaun’s eyes relaxed. It seemed that she was still unaware of it…

As he casually flipped through the book, he noticed a familiar recipe all of a sudden. His handsome face froze.

After a while, Shaun lifted the book and showed Catherine the picture above. “So this is the pudding you purposely made for me, is it?”

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