Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 22

Catherine blushed in embarrassment.

“I was involved in the designing of Melbourne theater and airport. Besides, I also have experience in project management, but people don’t believe me because of my age. I can’t possibly reveal my identity as the young lady of the Jones family as well because people might form their own opinions on my motive. That’s why I can only choose from being an assistant in a big company or being a designer in a small business,” she explained while quickly gathering the leaflets.

“I don’t want to be an assistant because that’s basically doing odd administrative jobs. Someone higher up will undoubtedly take advantage of me and claim my design concepts as their own. I’d rather start building my profile in a small company. Not only can I share a percentage of profit when closing deals, but managing a project also gives out a handsome paycheck. After a year of doing this, I can probably save enough money, build a team, and start my own business. This hardship is only temporary.”

“Don’t you want to return to Summit Group?” Shaun asked.

She shook her head quietly. “One shouldn’t depend on handouts from others. It’s more practical to be self-reliant.”

The man was genuinely astonished. Due to the environment he grew up in, he had seen many people constantly fighting over fame and wealth. Not many people shared the same view on life as her.

He looked at the woman who had bent over to pick up the leaflets. For the first time, he had a whole new level of respect for this person.

“Leave them.”

“I can’t.” She shook her head from left to right without a moment of hesitation. “I’ll be in trouble if the boss finds out the stash of leaflets is scattered across the floor. The office is not doing particularly well and I shouldn’t goof off. Besides, leaving them on the floor makes it difficult for the janitor too.”

Then, a beautiful hand picked up one of the leaflets in front of her with slender fingers.

“Let me help you.” Shaun offered and bent over. A watch peeked from beneath his sleeve as he extended his hand. It was a brand she had not seen before.

The minimally designed watch had a sapphire exhibition case back paired with a brown watch band. It gave out an elegance more sophisticated than the branded watches worn on the wrists of celebrities on the posters.

She took another peek at the man’s long legs. The navy blue casual pants were wrapped tightly against his muscles as he bent over.

Without warning, the image from when he dropped the towel that night popped into her mind. She could feel the warmth as color invaded her cheeks.

Ahhh. What was she thinking? She should be ashamed for having this thought.

“What’s wrong? Your cheeks are burning.” Shaun lifted his eyes to steal a quick glimpse at the woman.

“I… I… It’s too hot. I might be sunburned,” Catherine stuttered. She averted her gaze immediately by lowering her head to the floor.

He frowned. “Go rest under the shade.”

“It’s fine.”

She shook her head violently.

It was out of her expectation that the devil could be gentle too. In fact, apart from having the tendency to speak bluntly and maybe being a little petty, he was not that bad of a person.

It took them around five minutes to gather all the leaflets.

Catherine felt her head spinning when she rose to her feet. She could not stop her body from suddenly leaning forward.

She thought she was going to land face down on the floor when a strong hand pulled her up from the back.

She staggered a little before regaining balance. Her eyes were met by his curious gaze.

“It’s probably the low blood pressure from bending over too long.” She wiped the perspiration off her forehead. “It could also be the heat.”

“Get in the car.” Shaun turned around and opened the car door. “I’ll send you home.”

“No, no. I haven’t finished handing out the leaflets. I’ll take a short rest and resume in a bit.” She quickly shook her head.

Frustration filled him as he looked at the silly woman. Was she hoping to be attacked by a heatstroke?

“It’s almost lunchtime for Fudge. You promised not to let your work get between her meal times.”

“I made her lunch before leaving the house.” Her lips formed a pout grudgingly. She almost thought he had finally found his conscience.

He raised an eyebrow. “How dare you make her eat food that has already cooled down?”


She was speechless.

Was it wrong for cats to eat food that had cooled down? Was it his cat or his daughter that they were talking about? Perhaps Fudge did not care as much.

Left with no other choice, she got into the car.

Halfway through the ride, she received a phone call from the boss. “There wasn’t much traffic over there, so I’ve changed to a new location,” she lied.

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