Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 23

“Alright Jones, keep up with the good work. Perhaps the traffic will increase after lunch hour. Seize the opportunity to hand out the leaflets as quickly as you can. I agreed to hire you because I think your pretty appearance might attract clients. You must work hard. A great designer is useless if she can’t close deals.”

“I will.”

Catherine ended the call quietly.

Shaun stole a glimpse of her out of the corners of his eyes. The car was not spacious, thus he overheard the entire conversation with her boss. “You should work somewhere else.”

She twitched her lips into a bitter smile. “It doesn’t matter which company I work for. Everything will be difficult in the beginning.”

He tapped his fingers on the steering wheel without commenting further.

Coincidentally, they drove past an unusual-looking building with a unique style. “What’s that place?” he asked casually.

“Melbourne Culture and Technology Center.” Something came into her mind out of the blue. “The construction has just recently been completed. Summit wanted to take on the design project but lost the opportunity to another company. Not long ago, I was thinking of taking on the design project myself but there’s no point even thinking about it now.”


“They’re doing an open bidding process. A small company like ours isn’t even qualified to join the bidding process.”

“Even so, your company will not be able to secure the bid.”

“That’s not true.” The confidence was evident in her tone. “I was crowned champion in the AM Award in the United States. Countless companies offered me a chance to work with them. Back then, as I was certain that I would inherit the family business, I rejected the offers and returned to Summit. I dare say no one else in the whole of Melbourne is better in designing than me.”

Shaun twitched his lips. Unexpectedly, the thick-skinned woman was confident in herself too.

“Alright, I can give you a chance to join the bidding.”

Catherine straightened up in the seat, her eyes widening in surprise. Her jelly-like luscious lips parted slightly as if she could not believe her ears. “Are you serious?”

“It’s up to you if you’ll emerge the winner. Show me if you’re actually as capable as you claim to be.” He raised his eyebrows, still keeping his eyes on the road.

“I’m certainly not boasting. I’m confident I can win this.” She felt her brain bubbling with excitement.

“Shaunny, you’re the best…”

She always called him by that name—sometimes gently, sometimes simply trying to bootlick him. However, this was the first time she sounded genuinely delighted. She did not even realize the flirtatious tone in her voice.

The man could not help turning sideways to catch a glimpse of the woman. Her bright round eyes twinkled above her sun-kissed cheeks. It was difficult to put into words the charm and allure written all over her face.

He averted his gaze immediately. His fingers awkwardly flew to undo the buttons near his neckline as he suddenly felt the heat rising in his body.

“If you really think so, then make me a delicious meal later.”

“No problem at all. I can cook anything you request.”

After living together for quite some time, he already knew that she was great at cooking. Upon thinking of that particular dish she made before, he felt a pang of hunger.

However, he cared too much about saving his own dignity to make the request.

“Stop here for a while. I’ll go buy some streaky pork,” she suddenly said when they drove near the neighborhood.

A light flashed across his dark eyes. She caught that although it happened for less than a second.

She pursed her lips to suppress a smile while getting out of the car. The devil looked like a hungry kitten waiting to be fed.

Hmm, there was even a little resemblance between him and Fudge when it came to their eyes. How adorable!

Shaun had not mentioned it before but Catherine somehow knew roast pork was his favorite dish.

Upon looking at her receding silhouette that was heading toward the butcher, he reached for his phone with a faint smile and made a phone call to Chase. “Pull some strings so that Catherine Jones from Imperial Design can participate in the bidding event of Melbourne Culture and Technology Center.”

This took Chase by surprise. “I’ve never heard of that sh*t company. Are you trying to help Catherine? This is out of your character.”

“What kind of character?”


Chase remained silent but thought to himself, ‘The character of a cold-hearted and callous man.’

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