Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 4

Catherine took a taxi directly to the Jones family’s house. At that time, Mr. Jones had already gone to work.

She rushed upstairs to take her birth certificate. Just as she walked to the living room, she saw Rebecca coming out of the study with a large pile of documents.

Rebecca looked pure with a black bob and a pristine face.

“You’re finally back, Sis. I was still worried about what happened yesterday.” A guilty look spread across Rebecca’s face. “It’s just that Ethan is really not into you. You can’t force someone to love you.”

Catherine shot her a cold gaze. “Enough is enough. You can stop acting since there’s no one else here. I underestimated you before this.”

“Don’t treat me this way.” Rebecca bit her lip, her tears streaming down her face. “I’ll just yield to your demands in the future, okay? I won’t get involved in matters related to the company. I’ll pass you these documents.”

As she was speaking, she shoved the documents into Catherine’s hands.

Catherine found it strange and subconsciously extended her hands to push the documents away. As a result, all the documents dropped to the floor.

“What are you guys doing?”

Suddenly, Sally Lennon walked down the stairs and caught sight of Rebecca’s teary face as well as the scattered documents.

“Aren’t these the company’s documents that your dad asked you to go through?”

“Don’t be mad at her, Mom. It’s my fault.” With a pale face, Rebecca hurriedly explained, “Cathy asked me to stop getting involved in the company’s matters and hand these documents to her. I was planning on giving her the documents, but she’s probably unhappy about the issue with Ethan, so—”

“You’re bullsh*tting—”

“Shut up!” Sally glared at Catherine. “Who gave you the right to have a hand in the company’s matters? It’s your dad and me who asked Rebecca to go through the documents. Rebecca will officially become the manager of the company next week. You’d better behave yourself.”

Catherine was dumbfounded. “Speaking of education and experience, I’m more qualified than her. Despite joining the company one year earlier than her, I’m not even a manager yet. What gives her the right to jump to a managerial position just like that?”

“Mom, I’d better not become a manager. I don’t want to ruin my relationship with Cathy,” Rebecca immediately said while sobbing.

Sally’s heart ached very badly. “Look how much Rebecca cares about your sisterhood. What about you? You’re narrow-minded and calculating. You’re not even qualified to be a manager. No wonder Ethan would choose Rebecca instead.”

Her mother’s cruel words felt as if she was getting hit by a cane.

Both Rebecca and Catherine were her daughters. However, Sally was so biased toward Rebecca that she believed everything she said.

Catherine had been by her mother’s side since young. Did Sally not know her character?

No one had comforted Catherine since yesterday. Everything that happened was treated as a matter of course.

She was only human.

As anger rushed through her body in a way that had never happened before, Catherine took two steps backward. “Fine. Since I’m so terrible, I’ll leave, okay?”

She went to her room right after she finished speaking. She got a suitcase and subsequently stuffed her clothes into it.

Rebecca’s voice came from the door. “Mom, Cathy’s mad. We should talk her out of leaving.”

“Don’t bother with her. That’s just how she behaves. She has been pampered too much. She’ll come back two days later. Let’s go and buy you some clothes since you’re going to get engaged soon.”


Soon, the voices became faint.

With large teardrops falling on the back of her hand, Catherine carried her suitcase down the stairs. After that, she drove her car and left.

At that instant, it struck her that she seemed to have lost everything.

Why would everyone treat her this way when she did not do anything wrong?

She clutched the steering wheel as her eyes flashed with growing discontent.

After 40 minutes, Catherine saw a man’s figure at the entrance of the registry office. The man looked smart dressed in a perfectly ironed white T-shirt and a pair of black trousers. He was tall and sturdy, giving off an aura of brilliance.

She rushed toward him after parking her car. “You actually came.”

The woman’s voice was filled with surprise and joy.

When Shaun turned around, he smelled the alcohol that lingered on her body from the night before. “Didn’t you take a bath?”

Catherine felt embarrassed right away. “I drank too much last night, so I was already unconscious when I arrived home. I was in a hurry this morning, so…”

When she realized the man’s increasingly disdainful gaze on her, she quickly swore, “Today was just an accident. I usually take a bath every day and I love to keep myself clean.”

She observed his features as she spoke.

It was normal to find a man more attractive under the dim lighting of a pub. Nevertheless, one would notice that he was not that good-looking during the day.

Having said that, this man was an exception.

Not only was he not any less attractive, but he looked even more stunning with his elegant and cool features. He had a handsome face, and what was more, there were not any pores visible on his skin.

Catherine was aware that a few young women who were going into the registry office to get married were casting glances at him.

“What a handsome man.”

The man beside the woman said, “The girl looks pretty too.”

“That’s true. They match each other well. Their future children will probably be good-looking, unlike ours. How worrying…”


When the discussion reached Shaun’s ears, he said straight away, “We won’t have children.”

Catherine was at a loss for words.

Shaun said, “We’ll divorce three years later. I’ll give you a sum of money which will be enough for you to live the rest of your life. Also, I won’t meet your family. Think about it carefully. If you can’t go along with this deal, you can leave.”

Catherine felt like something was stuck in her heart.

She was under the impression that he loved her at first sight last night.

She did not mind him not loving her at first sight, though.

With her charisma, she believed that she could win the man’s heart in three years’ time.

She had to consolidate her identity as Ethan’s aunt.


Once the two of them entered the registry office, they first went to take pictures together.

The cameraman, who had spent a long time taking pictures of them, was not satisfied with the outcome. “Can’t you guys get close to each other and look sweet? Also, sir, please smile.”

An impatient look crossed Shaun’s face. Catherine immediately hooked her arm around his, then said with a smile, “His facial nerves have been damaged, so he’s suffering from facial paralysis. Don’t force him anymore. Just let him be.”


Deeply insulted, Shaun shot an icy glare at the woman who was wearing a cheery smile.

“You’d better stop talking if you want to stop taking pictures,” Catherine whispered in his ear boldly while standing on tiptoes. Her scent lingered on his ear, tickling him.

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