Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 5


The cameraman was inwardly sympathetic toward him. It was a pity that a good-looking man like him was suffering from facial paralysis.

After Shaun and Catherine were done taking pictures, they headed to the first floor to register their marriage.

It was only when Shaun took out his citizenship certificate that Catherine finally learned his real name—Shaun Hill.

However, Ethan’s mother’s surname was Lyons. In that case, his uncle’s surname was supposed to be Lyons as well.

In a daze, Catherine asked, “Why is your surname Hill?”


As Shaun was lowering his head to sign the documents, he did not bother to know what she meant. He casually answered, “I adopted my mom’s surname.”

“Oh.” Catherine finally understood. She had been filled with fear earlier, thinking that it was a case of mistaken identity.

She flirted with him for the very reason that he was Ethan’s uncle.

However, she felt that something was somehow not right.

Ten minutes later, the marriage certificates were issued.

Catherine felt a twinge of sadness but found this to be incredible at the same time.

Since young, she had always assumed she would marry Ethan. Against her expectations, she married a man whom she had only met once.

“Here’s my contact number. I have something to attend to, so I’ll be leaving first.” Shaun jotted his number on a piece of blank paper for her before he left.

“Wait a minute…” Catherine stopped him the moment she came back to her senses. “Now that we’re a married couple, we should live together.”

With a dull expression, he replied, “I don’t enjoy living with someone else.”

“I’m your legal wife, not someone else. Even if we’re going to divorce three years later, we should still live together.”

Shaking the marriage certificate in her hand, Catherine pouted in an attempt to gain his sympathy. “I’m really miserable. Ever since my long-lost sister returned, my parents have been treating me with contempt. Now that I’ve been kicked out of the house, I don’t have a place to stay.”

“You can go and rent a place.”

Shaun walked away with indifference.

“Don’t abandon me, hubby!” Catherine suddenly let out a howl, hooking her arm around his. “I’m left with nothing but you right now.”

Her increasingly loud voice had attracted a lot of sidelong glances in the registry office.

Pulling a long face, Shaun regretted getting married to her at random.

“Fine. I live in Jadeite Bay. Go there on your own.”

Shaun could not help but stomp out of the registry office. He then warned her softly, “You’ll sleep in the guest room. You’re not allowed to step into my room.”

Secretly elated, Catherine believed that he would be the one begging her to enter his room in the future.

“By the way, don’t disturb Fudge.”

“Fudge?” Catherine gasped. “You already have a son?”

Shaun raised his eyebrows. “Take good care of him.”

Once he finished his sentence, he left straight away.

Catherine was so shocked that he forgot to go after Shaun. Although she had braced herself to marry someone she did not love, she was not at all ready to be someone’s stepmother.

She stood at the roadside for half an hour, picturing her conflicting future identities—namely as a stepmother and aunt.

At last, she dashed into the mall to buy children’s toys after glancing at Ethan’s disgusting photo.

A person named Fudge had to be a boy. After selecting several types of toy cars and Lego sets, she drove to Jadeite Bay.

Carrying a variety of things, she took a deep breath in front of the door. She punched in the password and the door was opened.

A friendly smile spread across her face. “Hi, Fudge—”


A fat cat with a white body and light yellow ears was seen lying on the couch lazily. It produced a cute sound in the quiet living room.


Catherine blinked. “Fudge?”


After the fat cat stretched its body, it jumped down the couch and walked toward her legs to smell the toys that she was carrying. Uninterested, the cat returned to the couch and lay on it in an arrogant manner.

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