Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 43

After Shaun got off from work, he went for a meeting regarding an international financial case at night. Having had some alcohol during the meeting, he felt slightly dizzy.

The moment he switched on the lights after entering the house, Fudge ran to him. She kept meowing while hugging his leg.

“Little one, you missed me so much, huh?”

Shaun rubbed her head gently. After a while, he noticed something wrong with Fudge which he could not figure out until she rubbed her nose against the empty bowl.

Fudge was probably hungry.

Had Catherine not fed her?

He immediately poured some cat food for Fudge who seemed to be starving badly.

Shaun went to the room to search for Catherine, only to discover that she had not returned. His face darkened.

This woman had been causing endless problems. She was previously admitted to the hospital, and now that she was finally back at his house, she left Fudge in such a state.

She still had not returned although it was already so late.

He took out his phone to give her a call, but her phone was off.

Did something happen to her?

After taking out his phone, Shaun tracked Catherine’s location. Fortunately, when he handed the phone to her today, he had turned on location tracking in it for fear that incidents like last night would occur again.

Upon tracking her location, Shaun sent Hadley a message. [Check out this location for me.]

A minute later, Hadley called, “This is the Jones family’s house where Miss Jones’ parents live.”

“Got it.”

Shaun hung up furiously.

This woman did not know her place. He had only displayed a hint of kindness and she started taking advantage of him. Just like that, she went home without giving him a call first. What was worse, she had turned off her phone.

Was she under the impression that she did not have to return to his house after bringing back the recording and being forgiven by the Jones family?

What did she take him for? How dare she bite the hand that fed her?!

She had better not come back forever if she had the audacity. He would not care about her anymore even if she was in trouble.

Never would he have expected that Catherine could be so heartless. There was no news about her for three solid days. She did not even answer his calls.

What depressed him further was that he did not eat well throughout these three days.

He even visited the restaurant that served the most delicious food in Melbourne as recommended by Chase, yet he found the food unappetizing.

Sometimes, he suspected that something might have happened to Catherine. Nevertheless, every time he turned on his phone to check her location, she was always in the Jones family’s house.

Her biological parents could not possibly hurt her. Clearly, she had long since forgotten him.

Throughout the past three days, he was as cold as an iceberg in the office.

When it was time to get off from work, he immediately packed his stuff and left. He then bumped into Chase at the door. “Are you going home to take care of Fudge? Is Catherine still not back?”

“Don’t mention this woman anymore.” With an icy expression, Shaun walked forward.

Chase shrugged helplessly. “I had no choice but to ask you since Freya asked me to find out about Catherine. She said that she hasn’t been able to contact her, so she’s worried that something has happened to her.”

“She has always been in the Jones family’s house, hasn’t she?” Shaun stood frozen to the spot. It was understandable that Catherine did not call him back since both of them had just met each other not long ago, but Freya was her best friend.

“Let me call her back.”

Chase tried to make a call.

Shaun got down using the elevator without waiting for him.

On his way home, he felt that things were increasingly strange as he thought it over. However, he was afraid that he might just be overthinking and end up poking his nose into Catherine’s affairs.

Unexpectedly, he received a call from Chase shortly after he reached home.

“That’s not quite possible. Just now, Freya told me that she visited the Jones family. They told her that Catherine has gone abroad to relax, but they didn’t provide me with her contact number. Damn, could something have happened to her?”

Shaun frowned. “I don’t think so. After all, she’s the Jones family’s biological daughter.”

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