Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 42

“Serves you right,” Sally spoke in an abrasive manner, “No wonder Ethan dumped you.”

Catherine was completely at a loss for words. Even the slightest hint of anticipation in her was crushed.

How foolish she was. She should not have come back.

The truth did not matter to Mr. Jones and Mrs. Jones at all. More importantly, Rebecca was irreplaceable.

Dejected, Catherine extended her hand to Sally. “Give me back my phone. I’ll leave. A shameful person like me doesn’t deserve to come back. I don’t deserve to be related to all of you as well.”

“Are you planning to continue bringing shame to the family or getting into trouble outside?” Jeffrey scoffed. “You’d better stay home and reflect on your doings. When you decide to be frank, I’ll consider letting you go.”

Once Jeffrey finished speaking, he clapped his hands. A few bodyguards subsequently came from the entrance and captured Catherine right away.

“What are you guys trying to do? Kidnapping me, huh?” Catherine went mad. Never in her wildest dreams did she think that her family would be so cruel.

“I’m just teaching my daughter a lesson. Bring her upstairs and lock her in the room.”

Rebecca quickly advised, “Don’t do this, Dad. After all, Cathy is still young and immature. Moreover, there are always guests coming to visit us. It won’t be good if she screams from upstairs.”

Jeffrey was swayed. “You’re right. Why not… Let’s lock her in the old house located in Pennington.”

Catherine started panicking. Over the past few years, she had returned to Pennington only once for worshiping duties. The house had been passed down for 50 to 60 years by the Jones family. Although the back of the house had been refurbished a little, the surrounding area was desolate and spooky.

It finally dawned on Catherine why Rebecca interceded for her.

“Rebecca, you’re such a b*tch—”

Sally gave Catherine a slap on the face. “Shut up! Your sister is trying to intercede for you, yet you insulted her. You’re very awful indeed!”

“Send her away right now.” Jeffrey waved his hand. Disturbed by the change in Catherine’s character, he wondered what had made her become so awful.

As she was drowsy, Catherine had no idea how long the car ride went on for. She was directly abandoned at the old rural house after that.

A few bodyguards promptly locked the main door. Even the windows were nailed shut.

Worst of all, there was no electricity or water. Not even a blanket was available.

As her phone was with Sally, she was unaware of the time.

The entire two-story old house was pitch-black. When the wind blew and consequently slammed the door and windows, an eerie sound could be heard.

Catherine nearly went insane. Curling up on the cool bed, she did not dare to move at all.

She was afraid of the dark. She was really afraid.

As soon as she noticed that the window was opened, she ran there. An old lady placed a bowl of rice through the window.

Catherine immediately seized her hand and begged, “Madam, I beg you to let me go. If that’s not possible, at least switch on the lights and offer me a bed and blanket, please.”

“No way. This is an order from sir and madam.” The old lady broke free from her grasp brutally. Then, there was a bang on the window.

Standing in the dark, Catherine was hurting so badly that she could hardly breathe.

What had she actually done? Why would everyone hurt her this way?

She had been stripped of her dignity. Even her freedom and life were taken away.

She hated Rebecca, Mr. Jones, Mrs. Jones, and Ethan to the core.

However, she could not give up on herself.

She wanted to stay alive and take revenge.

She stuffed her mouth with rice. There was nothing else other than rice. What was worse, the rice was stale.

Tears poured down her face. If no one was coming to save her, she probably would not be able to step out of the house alive.

The old lady gave a call some distance away from the main door. “First Young Lady, I’ve done everything as per your request.”

“Alright. Start reducing the temperature tomorrow. I hope… she dies in the house.”

“Don’t worry. By the look of things, she certainly won’t be able to survive for more than four days.”

11:00 p.m.

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