Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 45

Shaun sent Catherine to the nearest hospital.

He clenched his fists while waiting for her outside the emergency room. Around half an hour later, the doctor came out of the emergency room and said, “Was she kidnapped? If she was sent here an hour later, even God wouldn’t have been able to rescue her.”

“She has been rescued?” Shaun sighed deeply with relief. A weight had finally been lifted off his heart.

“Yes, but her bodily functions have declined. Also, she’s having a persistent fever.” With furrowed brows, the doctor added, “She hasn’t had any water to drink for at least three days, and she probably didn’t eat much rice as well. What’s worse, the rice she had was mostly stale. It’ll likely take her half a month to recover.”

Not only was Shaun shocked, but Hadley was also dumbfounded. “Are the Joneses even human?”

Shaun’s handsome face fell. “Tell the reporters what happened today so that the world knows the Jones family’s true colors.”


Catherine had a dream where she was almost dead. However, she received a warm hug from someone reluctant to let her go.

It was because of the warmth that she felt as if she had met a knight in shining armor.

It dawned on her that she was actually… still alive.

This was the thought that first struck Catherine when she opened her eyes.

At that moment, her body was covered with a warm blanket. There was a small lamp lighting up the ward, and the air conditioner was on. She was not in the old dark house.

“Catherine, you’re finally awake, you damned woman!” Freya leaped up to her with red eyes and said in a sobbing voice, “You keep being admitted to the hospital, and it’s always more serious than the previous admission. You really scared the hell out of me.”

“Was it you who found me?”

All Catherine could recall was that she felt dizzy and seemed to be burning. Her stomach had also been hurting very badly. She really thought that she would die.

At that time, she thought she might as well die since she was greatly tormented by hunger, coldness, and thirst.

“No, it was Shaun who saved you. I had gone to the Jones family’s house to look for you, but you weren’t there. I immediately contacted Shaun, and he saved you that night. Previously, you had been staying in Adelaide for treatment. You’ve been in a stable condition since yesterday, so Shaun transferred you to Melbourne Hospital. He hasn’t been sleeping well in the past few days as he was taking care of you all the time. I’ve just asked him to go home and rest.”

“It was him…”

Catherine muttered, her eyes turning red.

Against her expectations, he had saved her from trouble again and again. In fact, she had not done anything else for him aside from cooking for him and Fudge a few times.

She owed him quite a lot.

“Back then, you always claimed that he’s cold-blooded. I think he’s quite nice, though.” Freya added, “He even told the media the news about you being imprisoned and abused by the Jones family. Summit’s shares have been dropping since yesterday, and many are criticizing your dad and mom online. You won’t be at odds with his idea, right?”

“I won’t!” At the mention of the Jones family, Catherine’s eyes expressed a deep sense of hatred. “Since they planned to kill me, I won’t let them get away with it. I’ll take revenge on them sooner or later!”

Freya sighed. “Don’t worry, Summit has been hurt badly this time. Its market value has dropped by at least several billion dollars.”

Unaffected by Summit’s situation, Catherine said indifferently, “Freya, I’ll make those who bullied me pay the price someday.”

Freya was stunned as she sensed the change in Catherine’s attitude.

“Actually, you can ask Shaun to help you. Don’t you think… he has fallen for you?”

Shaun and Chase came over in the evening.

Chase placed the fruit basket on the coffee table, then greeted Catherine with a smile. “Sister-in-law, are you feeling better?”

“Much better.” Catherine secretly glanced sideways at Shaun who was dressed in a black windbreaker. Paired with the dark colors of the windbreaker, his extraordinary features seemed like an ice sculpture. Even his eyes were filled with grimness.

Catherine dropped her gaze obediently. “Sorry for causing you trouble again.”

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