Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 46

“It’s good that you know that. I thought you’re just foolish.”

Shaun felt unreasonably irritated to see Catherine skinny like a bag of bones. Harsh words spat out of his mouth. “I’ve not had a day of peace since marrying you. I don’t want to be questioned by the police when you’re dead one day. Do you understand?”

“There will be no next time.” She bit her pale lip to stop tears from rolling down her cheeks.

A surge of frustration rocked through him. He did not want to keep lecturing her, but she needed to stop making foolish mistakes like this.

“Where’s the phone I bought for you? Why was it left behind at the Jones family’s house?”

“My mom tricked me into giving it to her.”

“You really are a pig.”

“You’re right. Please call me Piggy Jones from now on.”


The bubble of suppressed laughter escaped from Chase’s lips, softening the tense atmosphere in the hospital ward.

“Alright, Shaun, stop crushing her. No one would expect such cruelty from their birth parents.”

Catherine shuddered.

Upon seeing that, Shaun twitched his eyebrows into a deep frown. “Keep your distance with that family if you want to stay alive.”

“That’s right.” Chase nodded. “Just focus on preparing meals for my friend. Look how bad-tempered he has become after not being able to enjoy your home-cooked meals in the past few days…”

“Chase Harrison.” Shaun threw a dangerous glance in his direction.

Chase stopped speaking immediately. Catherine could not resist smiling. “I’ll get better soon and start cooking for you again.”

“Keep quiet and focus on recovering.”

The man’s tone was harsh as usual, but his words brought warmth to her heart.

‘Shaun, thank you, truly.’


Lowe Corporation.

Two days later, Ethan came across the news online which was shared along with the medical certificate issued by Dr. Johnson.

He was greatly shocked by the knowledge.

Immediately, he got into the car and rushed to the Jones family’s residence.

Upon arriving, he interrogated the old couple while trying hard to suppress his rage. “Uncle Jeffery and Aunt Sally, did you really lock Catherine in the old residence where you refused her water and only fed her stale rice?”

“Nonsense, Ethan. You pretty much grew up with us. Do you think we’re capable of that?” Jeffery was annoyed and frustrated at the same time. “Indeed, I had her put into the old residence but she was well-treated and taken care of by the servants with delicious food every day. She’s my birth daughter, nonetheless. How could I possibly be that cruel?”

“But it’s spreading online that…”

Rebecca explained despondently, “It’s all fake news. I don’t understand why Cathy would discredit her own family like this after leaving the old residence with her friends. Mom and Dad are so worried about her. They only put her in the old residence so she wouldn’t mix with bad people and ruin her reputation on live streams again.”

This took Ethan by surprise. A complicated expression spread across his face upon recalling the rumors he heard not long ago. Now, he understood the Jones family’s decision.

“Sorry, I misunderstood you all.”

Sally placed a hand over her chest in sorrow. “I don’t mind what people think of us online as we’ve indeed failed as parents. But the Summit we’ve spent so much time and effort building was ruined overnight. The company’s stocks are at their lowest for the past couple of days and its market value shrunk over a billion dollars. What’s more worrying is that everyone online is boycotting Summit now. Things will become really ugly if this goes on.”

Ethan was discouraged by what he heard. The Summit’s success or failure greatly impacted his own.

“We need to prove to the public that the Jones family is on good terms with Catherine. Then, we can hire a bunch of people to promote this online to clear the rumors.”

“It’s a good idea.” Jeffery nodded in agreement. “The date of your engagement party is approaching. The media will be there too. We just need Catherine to show up to turn the company’s image around.”

“Will she show up….” Rebecca looked at Ethan affectionately. “She still likes you. What if she makes a scene there?”

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