Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 47

Ethan appeared startled. However, his heart turned cold upon remembering everything that Catherine had done.

He admitted that he used to love her, but this woman did not deserve his continuous sacrifices anymore.

“I’ll think of something,” Jeffery said.

Catherine was hospitalized for three days. She could not stay for another day longer after spending so much time here recently.

Upon returning to Jadeite Bay, she was surprised to see that Fudge had put on some weight. She thought that the cat would naturally become weaker without someone properly looking after it the past few days.

When Shaun came home later that night, he overheard her murmuring while feeding the cat. “Fudge, you’ve got to stop eating so much. Look at the size of your belly. It’s as if you’re pregnant with kittens.”

The corners of his lips twitched. Fudge’s pregnant belly was getting larger as days passed. He could not keep this a secret for much longer.

Anyway, it was still nice to have someone to return home to.

He reappeared wearing casual loungewear. Catherine had already set up the dinner table.

She prepared him a feast consisting of all his favorite dishes to express her gratitude.

Shaun’s eyes darkened after glancing at the dishes spread out across the table. “I’m bored eating steamed and stir-fried dishes. Make soup or stew sometimes,” he simply said.

This took her by surprise. She had made him soup before but he did not seem to like it that much, hence she made it less often now. It appeared she was mistaken. “Sure, what kind of soup would you like?”

“Pumpkin soup, chicken soup, or even sweet potato soup. Get some herbs and nourishing ingredients that are good for health with my card.”

The doctor had mentioned at the hospital that she should maintain her health or she might suffer from side effects. This woman was not paying any attention at all.

Did she think she could do as she wished simply because she was still young?


Catherine nodded obediently.

Most of the dishes he mentioned were for invigorating the body’s vitality. It seemed like rich people loved nourishing their health. However, something felt rather strange.

It was not until he finished eating everything off the table that she came to realize, he was not bored of eating these dishes at all.

Oh right, it was her who needed to invigorate her body’s vitality…

The doctor had mentioned earlier that her body had taken a huge toll because of this incident. She was instructed to eat less fatty foods and consume more food that was good at rejuvenating health.

Her heart began pounding beneath the skin as she studied the handsome man’s features.

After dinner, Shaun retreated to the study to continue working.

He was still in there around 10 p.m. Catherine prepared a warm, hearty oatmeal porridge and delivered it to the study.

The man was sitting at the desk, scanning through documents beneath the bright downlight while referring to the laptop simultaneously. A pair of golden-framed glasses sat quietly on his nose bridge. He exuded a scholarly, cultured aura that she had never seen before.

She used to think Ethan looked exceptionally attractive while occupied with work. In comparison, however, Shaun was undoubtedly way more charming.

“How long are you going to keep staring?” He shut his laptop and turned to look at her calmly.

“I’ve never seen you wearing glasses before. I almost fainted because of your overwhelming charm,” she said with a smile.

“Still not used to it?” He raised his eyebrow slightly.


For the first time, Catherine was at a loss for words.

Finally, several moments later, she spoke again, “Your good looks enchant me in different ways every day. The more I look at you, the deeper I’m falling for you. It never gets old…”

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