Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 61

Catherine ate the much anticipated spicy crabs with Freya until ten at night. Then, she headed home while feeling scared.

Afraid that she would disturb the man inside the house, she did not dare to switch on the lights.

“You came back early.”

Shaun’s tall and stalwart figure suddenly appeared at the door of the bedroom, and there was a definite edge in his voice.

Catherine got a shock and felt very guilty.

She wondered if he had spent a long time waiting for her to return home in order to ask about the one million dollars.

“When it comes to shopping, women tend to forget the time.”

Shaun switched on the lights in the living room, then glanced at Catherine for two seconds. He walked toward her and extended his hand.

“What do you want?”

Holding her breath, Catherine did not move at all. His body cast a shadow on her under the light, and the situation somehow seemed dull. However, after his burning index finger touched her lips, the atmosphere became romantic instead.

Well, what was the hint?

Shaun’s gaze flashed with sarcasm all of a sudden. He then stretched out his index finger to her.

Catherine gazed at the tip of his finger in a daze. His fingernail looked tidy and nice, but what was he trying to do?

She blinked. Puzzled, she gently bit his finger using her teeth.

Shaun’s body froze. He felt as though a strange electric sensation was traveling throughout his body at that instant. He stared at her with dark eyes which conveyed a look of disbelief. “What are you doing?”

“Isn’t this what you want?” Catherine let go of his finger and spoke in an innocent tone, “You touched my lips and stretched out your finger after that…”

Shaun was speechless.

It struck him that he had failed to fathom how her mind worked.

“Catherine, you have such a dirty mind.” He completely lost to her. “I just wanted to show you the grease on my finger because you hadn’t wiped your mouth properly after supper.”


Catherine was so embarrassed that her ears turned red. How she wished she could dig a hole and bury herself in it.

Nevertheless, what was done was done. She had no choice but to say reluctantly, “You can’t blame me for this. You have such a nice finger. I couldn’t contain my emotions when I saw you.”

Shaun withdrew his burning finger. He laughed when she uttered such shameless words with a face as red as a beet. “What are you holding?”

Catherine shuddered, then whispered, “Your suit. Sorry, I accidentally bought you suits worth one million dollars.”

Shaun frowned as he had never worn a cheap suit like this.

Catherine’s heart did a flip. Damn, sure enough, he was unhappy. “If you find this too—”

“Why are these two the same?” Shaun interrupted her words.


She was stunned. “Because… They’re limited edition. There are only two suits of this kind in the entire country. I didn’t want to see anyone wearing the same suit as you because it’ll be a humiliation.

“In my eyes, you’re one of a kind, charming, and handsome. I think this color suits you best. I always see you wearing suits like these and I’m not even tired of it yet. Please forgive me for being a little selfish.”

Once she finished speaking, she observed his expression secretly. She noticed that he was staring at her and curling his lips.

“Great job. Your brown-nosing skills have improved.” Shaun stretched out his hand and pinched her cheeks lightly. “When you quit being a designer in the future, you can be my secretary. Having you brown-nosing me every day will probably lift my spirits.”

“Are you not mad?” Catherine asked while widening her eyes.

“Why would I be mad?”

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